Top Tips for Keeping Your Family Healthy

My 27th year was full of blessings.

Well … it’s nearly Christmas, and it finally happened. The Tress family got hit with a sickness all at the same time. You may find my blog post title somewhat confusing since I just told you that we are got sick this week. However, last year by this time I was already on my third round of antibiotics for Strep, and Cole and I both had suffered from bad colds at least twice. This year, the extent of my personal sickness was about four hours of a fever, queasiness, and a headache. My immune system is strong and I am 100% confident it’s because I’ve been committed to clean eating with my online boot campers and eat clean challengers.

My goal for this winter is to keep the kiddos healthy as much as possible. It’s a tough challenge when kids are around sick toddlers and preschoolers on a regular basis.

Here are some top tips I plan to implement:

1. Only allow cookies and sugary treats in the house on special occasions. I will not have a pantry full of fruit snacks, cookies, and candy unless it’s a holiday or special birthday, etc.

2. Offer sugar free popsicles at night versus sugar popsicles and/or ice cream. The kids don’t even know the difference and it’s fun to have a treat before bedtime.

3. Ensure that the kiddos are getting enough of the right nutrients by feeding them my Shakeology shakes at least once per day. They LOVE the shakes and I can be confident that they are getting a lot of nutrition via these meals.

4. Stick with a reasonable bedtime to be sure everyone is well rested.

5. Wash hands multiple times per day and make it a fun activity.

What are your tips for keeping the family healthy?

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