Did Jessica Simpson Gain Excess Weight During Pregnancy on Purpose?

Jessica Simpson signed a 3 mil Weight Watchers Deal after gaining excess pregnancy weight.

Jessica Simpson recently gave birth to a baby girl. But there was, and still is, a lot of press surrounding Jessica’s pregnancy weight gain. She made a few appearances in interviews looking rather large, and it was clear that she had not gained the mear 25-35 recommended pregnancy pounds. Initially, my thought was that Jessica simply overate and stopped exercising.

However, recently there has been a new developent. Simpson reportedly signed a contract to work with Weight Watchers to shed the “baby fat.” I read an article yesterday where Simpson claimed that she has been “planning” to work with Weight Watchers for a while … curious since she wasn’t obese before pregnancy, but seemed to have gained excessive weight during her pregnancy. Is it possible that Jessica packed on the pounds on purpose so she could sign a few million dollar contract with Weight Watchers? I think so! But the better question is — would you do the same for a few million dollars? Potentially compromise the health of both you and your baby?

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