If it Fits Your Macros …

11041740_858123350920814_2436696197047394662_nHave you heard of intermittent fasting? Are you familiar with the phrase “if it fits your macros” and #iifym hashtag on Instagram? For a year or two, I’ve been aware of the growing popularity of intermittent fasting, but recently I was further intrigued by the intermittent fasting craze via a podcast by Dr. Sara Solomon.

So, what is intermittent fasting? There are actually a few versions of intermittent fasting. The version that I am most interested in is also called the “warrior diet.” It pairs a 20-hour fast with a 4-hour feeding window. The goal of the fast is to increase the actions of the Sympathetic Nervous System—commonly known as fight-or-flight—which may help to stimulate lipolysis and increase metabolic rate.(1)

The feeding window is used to increase the activity of the Parasympathetic Nervous System (or the Rest-and-Digest system), which will help increase the absorption of glucose and assist with recovery.(2)

According to Dr. Sara Solomon, intermittent fasting and the “if it fits your macros” mindset is good for individuals with binge eating tendencies. I do not have binge eating tendencies, and in fact, I do believe that I have a healthy relationship with food, however, I work with countless clients who simply do not thrive on the modified Paleo lifestyle that I follow.

This weekend I decided that I am going to try intermittent fasting. If you are not familiar with this lifestyle, I strongly encourage you to do some research. Also, Chalene Johnson recently recorded a very informative 2 part podcast about Intermittent Fasting with guest Dr. Sara Solomon. Here’s a few reasons why I plan to try this lifestyle.

  • I’ve been living a modified Paleo lifestyle exclusively for at least one year. I call my lifestyle modified Paleo because I cannot live without peanut butter and Shakeology – and those items are not Paleo. While I love Paleo and feel the best when I eat grain free, gluten-free, and dairy free, I do miss some foods that I used to routinely enjoy.
  • At this moment in time, I am in the best shape of my life. My abs look better now, after carrying and delivering two babies, than ever before. However, it leaves me asking, “What now.” I don’t want to compete in races or NPC competitions (I’ll share more about why in a separate post), but I’ve been looking for a new challenge.
  • I will not recommend or criticize a lifestyle unless I’ve tried it. Over the past few months, an increasing number of clients have been asking me about intermittent fasting, and one way I plan to offer an educated opinion is by trying this lifestyle for myself.
  • Hystorically, my most productive working hours are 6.15 am – 8 am – BEFORE I eat. After I eat, my concentration declines… Especially if I eat carbs. I look forward to front-loading my workday and increasing productivity during my fasting window.

Today was my first day trying intermittent fasting. I was super worried about skipping breakfast. I literally cannot remember the last time I skipped breakfast. It was likely when I delivered Cole, and even then I snuck some food. I decided to ease myself into the “if it fits your macros” and intermittent fasting lifestyle by maintaining a 7 hour feeding window.

if it fits your macrosSunday mornings tend to be busy, no matter how early we wake up. I am usually rushing to make myself a protein shake, gulp down some black coffee, and then devour a banana or protein bar in the car on the way to church. We greet every Sunday, and 4 times out of 5, I eat a small treat in the greeter’s lounge. I am then ravenous during the service and sneak some almonds. When we get into the car to come home, I eat an apple and protein bar before enjoying some veggies and dip before we eat lunch.

This morning, I woke up and ate – nothing. That’s right – nothing. I fasted. I drank a cup of black coffee and then got in the shower. I didn’t feel hungry … weird. Then I got ready for church and drank a little more black coffee. Still felt ok … huh. Drove to church and got some tea in the greeter’s lounge. At this point I was getting worried about having a growling stomach through the service. We sat through the service and I was focused, no headache, no hunger pangs. Half-way through the service Brandon handed me a piece of sugar-free gum. We drove home … for 30 minutes we relaxed and then got some food ready for lunch. At 12.30 I had my first bite of food. And the crazy thing is, I was barely hungry.

I entered my height, weight, activity level, and goals into an IF calculator and it recommended that I should have 137 grams of protein, 204 grams of carbs, and 50 grams of fats. Today, I will likely stick with something closer to Carbs (30%), Fat (39%), Protein (31%). I think it will take me a while to get into the groove when it comes to counting my macros.

Ultimately, I will try to do a few days with a 4 pm – 8 pm feeding window. We visited our local festival twice this weekend and it was awesome to eat a huge bourbon chicken sandwich without any guilt. After all – it fit my macros, haha. Last year at this time, I wouldn’t have dreamed of having a wheat bun with my chicken.

Here are some benefits I am looking forward to and plan to report on – increased energy, increased focus, a strengthened immune system, a 6 pack. I am not trying to lose any weight. Therefore, I will eat at least 1800 calories per day. I am not a fan of restrictive diets, and I don’t want pressure to eat 6 small meals per day at certain times. I plan to continue my lifting schedule. For the next several weeks, I am not going to run. My feet haven’t been feeling good recently, so I will lay off of long runs/cardio.

Have you considered intermittent fasting? On March 4, I have a new round of my Bikini Boot Camp starting. I plan to report my results to my online boot camp clients, and I anticipate that a few of the ladies may try intermittent fasting with me. If you are interested in my intense and effective online Bikini Boot Camp workouts, be sure to register for our group TODAY. You will really enjoy the Bikini Boot Camp workouts and it would be my pleasure to help you reach your goals.

  1. Zauner, C., Schneeweiss, B., Kranz, A., Madl, C., Ratheiser, K., Kramer, L., … & Lenz, K. (2000). Resting energy expenditure in short-term starvation is increased as a result of an increase in serum norepinephrine. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 71(6), 1511-1515.
  2. Chen, J. L., Yeh, D. P., Lee, J. P., Chen, C. Y., Huang, C. Y., Lee, S. D., … & Kuo, C. H. (2011). Parasympathetic nervous activity mirrors recovery status in weightlifting performance after training. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 25(6), 1546-1552.

Can Stress Cause Shingles?

Can stress cause Shingles? In my experience – yes! We have been dealing with sickness in the Tress house since Easter when we visited with family and passed around a bad virus. The virus affected each of us in different ways. Emma simply displayed bad cold symptoms. Cole contracted a bad cold and also had hives for several days in a row (very scary when it happened the first time). And I got a terrible sinus infection and Shingles this week. Yes – Shingles. Not only was I sick with a bad sinus infection, I was under a significant amount of stress this week. Here’s what led to the perfect storm and what changes I plan to make moving forward to prevent another Shingles outbreak.

Can stress cause shingles?

I hope you find my experience and suggestions helpful if you ever deal with Shingles. Below is a photo of how mine started. I actually thought it was a series of painful bug bites. My symptoms started on Monday with a few bug bite looking bumps on my lower back, a terrible headache, sensitivity to light, a lot of congestion, and overall fatigue. The symptoms increased to involve nerve pain around my lower back and front of my pelvis, diarrhea, nausea, and a spreading rash that popped up in three clusters. Shingles was not on my radar at all. I didn’t even know it was possible for someone in their 20’s to get Shingles. In fact, I finally texted my mom and mother-in-law a photo of my rash on Thursday morning (four days after it started) and posted a photo on my business FB page. My mom immediately called, my MIL texted, and a gal on my FB page remarked it was Shingles. I went to the doctor to confirm and receive anti-viral and pain meds.

Now I am trying my very best to relax (so much easier said than done), and recover this weekend so I can prevent permanent problems down the road. I welcome any and ALL suggestions about how to truly unplug as a work-from-home mom.

This is the appearance of my rash outbreak in it's early stages (one out of a few locations).

This is the appearance of my rash outbreak in its early stages (one out of a few locations).

If you remember, last week I was fairly relaxed. I even wrote a post about my perfect day. It’s amazing how fast things change, right? Last week at this time I was feeling balanced and healthy, and now a week later I’m laid up in bed trying to recover from a bad Shingles outbreak, haha. So, what happened between then and now?

I don’t believe there was one main event that caused my stress-induced Shingles outbreak. Rather, it was a combination of several things.

Here are a few things I had in the works this past week which caused some stress and what I plan to do to prevent these items in the future.

  • I am currently leading four online boot camp groups. I absolutely love working with my online clients. Seriously – LOVE. There is always a cap on enrollment. Occasionally, I allow a few more clients into the groups because they really want to register and I truly want to help them get healthy. However, at this time, I’ve allowed a few extra participants into ALL four of my groups. Which means I have to find extra time to do consultations. Even 3 extra clients per group means I am cutting into my calendar margin through the week and giving up time for professional development or rest. Moving forward I will not allow extra registrants into my online boot camps. I do believe that my clients will understand and patiently wait for my next online boot camp open enrollment. I am also working on finalizing an eBook with my new Bikini Boot Camp plan so some clients can simply purchase the plan without going through a consultation.
  • I was very busy working to complete my Instagram Academy Video Series portal this week. I got most of it completed and the video series turned out extremely well, but I still have a long way to go with adding the 25 daily trainings and deliverables. I am also planning to start another IG Academy Online Course on May 4. I plan to continue chipping away at the portal, but also decided to cut my enrollment cap in half for the course. I typically enroll 20, and I am only going to enroll 10 to give me more time to work one-on-one with participants.
  • We went to the library for a quiet morning.

    We went to the library for a quiet morning.

    My Team INSPIRE (Beachbody team) has exploded in growth. We enrolled 25 new coaches this week totaling 239 coaches, and hit Two Star Diamond rank. I take my role as a team leader very seriously. Although I don’t interface with each person daily, I feel a pressure to offer professional development and training opportunities and I think about each and every one of my team members often. Someone’s daughter is trusting me to help them become successful and I feel the weight of this daily. I also had two calls with corporate. Although I know they have pure intentions, I don’t buy-into the fabricated ranks, point systems, and pressures they put on coaches to achieve certain milestones. I am 100% confident in my team’s approach to LEAD with our OWN brands and although I realize this will not be popular and earn me brownie points with the corporate reps, I will continue to implement my unique marketing strategies versus spammy sales tactics.

  • The hubs and I have select family members who have never been supportive or kind to us. Hearing from or about them always drums up some negative emotions for me. Or even if my kiddos are exposed to these family members without my permission I come under stress. Personally, I am committed to surrounding myself with people who support and uplift me and I will continue to live with that commitment for my kiddos as well.
  • I have a business trip this week. The schedule and details of the week are completely out of my control and I’ve heard that we will get minimal sleep (not great since I’m already sick). I will also miss a few days of work which means I will be behind when I return home. Thinking about the trip has caused a lot of stress for me even though I’m sure it will be a great business trip. I will simply trust that the coordinators have our best interests in mind and if I have to step away to get some additional rest, I will do so. The trip will be a ton of fun and I need to be OK with unplugging for a couple of days.
  • We are working on quotes for a deck, pavers, concrete and landscaping in our backyard around the pool. This will have a high price tag and anytime I spend a lot of money, I get stressed, ha. But yesterday we were able to commit to a plan and I am so excited to get the project started. I am confident that we will stay with-in budget.
  • I have a 1.5 and 3.5 year old with no family or free babysitters around to lend a helping hand – enough said.
  • Here is my rash in one location after several days.

    Here is my rash in one location after several days.

    I am obtaining quotes for fitness photo shoots and finalizing my Bikini Boot Camp workout. This is also adding stress about maintaining my flat abs by eating perfectly. However, I am committed to being a good example to Emma and always being confident and content with my fitness journey. Balance is key. Today we went to our local fair and even shared a cheeseburger without guilt.

  • I have a couple hundred team members, mentorees, and clients who are needing my attention on a daily basis. I receive about 100 notifications (texts, emails, FB messages, IG notifications) per hour. I want to respond in a thoughtful and caring way. I’ve had people in my life who directly benefit from hard work I do, who do not respond in a kind or thoughtful way to me – so I try to make up for it by being there for everyone who needs me. My phone is a constant source of stress and if I don’t leave it in the other room or turn it off completely, I cannot escape texts every minute or so. This weekend I have my phone turned OFF for most of the day. I am also considering a new business cell phone so I can keep my work and personal life separate. I try not to respond to text messages immediately because then I set an expectation that I will continue to be an “instant messenger.”  I also need to set up a better question and answer system. I tried to do this two weeks ago, but it has not been adopted, so I need to brainstorm better ways to answer clients and team members without having to always be the person responding. I think it’s time for me to delegate my email account and some social media platforms as well.
  • I still continue to meet with clients in the gym and run boot camps. Although I love meeting with clients in-person, it does not make sense financially per my cost/benefit analytics. This summer I plan to revamp my gym schedule and brainstorm ways to expand my reach without trading hours for dollars in the gym.

On Thursday when I went into the doctor and was told that I had a confirmed case of Shingles, I almost passed out. All the stress and fatigue from the week hit me like a ton of bricks. However I quickly changed my thinking, filled my prescription, and started working on a recovery plan. I my experience, recovery from any trauma, stress, or illness is greatly impacted by mindset. I’ve tried to have a very positive attitude about my Shingles recovery. Even though my rash is still spreading, it’s in a great spot. It’s on my lower back and bikini area. I got several new pairs of comfortable underwear since any thongs and underwear I owned was not working well in terms of fabric/material. I am also finding that tight-fitting workout clothes that does not move much is better than loose-fitting clothing. I know this likely sounds weird, but I prefer for my clothing not to move or irritate the rash when I’m walking.

We are doing a few activities each day to get my mind off of being sick, but also taking it easy since I’m so fatigued. Yesterday we went to the park, got some flowers at Lowes, and relaxed for much of the day. Today we went to the Library, walked around a local festival, and watched a parade. Now we are relaxing quietly all afternoon. Daddy and Emma are going on a daddy-daughter date to a baseball game tonight. So cute.

I’ve also notified several team members and clients that I am staying fairly unplugged this weekend. I put up my away message on email and plan to sleep in tomorrow, stay home from church, and finalize my online personal training clients plans in the morning while the rest of the family is at church.

Sometimes rest and recovery is the very best thing we can possibly do for our health. Even those of us who are highly productive and can handle a lot of responsibilities are susceptible to burnout. I want to be a good example to my kiddos and team members, mentorees, and clients. When a doctor tells me to avoid stress, I will do my very best to do so!

Have you dealt with Shingles at a young age? What caused your Shingles? How did you treat your outbreak?

Thank you for reading. I trust this post will help you if you ever experience Shingles. Best wishes as we all continue to work toward balance in our lives.

Instagram Academy Video Series: Order Today!

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Thank you for your interest in the INSPIRE Instagram Academy video series.

Do you own and operate a small business? Are you hoping to scale your business and earn a 6 figure income? Whether you own a fitness business, maintain a partnership with a network marketing company, blog for brands, or own a different small business, you need to be active on Instagram and implementing effective strategies for long-term results. Learn how I leverage the power of social media on Instagram to generate at least $2,000 per week via client conversions, and how you can effectively scale your own platform.

Through this extremely valuable training, you will learn how to pinpoint and market the unique purpose that drives your business, how to create quarterly content calendars, the importance of developing genuine relationships, how to attract qualified leads for your business, my unique 20/20/20 follow strategy, how to be intentional about content marketing, and much more.

If you own and operate a small business, it is vital that you are on Instagram and implementing effective strategies to maximize your time and increase conversions (sales). My passion is to INSPIRE, uplift, and empower women to generate significant income for their families and I believe Instagram is quickly becoming the most important social media platform for small business owners.

If you implement the strategies outlined in my video series on a consistent basis, you will successful scale your platform. I encourage you to take your role as an influencer seriously. Your followers give you their greatest asset available – their attention. Be intentional about INSPIRING and adding value to your followers. Make every day your masterpiece, and work to continually improve your Instagram platform.

The INSPIRE Instagram Academy is only $47.99. After you purchase, I will send you a link to the password protected Instagram Academy portal. You will watch a 3-part video series, and then move onto 25 daily trainings with a listing of deliverables to help you stay on-track as you work to accomplish your goals.

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Bikini Boot Camp: Register Now!


Mamas, do you believe that you can be in the BEST shape of your life AFTER delivering babies? I promise you can!!! Once I stopped counting calories, doing excessive cardio, and limiting my weight training days, I finally saw the results I was hoping for. My Bikini Boot Campers are killing it with my brand new online training program and modified Paleo lifestyle. If you’re interested in joining my next Bikini Boot Camp round on May 4, keep reading.

Are you a motivated mom who needs to lose excess weight and wants a specific meal plan to follow? Not only can you be fit and strong this spring – you can be in the BEST shape of your life. I promise.

For this Bikini Boot Camp round you will have two options.

Option one: Bikini Boot Camp Workout Plan and modified Paleo lifestyle. You will be following my intense personal Bikini Boot Camp workout plan and a modified Paleo lifestyle. No weigh-ins, no restrictive diets, no gimmicks. You will receive a detailed grocery list with foods to focus on to fuel your workouts and a copy of my Body After Baby DVD in addition to my Bikini Boot Camp 6 week workout plan.

Option two: 21 Day Fix Extreme and Shakes. You can opt to order the 21 Day Fix Extreme via my partnership with Beachbody. This plan comes with a specific meal plan, workout DVDs, meal replacement shakes (Shakeology), and I will throw in my Bikini Boot Camp workout plan.

For this very exclusive boot camp, I am looking to work with 10 busy, motivated, fit women, who have 5-20 pounds to lose and want to lean out their midsection. I can only accept 10 into the program due to my limited consultation time slots.

The Bikini Boot Camp will start on May 4.

What can you expect?

  • Convenient multi-week, online program that fits your busy schedule
  • Accountability and a supportive approach that keeps you on track to accomplish your goal
  • Specific meal plan and portion control containers to take the guess-work out of cooking
  • Affordable package option that is among the lowest cost option you’ll find
  • The focus, quality, intensity, and commitment you’d expect from me, a trainer with 10+ years of success!
  • FREE one-time consult

Here’s how it works:

  • Six week program starting on May 4.
  • Participants may choose from a two tier pricing structure that includes a 6 week workout plan, and meal plan.
  • Ladies will be given a grocery list and meal plan with foods to focus on to fuel their families
  • All participants will be added to a group online with supportive, like-minded women.
  • Boot Campers will be expected to follow a 5 day per week workout plan that includes written workouts and hyperlinked videos.
  • Exercises will be appropriate for all levels with modified options for beginners. The workout will include plyometrics, running drills, strength training, and pilates.
  • Participants will be required to pay in advance and fill out all health forms, waivers, and liability forms before the Boot Camp begins
  • Participants will be required to log their food and do daily checkin’s with me via text or email.

This program has two options. First, you may purchase my NEW tried-and-true personal online Bikini Boot Camp program (results guaranteed) with grocery list based on the Paleo lifestyle. Second, I am also offering a specific meal plan option per my new partnership with the makes of P90X and Insanity. Purchase the BeachBody 21 Day Fix Extreme Program and meal replacements to try through the program, and I will give you my Bikini Boot Camp program for FREE (no additional charge).  If you choose option 1, my Bikini Boot Camp program (comes with grocery list based on the Paleo lifestyle), it will be only $175, payable via cash, check, or PayPal. If you participated in Amanda’s Boot Camp program earlier, you will receive a $25 discount.  The BeachBody 21 Day Fix Extreme Program and meal replacements (perfect for breakfast or lunch) is $160 (plus tax and shipping).

Please register to join below. I am only accepting the first 10 ladies who register. After you register, I will send you an invoice via PayPal. You may pay via PayPal, check, or cash. I will also send you the health forms, waiver and liability forms. Payment (in full) and all forms are due prior to the start of Bikini Boot Camp. Please let me know if you have any questions at all!

Register below. I will be accepting the first 10 registrants. 

My Story …

Amanda Tress Team INSPIRE Has anyone asked you recently to share “your story”? Today, I had the opportunity to video chat with a corporate representative from the Beachbody company (makers of P90X and INSANITY). My Team INSPIRE achieved a prestigious rank last week (Two Star Diamond in 8 months) and as a result, I will be chatting with a corporate rep to discuss strategies and goals on a regular basis. This was the first day I had the opportunity to speak with someone from corporate, and it got me really excited about the future. The rep asked me to send him “my story” after our call. Here’s my story.

I am a mom of two, personal trainer, wife to my best friend, and digital marketing consultant.  I’ve been a trainer for 10 years. I started training clients after I dealt with some health issues in high school and college. I was on blood pressure meds due to a lack of understanding about proper nutrition and exercise. In short, I ate fast food regularly, and did cardio excessively. I was also dealing with a metabolic issue. When I looked around at college, I realized I was the only one in my peer group on blood pressure meds. I decided to take control of my heath care, educate myself on a healthy lifestyle, and wean my self off of meds. Shortly after that, I became a trainer to help other women who were dealing with similar issues.

I’ve been a digital marketing specialist for nearly 5 years. After college I worked for a great organization and learned extremely valuable marketing strategies. However, two years ago, I was finding my job to be very stressful and taking time away from my family. I was overworked and underpaid. After a lot of discussion with my husband and tons of prayer, I decided to step down from my full-time position and become 100% self-employed in the fitness industry and to also ramp up my own marketing company.

I made this decision 1 month before my second baby was born, so you can imagine it was quite a leap of faith. Well — let’s just say that I set my family up for quite a year of excitement. Within a year of becoming 100% self-employed my business was absolutely booming. I also sold our house and built our dream home while I was ramping up my new marketing company.

My marketing company clients ranged from ecommerce start-ups, to apparel companies, to small fitness businesses, to universities, and much more. Sometime around the end of April when I was installing a pool, juggling what seemed like hundreds of clients and contractors, and bringing in more money than ever before, I hit a wall. I was once again overworked and I was simply trading dollars for hours.

Excessive work hours were costing me my health, family time, and happiness. Working excessive hours was an expense I could no longer afford. I decided to make a change and fire all of my high paying, high maintenance clients and focus on passive income generation. Last summer, I read a book by Robert Kiyosaki called “Business of the 21st Century.” In the book, he discussed the importance of passive income and the wisdom of partnering with a network marketing company for a stream of residual income. I considered a few of the popular network marketing companies in the wellness space.

Watch this video I recently filmed about the importance of passive income. Did you know that the average millionaire has 7 streams of income, and at least a couple of those are residual income streams?

For 10 years I’ve been extremely passionate about fitness and helping others become the best version of themselves. I decided to research some network marketing companies in the wellness space. Companies like Advocare, Isogenix, and Beachbody. Long story short – as a company, Beachbody came out far ahead of the others on my comparison chart. And In fact I’ve been using the INSANITY moves in my boot camps and with clients for years. Even though Beachbody hasn’t been around for too many years they far surpassed these other companies in terms of success.

I reached out to a friend of mine who I knew was a Beachbody coach and I asked her for information about her Beachbody partnership. I also asked her how much residual income she generated. She responded by saying how much she loved what she did and how it didn’t even feel like work – that sounded good to me. And then she proceeded to tell me about her significant salary. She had my ear. We chatted and I enrolled as a Beachbody coach a few days later.

5 days after I enrolled, using good marketing strategies and my passion and enthusiasm for helping others, I enrolled 15 ladies into my organization and earned Diamond rank. I formed Team INSPIRE (we are now 218 strong). This would start one of the most amazing experiences and communities I have ever been a part of.

As a team, we decided that we were going to implement effective digital marketing strategies versus spammy strategies on our social media platforms. We also committed to focusing on genuine relationship development.

I want to tell you a bit about why I believe Beachbody is the perfect company to partner with at this moment in our economy, and then more about what we do as coaches.

As a marketing and branding professional, I am always noticing companies who do a great job of marketing themselves and have a great amount of brand awareness. Well, you can bet that Beachbody is one of the best companies I’ve encountered in terms of brand awareness. If you ask 100 people on the street if they have heard of the P90X or Insanity programs, 90 will say, yes. The brand awareness is there. People have heard about and/or potentially considered the Beachbody programs or the Beachbody coaching opportunity for years. As Beachbody coaches, we are able to capitalize on the fact that people are already planning to try these programs. We are now here to help them reach their goals via the programs.

Another reason that I am so thankful I partnered with Beachbody is because they provide a lot of flexibility for branding and marketing in our own unique way. Everyone on my Team INSPIRE is building out a fitness business and brand based on the unique purpose that drives their brand. We are not expected to follow a cookie-cutter plan of how to market ourselves or our Beachbody businesses. I’ve had all the flexility I need to stay true to my own brand, while also distributing Beachbody programs and building out a team.

Team INSPIRE shirts

Our brand new Team INSPIRE shirts!

So, what do we do as coaches? As coaches, we are here to keep people accountable to following the Beachbody programs and help them stay on track with nutrition. The Beachbody company realized early on that individuals were purchasing their programs, but many were not following through if they did not have someone to answer to. They started the coaching program to fill a gap in the accountability component of their business.

You have likely seen “challenge group” announcements online. As coaches, we get small groups together to try the Beachbody products. We are able to collect 25% commission from the sale of the challenge pack which is great. We are a resource and motivation for the clients. We are also building out our individual teams and organizations to influence as many people as possible in the most effective way we can.

We empower, uplift, and inspire our clients to complete the Beachbody programs with daily check-ins, consults, and social media touch points. It’s a true joy to come along side our clients to help them stay accountable. And watching someone successfully reach their fitness goals is one of the most fulfilling things in life.

Here’s what I’ve gained from my partnership with the makers of P90X and INSANITY over the past 8 months.

  • Options for my clients. I am able to offer Beachbody programs and meal plans as part of their investment in my business.
  • “Permission” to focus on my own brand. For years I’ve been focused on helping my clients ramp up their brands. This past year, I’ve shifted my focus to my own fitness brand.
  • Freedom to work wherever I want and whenever I want.
  • Biceps — haha, seriously. This year I’ve had more time and motivation to focus on my own fitness. And many of the Beachbody workout programs are great.
  • Shakes — as a fitness professional I love the shakes and the nutrition component (meal plans to offer my clients via my partnership). Truthfully I have eaten the shakes two times per day for the past few weeks. If you haven’t watched my honest review of Shakeology – be sure to check it out.
  • Community. I don’t know about you, but in the fitness industry, I sometimes felt like I was on an Island with not support. With my Beachbody Team INSPIRE I have a huge group of supportive and likeminded women. I’ve developed some amazing new friendships and I am so thankful for my team every day.
  • A generous salary – we are paid weekly. This past week, $1,200 was deposited into my bank account.
  • Focus – my partnership with Beachbody has helped me become more focused in my own goals and personal development. My personal mission and vision is clearer than ever before.
  • Free leads – Beachbody funnels free leads and customers to leaders within the company.
  • Balance – I truly feel like I’ve gotten my life back. Instead of trading hours for dollars, I’m able to generate residual income and spend more time with my family.

Does a partnership with Team INSPIRE and Beachbody sound intriguing to you? Anyone can get involved and the start-up cost is the price of a workout program ($140-$160).

Who are we looking to partner with? In short – good people. On Team INSPIRE, we are looking for people who are truly passionate about helping others. We hope to partner with professionals who can stand behind our mission which is to service our clients with a customized and supportive approach to help them reach their individual fitness and nutrition goals in the quickest and most effective way possible all while maintaining a positive body image and healthy balance.

We seek to be the most professional and influential fitness community in the US and Canada. We are passionate about serving our clients and building our businesses with sound marketing strategies. We are committed to helping our team members and clients become the very best version of themselves.

Last — IF you are considering this business opportunity, NOW is the perfect time to join. The spring is a prime time to market and brand yourself as a fitness enthusiast and professional. Everyone in America will be hoping to slim down for the summer. You should be there to work with them and support them along the way.

If you would like more information about a partnership with Team INSPIRE, please fill out the form below. I look forward to chatting with you.

Daily Adventures With a Threenager and Toddler

11096456_10100146095386884_8398327000486336977_nDrama is not a fact … it’s an interpretation. Unless you live with a threenager and a toddler – then it’s a daily reality … some would even say a lifestyle.

Cole peed on the potty seat … and then pooped in the hallway.

Emma spilled water in every room of the house before 8.30 a.m.. And then had a melt-down when I gave her an Olaf spoon versus an Anna and Elsa spoon with her cereal.

Cole got upset when I gave him milk from the light blue milk jug versus the dark blue milk jug.

Emma needed help wiping after she went poop and left some presents on the potty seat.

Cole ran into the granite counter-top with his head … twice.

Emma threw a fit because she wanted to watch “Angelina Ballerina” versus “My Little Pony” on Netflix.

Cole had a melt-down when I gave him the blue cup versus the green cup with his morning breakfast shake.

Emma asked me to snuggle with her on the couch.

Cole hugged and kissed me when I got him out of his crib this morning.

Emma told me she was proud of me for taking a shower.

Cole brought me a tissue when my nose was runny.

Emma got herself dressed and brought Cole a toy to play with.

And it’s only 8.55 a.m.

Parenting is by far the hardest job I have, but also the most fulfilling. My hair is likely turning gray, but my heart is full. I face a lot of unique challenges as a full-time work-from-home mom. But I am reminded of this great quote from C.C. Lewis – “Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.”

My Ideal Day and the Importance of Passive Income

my idea day and passive incomeA couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post detailing my typical day. If you missed it, be sure to read my “day in the life” post.  I have come a long way in a few short years in terms of balance and margin, however my typical day isn’t necessary my “ideal” or “perfect” day. So, what is my ideal day? I actually lived one yesterday and wanted to share. My goal is to increase the frequency of these days and ultimately be able to earn enough passive income to live my ideal day 365 days per year. I believe I am on track to accomplish that goal by the time I turn 34.

For me, an ideal day includes lots of family time, a workout (or two), correspondence with my clients, a few meetings or client sessions in line with my mission to uplift and inspire women to be successful in business, some time with friends, and down time for professional development, prayer, thinking, and relaxing.  In order to live my (our) ideal day, I’ll have to generate enough income to allow the hubs to scale back his work hours or stay home full-time.

At the end of this post I will share how I plan to make my idea day a reality 365 days per year. I will also touch on the importance of passive income. Watch this video I recently filmed about the importance of maintaining passive income streams and how passive income will make you wealthy.

6.15 a.m.: Wake up, hop in the shower, and head downstairs for my first cup of coffee and a few minutes with the hubs. Brandon is home to spend the day with the family.

6.45-7.30 a.m.: Answer emails and enroll a few clients into my online Bikini Boot Camp. Correspond with clients and team members.

7.30-8.30 a.m.: Spend time with Emma and Cole watching cartoons, eating breakfast, and getting everyone dressed for the day. I ate a PB&J protein (Shakeology) shake.

8.30 a.m.: Take a walk to the park across from our neighborhood with the kiddos for some play-time.

10 a.m.: Head back to the house and answer a few emails.

11 a.m.: Shopping at an outdoor mall (Emma picked out some new pink Nike’s for me).

11.30 a.m.: Lunch at Cheesecake Factory – yum! I had an amazing kale salad.

12.45 p.m: Put the kiddos down for a nap and sit outside by the pool with Brandon and answer some emails.

2 p.m.: Video conference call with a business mentoree.

2.45 p.m.: Short 3 mile run.

3.30 p.m.: Brief meeting about my new INSPIRE Instagram Academy video series. Professional development reading. I am enjoying Michael Hyatt’s “This is your life” podcast and Chalene Johnson’s “Build your tribe” podcast.

4.30 p.m.: Conference call with an online personal training client.

5-6 p.m.: Playing outside with the kiddos racing our tricycles.

6 p.m.: Dinner – chicken and veggie  kabobs and green beans.

7 p.m.: Personal training session with an at-home client. Super fun leg workout and sprints.

8 p.m.: Date night with the hubs. We met some good friends to celebrate a birthday.

10.30 p.m. Time for bed!

As you can see – this ideal day is far more balanced than my “typical day.” I’m not running from activity to activity without any rest in between. Did you know that “balance” is a Biblical concept? Proverbs says, “Do not wear yourself out for riches.” Brandon and I have tried to be more intentional about margin and time together this year … It has made a world of difference for our family.

So, how do I plan to make this ideal day a reality 365 days per year? First, I will continue to focus on leader development within my Team INSPIRE. I made a strategic decision to partner with the makers of P90X and INSANITY 8 months ago to extend the reach of my fitness business and business mentorship program. I also hoped to ramp up a stream of residual income. I am generating around $1200 per week due to this partnership, and that number will continue to multiply. Second, I plan to focus on projects such as my INSPIRE Instagram Academy video series, eBooks, my Bikini Boot Camp workout plan, and more. These projects and offerings allow me to reach more clients and also generate sales from good SEO strategies. Third, I am committed to investing FIRST and foremost so my money will continue working for me. I will write a post soon about the importance of saving and investing versus spending in the first 5 years of ramping up any business.

Are you considering starting your own business or taking a step into the fitness industry? If you would like more information about my fitness business mentorship program or Team INSPIRE where I help women ramp up a successful business focused on passive income generation, please fill out the form below.