INSPIRE Instagram Academy Daily Trainings Portal

Day 1: Welcome to the INSPIRE Instagram Academy daily trainings portal.

Please use the ‪#‎IGAcademy15‬ hashtag on at least one of your photos today on IG so we can easily search, follow you, and show you some support.

Here is a brief video intro for day one. Please make a note of how many followers you have as of today. We will be tracking your number through this month. Additionally, please mark off 30-60 minutes each day to implement action items from this Instagram Academy.

I strongly suggest that you remove Instagram notifications from your phone. Sounds crazy, right? From one busy female professional to another, I know how distracting phone notifications can be, and personally, I feel far more balanced without notifications hitting my phone every few minutes. If you aren’t sure how to remove the notifications, please let me know.

Day 2:

It’s time to dive into the 20/20/20 strategy! This strategy will be great for fostering genuine relationships and building a tribe of likeminded followers for your business. Watch this video specifically the Instagram Academy and implement the 20/20/20 strategy today. This is a strategy that we will be implementing on a daily basis throughout the next 30 days.

Day 3:

Start with WHY. Clients and customers buy your “why,” not your “what.” WHY did you start your small business? What is the purpose that drives your unique business? How does your passion differentiate you from your competitors?

Watch this video and determine your “why.” Communicate a “why” to your followers that goes beyond yourself.

It is very important to weave your “why” into branding and marketing across your social media platforms. Your audience needs to be continually reminded of your “why.”

Day 4:

Daily themes: It’s important to post regular and predictable content on your IG page. However, sometimes it’s hard to come up with content. In the social media invitation avalanche (like this, follow me, click here, buy now), the only way to break through the clutter is to provide valuable and predictable content for our followers. I like to base my content on daily themes.

For example:

  • Motivation Monday
  • Tasty Tuesday
  • Workout Wednesday
  • Truth Thursday
  • Fitness Friday

Block off some time today to consider your daily themes.

Day 5:

Hashtags. Ladies, are you using hashtags that your niche market is searching? Many clients find me via hashtag searches like ‪#‎bodyafterbaby‬ ‪#‎whole30‬ ‪#‎postpartumfitness‬ ‪#‎fitpregnancy‬, and more. Your bread and butter market is also searching hashtags.

What’s the best way to find out which ones they are searching?
1) Ask them
2) Look at what hashtags they are using on their own photos
3) Scan through some industry leader accounts and write down a few hashtags they are leveraging as well.

It is so important to put yourself in the shoes of your followers and ideal clients. Do a quick content inventory of your most recent photos. Which photos generated the most engagement? What hashtags were listed (or should have been listed)?

Do you routinely check the hashtags you are using by clicking on the hashtag and scanning through content? If not – I suggest you do this regularly. For example, I am no longer pregnant, but I do like to use the #fitpregnancy hashtag because ladies searching it are perfect prospects for my Body After Baby Boot Camp and DVDs.

I save three separate hashtag groupings in the notes on my phone. I copy/paste them in the comments on my IG post as applicable. This saves me tons of time.

Do not use 25 spammy hashtags, but rather, find the top 5-10 that your niche market is already searching.

Day 6:

Serving versus selling. Watch this video and hear about your assignment for this weekend or early next week. I want you to post a concrete example of how your client is different as a result of working with your small business. How did you enhance their life? Share a story or post a testimonial from a client.

Day 7:

Lead generators. Watch this video and post below regarding your ideas for a unique and valuable lead generator for your business. My desire is that you are able to obtain more qualified leads for your follow up campaigns (eNews, SM drip campaigns, etc).

Your goal will be to post a lead generator this evening around 9 p.m. ET.

Day 8:

Goal setting. With very few exceptions, professionals who write down their goals are successful. Watch this video about goal setting and share your Instagram goals with an accountability partner.

List the number of followers you started with, and where you hope to be at the end of the month. Consider how many posts and lead generators per day/week you’re planning to upload, and how many new relationships you are hoping to foster.

I find it helpful to write down quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals.

Day 9:

Photo Apps. Let’s continue to improve the look of our IG plaphoto apps for Instagramtform and photos. This will be review for some, but it’s always great to hear what other apps are most popular for Instagram. I like to crop and edit 100% of my photos to make them look more professional. A little filter can go a long way.

My current favorite app is Rhonna for photo edits and quotes. And I love editing photos or creating posters as well (especially to add text on photos). What is your favorite photo editing app? Comment below with an edited photo you plan to share on your IG page today!

PS – White space is very popular right now on IG. Your profile will look clean at a quick glance if you use Whitagram more often. You can visit my profile for an example: @fitparenting.

Day 10:

Personal and professional development. I am aware that this training goes outside of Instagram strategy, but I truly believe personal development is the greatest door opener in your life and for your business (in addition to the blessings of God).

Day 11:

Content calendars. Those who plan ahead, plan to succeed. Today I want you to write out a content calendar for the remainder of the month (or full quarter) using excel or Google Docs.

List the date, topic, text, photo, time of day, purpose, and call to action. Planning an IG content calendar with at least one post every week day and two lead generators per week is so important. It’s not fun — it’s not a sexy strategy — but I promise it will increase your productivity and save you time down the road.

Day 12:

It’s time to chat videos! One of your assignments this week will will be to upload a 15 second video on your IG page. My favorite apps are Pic Play Post, Flipagram, and iMovie. Videos are an effective way to communicate, demonstrate, and show your followers that you take the time to invest in your IG account and relationship with them.

Comment below with the theme and purpose of your video below. For example. I often post a series of workout moves before promoting and online boot camp. Please let me know what questions you have about these apps and the effectiveness of video. Occasionally I will just share an encouraging note so my followers can hear my voice as well.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to use royalty free music in your video.

Here’s an example of a video I added to promote my upcoming online boot camp.

Day 13:

Giveaways. Hoping to drive a lot of new followers and traffic to your IG page? Host a giveaway. I’ve had success with several giveaways on my page, but here are a few tips.

1. Partner with a few others to help host the giveaways. Whether it’s adding money to a pot for a gift card or contributing unique gifts, partnerships will make the giveaway more significant.
2. Cross promote via your blog, FB page and other channels.
3. Develop a unique hashtag or the giveaway so the entrants are easily searchable.
4. Require a repost of a photo and tag of your profile. This is one of the best ways to get new exposure for your page.
5. Require a follow of your profile and any other sponsoring partners.
6. Set a short deadline. A couple days – MAX. The giveaways that run for a week or two at a time fizzle out.
7. Consider loop giveaways, but with a very limited number of partners.
8. Require entrants to include their email address and tag a person on your original post (now you have a lead for the future.

Day 15:

Consistency. It’s time for a little pep talk and inspiration moving forward. You are doing a phenomenal job implementing these IG strategies. However, I want to encourage you to remain consistent and steadfast on Instagram.

This is a short, but extremely important training. Please watch and write down the biggest challenge or pain point you anticipate once these daily trainings are over. Best wishes as you continue to implement these strategies.

Day 16:

Partnerships. This training goes hand-in-hand with our giveaway training. Network and partner with business women in your industry, similar industries, and/or simply supportive and uplifting women who clap when you succeed. Here’s an example – a couple of ladies in my last group were actually referred to my Instagram Academy by a friend of mine who owns a tote bag shop. I met her on Instagram and loved her “Girl Boss” Tote. We’ve developed a great relationship (in fact, we are catching up via phone today), and she referred my IG Academy in a shop group on FB. Obviously fitness and tote bags aren’t too related, but I’ve learned the value of partnering with amazing fellow business women.

Brainstorm a few creative ideas of how to reach out to fellow business owners. Perhaps ask someone to be featured on your site, give a shout-out to your favorite apparel brand on your IG profile, etc.

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