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Pregnacy Exercises: Fit Pregnancy Total Body Workout DVD

Please take advantage of these free rough draft exercise video clips for use in at-home workouts. If you are interested in an online personal training program with professional quality exercise videos, please visit my hire-me page and request information.

Visit the Pregnancy Exercise: Fit Pregnancy Total Body Workout DVD page to purchase this fabulous at-home workout DVD perfect for pre-pregnancy fitness, all three trimesters of pregnancy, and post-delivery recovery.

Consult with your doctor before you begin or continue a workout routine during or after pregnancy.

Backyard Boot Camp: Prenatal Ab Circuit

Try this prenatal ab circuit before pregnancy to strengthen your abdominal muscles. You may also do it in the first trimester of pregnancy, and after you have been approved to workout for postpartum recovery.

Backyard Boot Camp: Arm Circuit Perfect for Beginners

Are you hoping to strengthen and tone your arms, but you are not sure how to begin? Try this modified arm workout for beginners (or after a tough workout). This arm circuit incorporates modified push ups, a nice triceps dip move, and a few other fun toning and strengthening exercises.

Backyard Boot Camp: Buns and Calves Circuit

Are you looking for a way to tone or lift your buns? Do you want your calves to look sexy in your stilettos? If you have unsightly cellulite on your buns or would like to tone your calves, this workout is for you! Develop lean muscle and burn fat! Be sure you are close to a step for the scissor kicks. Try it 5 times for more fun and fat burning. (Don’t mind the noisy locusts in the background — gross).

Backyard Boot Camp: Cardio Circuit

Looking for an easy way to get your heart rate up and do a cardio workout at home? Try this quick Backyard Boot Camp: Cardio Workout at Home 5x, and it will do the trick! This boot camp will get your heart rate up and burn some fat! You will be sweating, but it’s a great way to get your cardio activity in without leaving the backyard! You might even tone your legs and your butt while you’re at it. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Backyard Boot Camp: Banish Those Love Handles

How can you get rid of your “love handles?” Is the lower back fat, or love handles, a major problem area for you? It is impossible to “spot train” or shed fat deposits by targeting the love handles. However, it is possible and important to develop muscle in your problem areas including the lower back. Developing lean muscle increases the amount of calories you burn while stationary. The exercises in this Backyard Boot Camp to banish those love handles will strengthen your lower back, glutes, and abdominals.

Backyard Boot Camp: Ab Shred

What do all women want, but very few get? Nice abs!! But why? Is it possible to get nice abs after pregnancy? Yes. It takes hard work and commitment, but nice abs after pregnancy is possible for you. Remember, abs are made in the gym and in the kitchen. So eat clean, workout, and add these ab moves into your exercise routine.

Backyard Boot Camp: Toned, Sexy Arms Circuit

Try this Backyard Boot Camp: Toned, Sexy Arms. Work your biceps, triceps, and deltoids, and get rid of those bingo arms! Be sure to keep your core nice and tight too.

Backyard Boot Camp: Hard Core Cardio

Grab the kiddos and try this backyard boot camp! This boot camp focuses on raising your heart rate for maximum cardio and fat burning. It will stimulate your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves! Do it 5 times for more fun and fat burning! Enjoy!

Backyard Boot Camp: Butt, Legs, and Core Circuit

This Backyard Boot Camp focuses on your butt, legs, and core! Get rid of fat, cellulite, and burn calories! Try it 5 times for more fun! Be sure to eat a good breakfast before you start.

Backyard Boot Camp: Cardio

Try this backyard boot camp cardio circuit! Grab the kids or head out on your own to get your day started off right with some cardiovascular interval training. For more fun and fat burning, repeat 5 times. Remember to eat a healthy breakfast: low in sugar and high in protein and fiber. Good luck!

Ab and Core Exercises During Pregnancy

It is important to continue stimulating your ab and core muscles during pregnancy. It will help with labor and delivery and will speed up recovery. After the first trimester, it is best not to do ab exercises on your back (and risk cutting off the oxygen supply to the baby).

Try these ab and core exercises after warming up properly. Continue breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Always check with your physician before starting an exercise program during pregnancy.

Core and Cardio 5 Minute Circuit

Try this tough core and cardio 5 minute workout. Stimulate your back, abdominal, arm, and leg muscles without even leaving the ground! This quick circuit will get your heart rate up to fat burning and cardio zone, while strengthening and toning your core! It’s a tough workout, but worth the results!

5 Minute Ab Circuit

Here is a quick 5 minute ab circuit to get you into bikini shape. There is still time to tone up and be confident in a bathing suit this summer! Emma and I got up early on vacation to film this just for you! Try it!

Tone Your Butt and Legs and Keep Cellulite Away!

How do you tone your butt? What exercises do you try to keep your legs thin, muscular, and cellulite free? Try this 8 minute butt and leg workout to tone up, and keep cellulite away! I do this workout a few times per week in addition to other cardio and strength training. And of course, Miss Emma made a guest appearance in the video.

Toned, Sexy Arms: 5 Minute Circuit

Do you want toned, sexy arms? Are you worried that heavy lifting will make your arms look bulky and masculine? Here is a great circuit to get strong, sexy, feminine arms. Do this 5 minute circuit a few times a week in combination with cardio and strength training exercises.

Cardio Circuit

Watch this mini clip for some ideas for your cardio workouts at home. It is a quick 5 minute circuit. Do it several times in a row or in combination with other strength training and plyometrics.

Core Workout: Post Pregnancy

If your want your pre-pregnancy abs (or body) back, you must commit to consistent daily exercise – period. There is no easy, “8 minutes per day and get a perfect body” fix! Stay motivated, dig deep, find a time everyday when you can get your workout in. For me, my personal workout happens in the morning when it is still dark out. I can get my exercise in before my 4 month old even wakes up. That might be what it takes for you as well. Make it happen!

4 thoughts on “Exercise Videos

  1. J. says:

    Hi, Amanda! I’ve been doing your videos for a couple months now in addition to 30 min. of cardio 5x/wk., and I’m seeing great results! I recently found out that I’m 6 wks pregnant, and I’m struggling now with all-day nausea. I really want to stay active even during this phase of pregnancy, but it’s so difficult for me to do your videos or any cardio without getting sick. Do you have an advice?

    • Amanda Tress says:

      Hi! First of all, congratulations!!! Honestly, try, try, and try again to continue cardio if you can! It will help relieve some of your pregnancy symptoms, and keep your stress level down. When you are in the middle of a cardio workout, do you feel sick? Or is it before and after? During my pregnancy, I only felt like my normal self while I was working out. Otherwise, I felt tired and sick in the first trimester. I have a few other ideas, so feel free to message me on FB. Best of luck! Keep plugging along!

      • Nilesh says:

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