Jennifer Weiler Zils regarding the Carb Cycling and Intermittent Fasting Program. 

I am really enjoying the Carb Cycling program. For me it has been more than the results in inches or pounds. While I am noticing my clothes are fitting differently and I have definition in my abs!!! More importantly, I am learning so much about myself – from emotional eating tendencies, anxiety to a new found self control and disciple. Perviously, I had been afraid of fasting, but with program, fast days are my favorite. I have so much energy and clarity on fast days! At the end I feel accomplishment and I know my body is ready for the next cycle. I am also learning a great deal about about macros, food tracking and the impact on my workouts. Previously, I was a calories in / calories out girl. I would workout daily and eat healthy but I realize I was not properly fueling my body for the types of workouts I was performing. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a challenge, looking to for a new mindset on calories, looking to make a difference in their relationship with food and looking to learn more about fueling for workouts. It has been an amazing experience and I know I am going to sign up for another cycle to further learn the process.

Jennifer Weiler Zils