Profit and Loss

Kelly Wilson is a fitness enthusiast

Kelly Wilson is a former workout partner of mine, and a fitness enthusiast. She is passionate about keeping herself fit and healthy, and doing it the right way — good old fashioned hard work! Read her guest blog below. Thanks for your insight and willingness to “shoot straight”, Kelly!

Stop thinking that diet books are going to do it for you. Letʼs think about it: Why does someone sell a diet book or product? To sell it and make a profit, right? Not that making money is a bad thing, but this business is at the exploitation of people (you and me) who want to make a change in life and, sadly, are suckers for a quick fix that will change their life!” Think about that further . . . if someone invented a diet that really was easy and would actually change your life, this industry wouldnʼt be making millions in profit. In a society that is based on consumerism, products are not designed to last forever because where would residual sales come from?! (Think about it – where did all the lifetime warranties on products go? They donʼt exist because companies need to make money!)

There is such a huge market for diet and weight loss products because they donʼt work – and the creators know it. Hereʼs the cycle: You buy a diet book and you successfully cut out those awful (according to the book) carbs and fats, only eat 500 calories a day (because the book says thatʼs smart), or make it through all three phases (because phases are sustainable eating habits . . really, they promise) and you see some short term results. But unless youʼve made a life change that is actually sustainable, you resort to your old eating habits because they are easier, more convenient, or just plain taste better. Inevitably you put the weight back on and reclaim your spot on the couch because you feel as though you failed. Then one day youʼre walking around the wholesale club or watching a Saturday morning infomercial and again feel compelled to get back on the horse and buy yet another product thatʼs sure to work this time.

Meanwhile, the creators of these products are laughing all the way to the bank. At your expense. Sound familiar?! Yeah, that was me, too. You name it, I bought it.

Break the cycle. The one way to change your life for the rest of your life is a simple concept, but a hard process. Nutrition and Exercise. Pay attention to what (and how much) you put in your mouth and move your body! It didnʼt take you 17 days to put on the weight and lose control of your health . . . itʼs certainly not going to take a 17 day diet to take it off. It will take a long time so be prepared for that. Keep at it. There will be nothing to blame, no product or book to discredit if you fall off the wagon this time. If you keep at it, you will see results. You can take that to the bank.

Nutrition and Exercise. No one is selling that diet plan, because there is no gimmick, no trick, and no product that is required. But YOU will certainly profit.

Stop the excuses – “That diet didnʼt work!” (Of course it didnʼt.) Take control of and be
accountable for your bodyʼs nutrition and fitness.