Pregnancy Cardio Exercise Video

My pregnant gym clients are often looking for ways to get in a good cardio workout at home. It is important to continue pregnancy cardio exercises for at least 30-60 minutes 5 days per week. Today I had the privilege of working out with Libby Aker, 30 week pregnant fit mom — with the cutest baby bump ever! This is Libby’s second pregnancy (you will see her 18 month old, Griffin, make a guest appearance in the video). She is committed to staying fit and continuing cardio exercises through the end of her pregnancy.

Try this pregnancy cardio exercise video — even if you aren’t pregnant! Remember to stop what you are doing and consult your doctor if you experience any red flags: bleeding, shortness of breath, and abdominal pain.

Doing this pregnancy cardio exercise video will keep you fit for labor and delivery and help speed up your recovery time after delivery. And the best part is — you do not need an expensive gym membership to stay in good cardio shape throughout pregnancy! The exercises in this video include jogging in place, mummy kick, stair stepping, and running around with your toddler — sounds like an easy enough pregnancy cardio exercise video to do at home right? Best wishes!

Pin this pregnancy cardio workout to your fitness Pinterest board and do it 5 times in a row for more fun and cardio!

Pregnancy Cardio Workout at Home

If you are pregnant, and looking for a good cardio or body weight strength training workout do to at home, here are some ideas and exercise videos to help you on your way. I was able to maintain a fit pregnancy by doing these same workouts in combination with a running (or walking) program. It is extremely important to continue exercising throughout pregnancy to help reduce water retention (especially in the third trimester), excess pregnancy weight gain, moodiness, fatigue, nasuea, and many other common pregnancy symptoms. Always check with your physician before starting an exercise program during pregnancy.

Pregnacy Exercises: Fit Pregnancy Total Body Workout DVD

Introducing my Pregnancy Exercises: Fit Pregnancy Total Body Workout DVD. If you are looking for a prenatal workout to do through all three trimesters of pregnancy, during your pre-pregnancy fitness plan, and for post-delivery recovery, look no further.

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Ab and Core Exercises During Pregnancy

It is important to continue stimulating your ab and core muscles during pregnancy. It will help with labor and delivery and will speed up recovery. After the first trimester, it is best not to do ab exercises on your back (and risk cutting off the oxygen supply to the baby).

Try these ab and core exercises after warming up properly. Continue breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Get Toned, Sexy Arms, Even During Pregnancy

Do you want toned, sexy arms during pregnancy and beyond? Are you worried that heavy lifting will be unsafe during pregnancy or make your arms look bulky and masculine? Here is a great circuit to get strong, sexy, feminine arms. Do this 5 minute circuit a few times a week in combination with cardio and strength training exercises during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Cardio Circuit for a Workout at Home

Try this tough core and cardio 5 minute workout during pregnancy. I picked one with less jumping and bouncing. 🙂 The relaxin hormone can make it hard to continue lunge jumps and plyometrics. I had to scale back a bit on my plyos in the third trimester of pregnancy because my pelvis tended to get sore.

With this pregnancy cardio circuit, you will stimulate your back, abdominal, arm, and leg muscles without even leaving the ground! This quick circuit will get your heart rate up to fat burning and cardio zone, while strengthening and toning your core! It’s a tough workout, but worth the results!

Check back for more at home pregnancy cardio workouts to be posted soon! Continuing to exercise throughout pregnancy is safe and so important. Maintaining a fit pregnancy will help you in labor and delivery and to speed up recovery. Join our community or like us on Facebook to receive daily pregnancy fitness and nutrition tips! Best wishes.

Tone Your Butt and Legs and Keep Cellulite Away!

How do you tone your butt? What exercises do you try to keep your legs thin, muscular, and cellulite free? Try this 8 minute butt and leg workout to tone up, and keep cellulite away! I do this workout a few times per week in addition to other cardio and strength training. And of course, Miss Emma made a guest appearance in the video.