Jasmin Niemiec regarding the Carb Cycling and Intermittent Fasting Program. 

I have been very conscious of my health for years, but often found myself “stuck in a rut” and disappointed with the progress I was (or really wasn’t) making, though I was eating the right things, running a lot, and hitting the weights hard. Through Amanda’s program, I have toned a ton, burned fat, feel energized, and still feel able to hit my high milage weeks of training without feeling exhausted from working to loose weight. As a runner I’ve always felt I have to either focus on performance or weight loss, but am happy to finally find a program where I can do both! I am also now a huge advocate of intermittent fasting; I was worried I would be unable to do this while training for races, but have seen huge strides in my physical, mental, and spiritual health through this practice and will continue to use it after this program! I love that I have not only grown in my understanding of eating enough calories with the right focus on macros, but have also grown as a person through this program! I can eat a lot, work hard, feel happier, and loose some pounds… you really can’t beat this program!!

Jasmin Niemiec