11 Week Update: Will I “Show” Earlier in My Second Pregnancy?

11.5 weeks pregnant

This photo was taken at 11.5 weeks pregnant.

I am finished with my 11th week of pregnancy! I CANNOT wait to be out of the first trimester. It has been a rocky road, but I am so thankful for a second pregnancy and we are very excited for Emma to have a sibling. This week was a little rough for my workouts, but I did not miss a workout, and continue to believe that exercise is one of the few things getting me through the day — that and my favorite new med — Zophran. Here’s a quick recap of my 11th week of pregnancy workouts.

  • Day 1: 3 mile run outside
  • Day 2: 2 hours of cardio machines, running, and Pilates with gym clients
  • Day 3: Rest
  • Day 4: 5 hours of cardio machines, running, and Pilates with gym clients (major struggle this day, but I made it through)
  • Day 5: 25 minutes of filming at-home plyo workouts for online clients, 2 mile run
  • Day 6: 2 hours of cardio machines, running, and Pilates with gym clients
  • Day 7: 30 minutes of cardio and nautilus machine weight training (I have a sinus infection, but never “starve a cold of exercise”)

On day 4 which was Saturday, I almost didn’t make it through my gym client sessions. I tried a new anti-nausea medicine which made me exhausted, and all of my clients were asking if I was “OK.” After the first 150 cals with my first client of the day, I wanted to curl up in bed and sleep for hours, but somehow I managed to ge through all 5 hours.

My "food baby" the day after Thanksgiving. 9 weeks pregnant.

My “food baby” the day after Thanksgiving. 9 weeks pregnant.

I have often heard that a woman “shows” earlier in her second pregnancy, but the truth is — I am not sure if that is true for me yet. My suspicion has always been that women “show” earlier because they have some left over fat tissue and/or stretched skin around their midsection (which is also true in my case). However, I do not think that I am “showing” quite yet — unless you count the food baby from Thanksgiving and Christmas parties.

I have gained 2 pounds already this trimester. But again — I am not sure if that is pregnancy weight gain, or vacation/Thanksgiving weight gain. My guess is 1 lb of both. One thing is for sure. I am not going to obsess over the numbers like last time. I had never owned a scale before my first pregnancy, and I purchased one just to be sure that I was gaining “enough” weight. Well, that was a mistake. Some weeks I would gain 1 pound, others I would gain 3, and some I wouldn’t gain any. I was so concerned, and it left me worried for no reason. At the end of the pregnancy, I had gained a healthy 28 pounds. I have every intention of continuing to eat well and workout, and I know my body will take care of the rest!

Two Upcoming TV Spots to Promote My Prenatal DVD Series

I look forward to rep'ing my friends at FitFluential in my upcoming TV spots!

I look forward to rep’ing my friends at FitFluential in my upcoming TV spots!

Since I officially announced my second pregnancy on Monday, my Fit Pregnancy and Parenting assistant has been busy writing press releases, emails, and brainstorming ways for me to promote my upcoming Prenatal DVD Series. On Tuesday, we sent through a press release to a local TV station. Within minutes I got a response from the TV producer who asked me to do TWO 4 minute spots in the next few weeks.

A huge thanks to Tasha, my wonderful assistant, for her hard work, great ideas, and press release writing skills. I absolutely could not be marketing my fitness business without her — but I have actually asked her to slow down because I currently have a long waiting list of clients. But no complaints here!

My first TV spot is on Monday, December 17 at noon. I will run over to the station during my lunch hour and do a quick 4 minute cardio, butt, and legs circuit for the camera. The second spot is on Monday, December 31 at noon. I hope to talk through some ways to make 2013 our healthiest year yet and promo my DVD series.

Another cool aspects of these spots is that I am going to rep’ my friends at FitFluential by wearing my new FitFluential shirt. I am also going to rep Under Armour thanks to my new friends in the marketing department there. I plan to wear my new Under Armour shoes and am waiting to get some other items to wear.

Local ladies (Dayton area) be sure to tune into WDTN’s Living Dayton show at noon on December 17 and 31. I am super pumped to be on TV again and I always love to hear your feedback.

Here is a quick preview of some of the moves I will be doing in the TV spot! This is a rough draft of some of the moves I will do for the Prenatal DVD series. Try this Fit Pregnancy and Parenting cardio, butt, and legs workout and let me know what you think! I am 12 weeks pregnant AND I have a cold, so if you’re good at reading a pregnant girl’s mind — you can see me consider that I am probably going to throw up at any minute. HA.

Backyard Boot Camp: DRENCHED Ab Shred

Looking to work up a nice sweat and strengthen your abs at the same time? Try this Backyard Boot Camp: Drenched Ab Shred. I filmed this circuit just for YOU. I was sweating buckets while filming … maybe because I was in FL filming, or maybe because it’s TOUGH! Try it 5 times for more fun and toning. So sorry about the nasty locust sound in the background. Gotta love FL!

Tone and strengthen your abs with this Backyard Boot Camp in the comfort and convenience of your own home. This circuit is perfect to do while watching TV. Be sure to maintain a neutral spine for the plank position. Keep your butt down and your abs and back nice and straight.

Backyard Boot Camp

Pin this Backyard Boot Camp: Drenched Arm Shred to your Pinterest fitness board and try it 5 times!

Hi. I’m Superwoman. And So Are You!

Thanks to Kayla for an awesome fit mom featured post and perspective. Kayla blogs over at Fit For Moms. You can also follow Kayla on Twitter at @fitformommas. This post was originally shared on New Leaf Wellness, but it is so good, and resonates with so many moms, that we are sharing it here too!

Kayla, fit mom featured blogger and superwoman!

Kayla, fit mom featured blogger and superwoman!

I feel like I should start this post as if I am at an AA meeting. “Hi, I am Kayla and I’m the wife of an airline pilot…” B and I met in college and we always knew that his career choice would mean travel and time away. Yet here we are 5 years of marriage and 2 awesome daughters (ages 3 and 1) later finding ourselves still learning to balance time apart, time together and time alone. Currently, 70% of the time I am home solo with our girls…did I mention I have a full-time job and that I’m training for my first marathon? Time is not necessarily something I have a lot of – so when I do have time – I prefer it is well spent.Over the past 5 years, specifically the last 3 – I have really started to focus on how to balance exercise, eating well, mommy-hood and being a great wife to B – even when work takes him clear across the world. In reality, all I need to do is harness my inner superwoman. I’m going to let you in on 4 of my secrets. But shhhh….it takes a lot to be superwoman, so don’t go and tell everyone where you got your power.

1. Carve out time in your day for yourself for exercise – whether it is 10 minutes or 2 hours…getting your sweat on will always feel good. I am lucky to have a job that is flexible (so I start closer to 9 most days) and a fabulous daycare for the girls. I drop them off and head out for a run or to our local gym. Sweat + strength = one rejuvenated momma.

2. Plan and prep your meals on the weekend (or whenever you have a good chunk of time). On one of the days that B is home, I try to get all of my cooking/prep work done for the entire next week. I religiously use Once A Month Mom and her fabulous meal plans. When I get home from work and haven’t seen the girls all day – the last thing I want to do is cook. Planning ahead lets me either toss something in the crock pot in the morning or easily warm it up in the oven – and still get a healthy meal on the table quickly.

3. Be productive quickly. As soon as I get the girls to sleep, I set a timer for 30 minutes. I wash dishes, clean the counters, toss a load of laundry in, take the garbage out – whatever needs to be done to keep our house “in working order.” But, the timer helps me not try to do too much and ensures that I get time for myself each evening. I could easily clean and do “chores” all night – but I thrive on having some ‘Kayla time’ each night to sit down with a good book.

4. Fake it. Let’s be honest. There are times where I would like to pull my hair out and trying to balance all of this gets the best of me. My answer? Tell myself that I am strong, awesome and truly superwoman. It usually does the trick.

It isn’t always easy being a mom and a wife. It is a balancing act. One that has led to the greatest adventure I have ever been on. Even if it is just a few minutes a day that I wear my cape – I feel like superwoman when I get a great workout in, serve a delicious and healthy meal, have a well-kept house or just feel the occasional spurt of awesomeness. Most of all – finding a way to create a balance in my life that allows me to just enjoy and cherish every second with my husband and daughters – that is when I feel the most like superwoman.

backyard boot camp buns and calves exercise video

Backyard Boot Camp: Buns and Calves Exercise Video

Are you looking for a way to tone or lift your buns? Do you want your calves to look sexy in your stilettos? If you have unsightly cellulite on your buns or would like to tone your calves, this workout is for you!

Try this Backyard Boot Camp: Buns and Calves Exercise Video to tone your buns and calves. Develop lean muscle and burn fat! Be sure you are close to a step for the scissor kicks. Try it 5 times for more fun and fat burning. (Don’t mind the noisy locusts in the background — gross).

backyard boot camp buns and calves exercise video

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How to Balance It All

How to Balance it All

Fit pregnant mom, Anna, with her daughter, Lilly.

Do you have trouble “balancing it all?” Read this featured fit mom blog written by Anna and learn how to balance it all.

Hi, my name is Anna and I blog over at Piper’s Run. Piper’s Run is a blog about being a mom to a toddler, a wife to a vegan, a committed runner, a full-time worker, having a second baby, and trying to balance it all.Trying to “balance it all” is quite the challenging task for any person. For me, it’s extremely important to be fit and healthy for me and my family. Here are some tips that I use to try to balance it all:

1. Set weekly goals.

Plan your workouts in advance. What days you will workout at the gym, go for a run outside, or do an at home exercise DVD during your child’s nap time?

2. Take advantage of your lunch break at work.

10 – 30 minute walks can get you energized for the rest of the day. If you walk for 10 minutes three times a day, you will receive numerous health benefits. 10 minutes during your morning break, 10-30 at lunch and 10 minutes to walk to your car at the end of the day. It all adds up.

3. Be active with your family and friends.

It’s great to be a role model and teach your kids to prioritize exercise. And it’s a fun social time for everyone.

4. Be realistic.

At 22 weeks pregnant, I can no longer run without pain, therefore I modify my runs to a fast pace walk. On days when you have a planned workout and it doesn’t happen – it’s okay. Readjust your workout goals for the week, and accept that other life moments happen.

5. Don’t feel guilty (easier said than done).

Prioritizing time to workout can make you feel guilty that you’re not being a good mom, wife, or employer. Guilt can be a pretty negative emotion that we should do our best to overcome. Prioritizing time to workout is essential to being a happy, healthy mom. And being healthy helps me to balance it all. For me, working out provides some time to myself, and keeps me healthy so I can enjoy a longer life with my family.

There are countless opportunities to be active during your day. You can park your car further from the entrance to the grocery store, walk or bike instead of driving to a meeting if the distance permits, teach your toddler how to throw a ball and chase after it, include your children in your workouts or start a new family tradition of walking on a trail each evening after dinner.

I hope you can find the time to prioritize your health and “balance it all.”

You can read more at my blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Exercise Video — Backyard Boot Camp: Ab Shred

What do all women want, but very few get? Nice abs!! But why? Is it possible to get nice abs after pregnancy? Yes. It takes hard work and commitment, but nice abs after pregnancy is possible for you. Remember, abs are made in the gym and in the kitchen. So eat clean, workout, and add these ab moves into your exercise routine.

Get your abs back after pregnancy by trying the following moves:

  • Warm up your abs by doing regular crunches. Keep your belly button in toward your spine.
  • Scissor crunches: Put your hands under your butt. Raise your shoulders off the ground, and raise your legs above the ground 6 inches — cross them in front of you.
  • Lay back with your arms extended above your head and your toes pointed and legs straight. Use your ab muscles to pull yourself up and touch your toes. Lower slowly down. Then raise your legs perpendicular with the ground and touch your toes.
  • Bicycles: twist your torso and touch your elbows to your knees. Move your legs in a bicycle motion.
  • Flutter kicks: sit up and balance on your butt. Flutter your legs straight out in front of you to stimulate your lower abs.
  • Sit up and keep your heels slightly off the ground. Twist your torso and touch your elbows on the ground to stimulate your transverse obliques.

You can get your pre-baby abs back after pregnancy! Best wishes.

Pin this Backyard Boot Camp to your Pinterest fitness board and do it consistently to develop nice abs!

Pregnancy Cardio Exercise Video

My pregnant gym clients are often looking for ways to get in a good cardio workout at home. It is important to continue pregnancy cardio exercises for at least 30-60 minutes 5 days per week. Today I had the privilege of working out with Libby Aker, 30 week pregnant fit mom — with the cutest baby bump ever! This is Libby’s second pregnancy (you will see her 18 month old, Griffin, make a guest appearance in the video). She is committed to staying fit and continuing cardio exercises through the end of her pregnancy.

Try this pregnancy cardio exercise video — even if you aren’t pregnant! Remember to stop what you are doing and consult your doctor if you experience any red flags: bleeding, shortness of breath, and abdominal pain.

Doing this pregnancy cardio exercise video will keep you fit for labor and delivery and help speed up your recovery time after delivery. And the best part is — you do not need an expensive gym membership to stay in good cardio shape throughout pregnancy! The exercises in this video include jogging in place, mummy kick, stair stepping, and running around with your toddler — sounds like an easy enough pregnancy cardio exercise video to do at home right? Best wishes!

Pin this pregnancy cardio workout to your fitness Pinterest board and do it 5 times in a row for more fun and cardio!

Julie’s Journey to Health and Wellness

Read this powerful fit mom guest blog by Julie — military wife and mom to two gorgeous children.  Here is her story:

Julie — fit mom and military wife.

“I ask—ask the God of our Master, Jesus Christ, the God of glory—to make you intelligent and discerning in knowing him personally, your eyes focused and clear, so that you can see exactly what it is he is calling you to do, grasp the immensity of this glorious way of life he has for his followers, oh, the utter extravagance of his work in us who trust him—endless energy, boundless strength!” Ephesians 1:19 (MSG)Energy was something I always seemed to run short on, but now I can say I am abundantly filled!

My journey started about 5 months ago, the start of a very new season in my life. With a tearful goodbye, I instantly took on the role of being a single mom to my at the time 2.5 year old son and 6 month old daughter. This was the result of my husband deploying for the next six months, a common duty, and way of life for many military families. After having my daughter last summer, I found myself still holding onto 12 extra pounds, enjoying bad eating habits, and feeling very empty both spiritually and physically.

A few weeks before my husband left for his deployment, we enjoyed a night together as a family. It was on the car ride home that my husband expressed his desire for me to eat healthier and ultimately be more active physically as a family. During this discussion, I participated and listened to what he had to say. This was a first for me. There had been many talks like this in the past, which all ended empty, as I was not willing to change or listen. This night however, God got a hold of my heart, and with it He started to work. My heart was softened as I listened to my husband’s desire for me, there was more to it than just that, though I didn’t realize it until months later.

Being a single mom is not an easy job.  It is a lot of hard work.  There is also a lot of joy in it!  My kids have always been pretty good sleepers which usually allow for most of our mornings to start no earlier than 8am.  After my husband left, I decided to start getting up around 7 a.m. to work out in our very small apartment living room before the kids woke up.  I started this routine in February, and have been doing it ever since.  I started small.  A neighbor let me borrow the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD so I took it, and worked out using the beginner modifications, five pound weights, and worked my way up.  After a month of working out 5 days a week, I could tell I was on my way to gaining strength and melting some of the fat off my body.  I decided to keep a record of my transformation by taking monthly pictures to see my progress.  This was a great motivator for me!  I became a member of calorie counter (it’s free) to help log my food, and stay within the right amount of calories each day to achieve my goal of losing 12 pounds (which would put me back to my pre-pregnancy weight).  I did this faithfully for 4 months, and kept challenging myself by finding and utilizing harder workout videos (many of which I found on youtube) as I got stronger.

During these months of working out, I also cleaned up my diet, my kids diets, and started feeling better.  I found I was not just taking care of my body, but my heart as well.  I started taking out the trash in my life, and giving my heart to God.  He was still doing a work in me, and I realized that I was worshiping God through my exercise and eating.  Once I learned this connection, everything changed.  Yes, exercising made me feel better, changed my body appearance, and even helped improve my mood each day.  However, I can not do anything without the power of God in my life.  It all came together for me.  Through loving God, exercising, and eating healthy, it all became a package deal.  Now, I can truly say I have endless energy and boundless strength!

Five months later, I can almost start the countdown for my husband’s return home.  This will be a very joyous reunion!  But what I can say now, is that I have successfully reached all of my goals in just five months.  By God’s grace, I was able to be a single mom to my kids, workout every morning, and eat healthy!  Today, I am not 12 pounds lighter but 24 pounds lighter.  I have more definition in my arms, abs, and legs than before having kids, I eat healthy, and feel great!  The best part was, I didn’t ever go to the gym.  I worked and continue to work hard every morning with a pair of weights, a mat, and at home in a very small space.   I am maintaining this new lifestyle, as I eagerly wait to show it all off to my husband and enjoy the benefits together as a family.

To God be the glory great things He has done!

Pregnancy Cardio Workout at Home

If you are pregnant, and looking for a good cardio or body weight strength training workout do to at home, here are some ideas and exercise videos to help you on your way. I was able to maintain a fit pregnancy by doing these same workouts in combination with a running (or walking) program. It is extremely important to continue exercising throughout pregnancy to help reduce water retention (especially in the third trimester), excess pregnancy weight gain, moodiness, fatigue, nasuea, and many other common pregnancy symptoms. Always check with your physician before starting an exercise program during pregnancy.

Pregnacy Exercises: Fit Pregnancy Total Body Workout DVD

Introducing my Pregnancy Exercises: Fit Pregnancy Total Body Workout DVD. If you are looking for a prenatal workout to do through all three trimesters of pregnancy, during your pre-pregnancy fitness plan, and for post-delivery recovery, look no further.

For a very limited time, I am accepting pre-orders for the Pregnancy Exercises: Fit Pregnancy Total Body Workout DVD with an added incentive of no shipping and handling fees!

Ab and Core Exercises During Pregnancy

It is important to continue stimulating your ab and core muscles during pregnancy. It will help with labor and delivery and will speed up recovery. After the first trimester, it is best not to do ab exercises on your back (and risk cutting off the oxygen supply to the baby).

Try these ab and core exercises after warming up properly. Continue breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Get Toned, Sexy Arms, Even During Pregnancy

Do you want toned, sexy arms during pregnancy and beyond? Are you worried that heavy lifting will be unsafe during pregnancy or make your arms look bulky and masculine? Here is a great circuit to get strong, sexy, feminine arms. Do this 5 minute circuit a few times a week in combination with cardio and strength training exercises during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Cardio Circuit for a Workout at Home

Try this tough core and cardio 5 minute workout during pregnancy. I picked one with less jumping and bouncing. 🙂 The relaxin hormone can make it hard to continue lunge jumps and plyometrics. I had to scale back a bit on my plyos in the third trimester of pregnancy because my pelvis tended to get sore.

With this pregnancy cardio circuit, you will stimulate your back, abdominal, arm, and leg muscles without even leaving the ground! This quick circuit will get your heart rate up to fat burning and cardio zone, while strengthening and toning your core! It’s a tough workout, but worth the results!

Check back for more at home pregnancy cardio workouts to be posted soon! Continuing to exercise throughout pregnancy is safe and so important. Maintaining a fit pregnancy will help you in labor and delivery and to speed up recovery. Join our community or like us on Facebook to receive daily pregnancy fitness and nutrition tips! Best wishes.