A Day in the Life …

My online personal training clients often ask me what a typical day looks like for me in regard to nutrition. I am going to take it one step further and share what a typical day in my life looks like. I absolutely love my career and I am so blessed to be able to maintain a flexible schedule working with clients and team members who I am passionate about helping.

breakfast shake

I enjoyed a meal replacement (Shakeology) shake for both breakfast and lunch.

6.20: Wake up and hop in the shower. I absolutely cannot start my day without a shower. It’s my favorite way to wake up.

6.45: First cup of black coffee and answer emails, post trainings, and follow-up with gym clients.

7.30: Breakfast shake. 1 scoop of vanilla Shakeology, 10 red grapes, 1/2 cup almond milk, 10 ice cubes, 1 scoop natural peanut butter. Delicious!!!

7.45: Hair and makeup for the day while listening to professional develoment. Get Emma up and dressed.

8.10: Wake up and feed Cole.

photo (64)

Reading books with Emma.

8.30-9.30: Light cleaning and time with the kiddos reading books and playing.

9.30-10: Drive kiddos to sitter and conduct a marketing consultation while I am driving.

10: Drop kiddos off with our favorite sitter.

10-11: Marketing consult with a fitness business mentorship client via video chat at a coffee shop. Quick snack of fruit and nut mix and second cup of black coffee while I chat.

11-12: Gym client and my own personal workout (my client has lost 18.5 lbs in the last 4 weeks!) Woo hoo!!!

photo 1 (2)

Meeting a local client for a marketing strategy session for her make-up/wellness business.

12-1: Meet client for marketing consultation for her make-up/wellness business.

1: Pick kiddos up.

1-1.30: Marketing consult with Team INSPIRE member and drive kiddos home.

1.30: Put kiddos down for nap

1.30-2: Lunch (chocolate shake) and answer FB messages.

2-2.30: Answer emails and secure pricing and printing details via phone for new Team INSPIRE tanks.

2.30-3: Marketing consult with fitness business mentorship client. Snack of two apples.

3-4: Video consult and constant contact email training for a mentorship client.

breakfast shake

Dinner — yum!

4-4.30: Wake Cole up and snuggle. 🙂

4.30-5.15: Marketing consult with a mentorship client.

5.15-6: Dinner and dancing with the family. Steak, sweet potato, and brown rice – yum!!!

6-6.45: Consultation with new client.

6.45-7.30: Playing in basement with the kids.

7.30: Baths and pjs for the kiddos and me.

7.30-9: Popsicles, and movie.

9: Put kiddos to bed.

9: Texting/FB follow-up. Apple, small piece of jerky, and tea.

10: Bedtime/prayer. Phew, I’m exhausted, but it’s been a great day. I take Monday and Friday mornings off and spend the whole day at home with the kiddos. Tuesday through Thursday I work 12 or 13 hour days, but I absolutely love the clients in my fitness business mentorship program and Team INSPIRE.

Driving kids to and from the sitters while I conduct marketing consultations.

Driving kids to and from the sitters while I conduct marketing consultations.

Today is Friday while I am writing this and I’ve enjoyed a slower morning including a trip to Target, one consult with a Team INSPIRE member, and some email catch-up.

What does your typical day look like? Would you like the flexibility to engineer your own schedule while still making a full-time salary? If so, request information about my fitness business mentorship program or Team INSPIRE today.

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