Training vs. EnterTRAINment


The other day, when Brandon and I were leaving the gym, he mentioned to me that he had seen a woman doing what looked like a dangerous move, lying down under the Smiths machine. As soon as he started to describe what she was doing, I knew exactly what he was talking about.  I had seen that exact thing on a prominent trainer’s Instagram feed a couple of days earlier.

Here’s the thing, there is a lot floating around the internet that is more of a show than a necessity when it comes to your workouts. I regularly see people doing moves that are not only pointless, but that are at times, dangerous. A great workout doesn’t need to look sexy on your Instagram feed. A great workout is well planned, simple, and most importantly, safe.

True training isn’t always flashy and fun. While EnterTRAINment may look impressive on an Instagram feed, it is so important that you stay away from moves that might be dangerous. Please be wise in replicating exercises you see on social media that are uncommon.

Safety is a top priority for me as a trainer. For the next round of my FASTer Way To Fat Loss program, I’ve looked at every aspect to ensure we are truly training, not just participating in enterTRAINment. Your success is truly my goal, so I always strive to make improvements to better help you reach your goals. This is why I have given my FASTer Way to Fat Loss workout program a complete overhaul.   

In January my FASTer Way to Fat Loss workout program will:

  • Include more strength training (2 leg days, with a focus on back days, each week).
  • Be scaled back during week one to help those coming off of a long break. Safety is extremely important here, so we are going to ease into the program while keeping our nutrition tight.
  • Have winter appropriate speed-burst training workouts.
  • Have a continued focus on rest days (insane workouts 6 days a week can do significant damage to your body and hormone levels long term).
  • Have focused core work starting later in the program. However, most workouts will be strengthening your core without doing traditional moves on the floor. Trust me, you will start to see those abs of yours way before we start focusing solely on the core!

If you haven’t signed up yet, spots for my January 9th program are already filled. However, be sure to join my waiting list, because I will be opening up another January round in the coming weeks; waitlisters get first dibs on joining! If you’re looking for some Instagram worthy workout moves, then this program isn’t a good fit for you. If you are looking for safe and effective, then please join me as I help hundreds of women burn fat, increase energy and build strength through this cutting edge program.

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