Side Effects of Intermittent Fasting and Carb Cycling


You’ve heard me talk for the last year about the effectiveness of intermittent fasting and carb cycling in terms of fat loss. I have shared testimony after testimony of women who have shed pounds, gotten stronger and found their abs through my FASTer Way to Fat Loss program, which is based on those two nutritional strategies. But, what I haven’t told you are the side effects, and there are a few.

So, in the interest of full disclosure, these are the side effects reported by my clients.

Increased Energy

Client after client have reported an incredible increase in energy levels after just a couple of weeks in my program. This is by far the most consistent side effect reported and the one that I am most excited to read about. I truly believe that the world around you deserves your best self and energy is definitely a requirement for being your best self!

Better Sleep

Perhaps one of the reasons my clients are seeing such an increase in energy is because they are sleeping better. This lifestyle positively affects hormone levels so you sleep like a baby!

A Happy Gut

Good-bye bloating and discomfort. Clients in my FASTer Way to Fat Loss program have said that after just a few days in my program they are feeling less bloating and discomfort almost across the board. Who doesn’t love a happy gut?

More Time

Having all of that time in the morning, without having to worry about what to eat, means you can be more productive each day. This is a side effect that I love, because as an entrepreneur, I know the value of a few extra minutes.

A Better Mood

My clients have been reporting far better moods after a couple of weeks in my program. This again is due to the effect that intermittent fasting and carb cycling have on hormones. In addition, the workouts paired with these nutritional strategies can also have a positive effect on mood and anxiety levels.

Most women join my program because they want to lose fat. While they always see significant fat loss, these side effects are just as valuable as the fat loss. In fact, these side effects are what improve quality of life, which in my book, makes this program an incredible success.

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It’s Time for A Change!


Are you on the fence about joining my FASTer Way to Fat Loss Program? Maybe you aren’t sure if this is a lifestyle change you can commit to. Maybe you are afraid it will be too complicated, or that you’ll be starving throughout the day.

Here’s the thing, this program does take some commitment. It isn’t complicated, and you will be eating more than enough to fuel your body well for your day and for your workouts. But, if you want to find excuses to sit this one out, you will. Excuses are easily found, but never bring about change.

Action leads to change.

If you want to look and feel different at this time next year, then you’re going to have to do something differently.

  • If you are tired of feeling tired, and ready to live your life full of energy, then you need to do something differently.
  • If you are ready to shed fat and look lean, fit and strong, then you are going to need to do something differently.
  • If you are ready to improve your mood and stabilize your emotions, then you are going to have to do something differently.

If you want to look and feel the same way you do right now, at this time next year, then you should keep doing the same things.

Hundreds of women have gone through my program and have seen unbelievable results. These women are just like you. These women don’t have superhuman willpower, or some genetic gift that makes this program easier for them.

  • They were just ready for change.
  • They wanted to live their lives in a healthier, more energetic way.
  • They wanted to set a good example for their children.
  • They wanted to walk out into the world more confident than ever before.

These women are just like you, but, they decided to do something differently.

Here is just a small sampling of testimonials these women have shared with me after just a few weeks in my program. Check out what these women have to say about the changes they are seeing in their bodies, in their energy levels and in their moods.

“I was hesitant to believe that this program would warrant results quickly, even after the first week; however, after week 1 I have noticed a few non-scale victories! My pants feel a little more loose, I’ve noticed it’s easier for me to wake up and get moving in the mornings, and I’m making better choices about which foods I should be consuming.” -Carrie Scheetz

“After one week I feel more energized, lighter and somehow happier! I’m so excited for week 2. I haven’t done any weighing or measuring but my clothes fit better and I see a difference. The group support has been immensely helpful and I am so happy to be a part of this life changing program!!” -Amy Jacobson

“I’m not sure how I first found Amanda’s account on Instagram, but I’ve been following her for two years.With so many personal trainers and “coaches” out there, I first thought this might be the same thing, so I just observed for a long time. I grew to love her fresh approach to fitness and her personality. I also developed a high level of respect for her program. This month I decided to pull the trigger and join her group. I’ve only done it a week, but I love it. I love how everything is broken down day by day…workouts and food. It makes me feel like I can take it one day at a time, which is proving to be very effective for me! I can’t wait to continue this new lifestyle for the rest of the program and beyond!”-Jade Steckly

“I’ve always been one that strives toward being as healthy as possible and though I felt like I had a good handle on this 18 months postpartum from my third baby, I was feeling less than in control consistently over my nutrition and choices.  After three C-Sections and a touch of Diastasis Recti, I was feeling frustrated that I was still bloated and feeling like I was succumbing to my emotions when it came to food choices.  I had been following Amanda and her clients’ progress from her Carb Cycling program and one day, after reading a client testimonial, I stopped what I was doing right then and joined her next round.  After only one week, I TRULY feel in control of my nutrition again but in a new way– I feel empowered over my choices and know I am fueling my body right.  I am excited about treating my body the way I know I need to be, integrating the right kinds of exercises with a detailed nutrition system that is leaving me feeling satisfied and lean!  I can’t wait to see what the next 5 weeks hold!” -Kristine Oliver

“I have completed one week of this program.  I notice that I am sleeping better,  I have more energy and I am not hungry throughout the day. I really appreciate the accountability and community that this group provides.” -Donna“I am on day 8 and have noticed a huge decrease in bloating. Yay for a shrinking stomach!” -Kristen

“I’m only a week in, and I’m already noticing a difference in my habits and how I feel. I am eating healthier than I have ever before and because of it, my energy levels have increased and I feel great. Bloating has also immensely decreased! I cannot wait to see my physical results at the end of the program!”-Ashley Wisemen

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Too Much Exercise, Too Little Food and Hypothyroidism


Through my FASTer Way to Fat Loss Program, I meet countless women who are experiencing the symptoms of hypothyroidism. This is mainly due to the fact that they have spent several months undereating and overexercising. When I see these symptoms, I recommend my clients get themselves tested and seek medical advice. In addition, we work on changing their nutrition and exercise patterns so that they are fueling their bodies well, and strengthening their bodies effectively.

While there are many reasons one might be experiencing hypothyroid symptoms, the stats are absolutely unbelievable.

  • 200 million people worldwide suffer from hypothyroidism
  • 25 million Americans suffer from hypothyroidism
  • 60% of people go through life with this issue undiagnosed

Here’s what this looks like for so many women I meet.

A woman who has spent months doing “Insane” types of workouts, shoving her food into tiny little containers is completely fed up. This woman has seen tremendous weight loss, but has hit a plateau. She is low on energy, a little depressed and can’t get rid of the fat around her mid-section. She has been eating clean and exercising 6-7 times week, to no avail. This woman is not only frustrated, but she has no idea about the damage she is doing to her body!

As a trainer, my goal is to educate clients on the dangers of this type of lifestyle and help them put systems in place that put an end to this dangerous cycle.

When you don’t eat enough to fuel your workouts, and don’t give your body time to recover between workouts, you cause your body to go into starvation mode. When in starvation mode, your hormone levels get all out of whack. You start storing fat, feeling tired and see a change in your moods. This happens because your body is working hard to hold onto every ounce of energy it can.  

What I want you to know is that if you’ve been living this way, it isn’t your fault.

For years, many in the fitness industry have preached this type of lifestyle. The problem is that it ultimately leads to some serious health issues. In addition, it teaches your body to burn sugar instead of fat.

This type of program does initially bring you weight loss results, but those results over time will become increasingly more difficult to maintain. As your body enters into starvation mode, its goal is to conserve energy. That means in order for you to continue to see results, you will need to eat less and less to remain in an energy deficit. I have had women come into my program eating less than 1000 calories per day. Not only is this so dangerous in terms of your thyroid health, it’s a miserable way to live!

Insane workouts and undereating put your body under constant stress, causing it to release more cortisol, your body’s stress hormone. Too much cortisol makes it hard for you to sleep and zaps your energy levels. This type of lifestyle will also decrease your T3 (thyroid hormone) levels. T3 levels are extremely important in regulating your metabolism and weight loss. When these levels are low, and your cortisol levels are high, your body stores fat in order to preserve itself.

Ladies, I cannot stress this enough: your body needs the right food at the right time to fuel your workouts. This is so incredibly important for long term health, not just short term weight loss. Living in a constant energy deficit will undoubtedly cause you to lose weight, but you will also be losing fat burning muscle. In addition, you are really affecting your hormonal balance, and can be causing long term damage to your thyroid.  

This is why I am so committed to my FASTer Way to Fat Loss Program reaching as many women as possible. You can workout smarter. You can eat to fuel your body well. You can see results that go far beyond the aesthetics of a six pack. It is time we start thinking long term ladies. It is time we start focusing on giving our bodies what they need, and training in a way that strengthens, not tears down. If you have been spinning your wheels, working out intensely for several hours per week, eating tiny amounts of food several times a day: it’s time to hop off that hamster wheel. Doing so will help you finally lose that weight around your midsection, increase your energy levels and stabilize your moods. Not to mention, your hormone levels and thyroid will thank you.

Setting Your Kids Up for a Healthy Lifestyle


Every mom wants the same thing for their children: the best. Often, this can be a challenge when it comes to feeding our kiddos healthy foods. It is much easier to buy processed, prepackaged foods, or to send a few bucks to school so they can buy pizza and french fries. However, as moms, we are truly the catalysts in our families to living a healthy lifestyle. Being that catalyst takes a bit more time and intentionality. However, once your kids begin to acquire a taste for healthy foods, and learn what makes them feel good, this will become a far easier task.

As a mother and fitness professional, it is alarming to read statistics like ⅔ of the U.S. population is overweight and 50% of people are on prescription medications. That is not something I want for my children which is why it is so important I begin to teach them about healthy living while they are young. Change is absolutely possible when they are older, but it is so much easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle than it is to have to create one in your 30’s!

It is important that, as moms, we not only set an example for our children, but that we talk to them about food in a positive way. Here are some tips we’ve found helpful in teaching our kiddos about a healthy lifestyle.

Talk about food as fuel.

It is so important not to demonize. When I talk to Emma and Cole about what we are eating, I am careful to connect that to the fuel our bodies need. Giving your kids this perspective will help them choose foods that give their bodies nutrient dense foods that truly provide fuel for their bodies.

Focus on strong, not skinny.

This is particularly important when talking to your girls. Young girls today are regularly bombarded with messages about the type of body they should have: most of which are unhealthy or unnatural. Instead of focusing on what the body looks like, focus on what the body can do. Praise your kiddos for being able to run fast, lift something heavy, or meet a physical goal they have (jumping farther, higher, longer etc.), instead of praising them for what they look like.

Teach them to eat foods that make them feel good.

This is truly an important thing to begin talking about with your children when they are young. Because Emma has some food sensitivities, we have had to really focus on teaching her to pay attention to how she feels after she eats.  While necessary for Emma, this is a valuable skill for all children to learn. If they are able to decide what foods make their bodies feel good, and which foods make them feel bloated, tired, or irritable, it will be a lot easier for them to fuel their bodies well later on in life.

Ditch the scale.

I’ve already written a lengthy post about getting rid of your scale, so I won’t belabor this point. But, I don’t own a scale, I don’t talk about weight with my kids and I never will. I highly recommend you take your focus off the scale so that your kids can do the same!

Make some healthy swaps for snacks.

While it’s easy to buy prepackaged processed foods for snacks, making some simple swaps will go a long way to helping teach your kids about healthy eating. Some of my kids favorite healthy snacks are:

  • All kinds of fruits and veggies
  • Nuts (mine love pistachios and almonds)
  • Protein Balls (peanut butter and honey)
  • Protein Shakes (MVP Kids)
  • Hard Boiled Eggs

It is so important that we are intentional as moms about the way we talk to our children about food and exercise. In addition, it is important that we set an example for them as they observe and take cues from our own relationship with food and exercise. Brandon and I strive to ensure our kids are eating to fuel their bodies and that they view exercise as a gift, not a punishment. While this is not always the easiest route for us, it is one we are committed to walking for the good of our children’s long-term health. Hopefully, these things will truly set them up for success as teens and adults when they will have to begin making their own choices about food and exercise.

How to Stay Stress Free and In Control During the Holidays


While December should be a phenomenal time we enjoy with our family and friends, often it can be a highly stressful time for many of us. December is typically full of parties and food and tons of things to get done, but that doesn’t mean we have to go through the month feeling overwhelmed. Ultimately, that overwhelm leads to stress, stress eating, and out-of-whack emotions. Ladies, it truly does not need to be this way. Here are a few tips to help you stay stress free and in control over the next 4 weeks.

While most of my tips have to do with health and nutrition, my first tip doesn’t, so bear with me.

Tip #1: Limit your time with toxic family members.

I know this might feel impossible to do; you likely feel obligated to spend time with family members, even though you know they are not good for you or your family but here’s the thing, you are a big girl. You get to decide who you spend time with. Over the last year, Brandon and I have decided to be extremely intentional about the the people we allow into our lives and into our holidays. This decision has led to some of the best holidays we’ve ever had. Toxic people are like crabs. When a cage with some food is thrown into the water, one crab will usually go to the cage to get the food. Soon, the rest of the crabs follow the first one into the cage, even though the food is already gone. Some of the crabs will try their best to get out of the cage, through the open top, but the crabs on the bottom of the cage will actually pull them down, often killing them in the process. Sounds pretty grim, huh? Well, this is often the effect toxic people have on those around them. They seek to bring everyone down with them. My first tip for remaining stress free is to choose who you invest your time with; time is your most valuable commodity.

Alright, let’s get into the health and nutrition stuff.

Tip #2: Enjoy treats on the holidays.

Notice I didn’t say to enjoy treats every day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. However, that is when most of my clients gain weight. Because of all the parties and treats that are available during the month of December, we often end up eating more than we need to fuel our workouts. While I wholeheartedly believe you should not deprive yourself of things you love during the holidays, it is important that you are extremely intentional about when and why you enjoy those treats. Choose the ones you love the most, and have at ‘em on the actual holidays! Make sure that you are mindful of your eating during the rest of the month. Also note that having processed foods around during this season can really affect your emotional state of being. Eating clean will help you feel emotionally stable, happier and more level headed, which will be key to keep stress at bay during the holiday season.

Tip #3: Be sure you are getting enough sleep.

I know firsthand how hard this can be. However, it is so important for maintaining low stress levels. Some things that have helped me find a good sleep pattern are: going to bed at the same time each night, keeping my room cool and dark, and limiting screen time prior to bed. Another thing that has helped me dial in a healthy sleep cycle is waking up at the same time every morning. I know that these things are not always possible, but sleep cycles are extremely important in regulating hormone levels. Those hormone levels are directly related to your stress levels and whether or not your body is storing fat or burning fat. So do your best to get into a good sleep habit. It will go a long way in helping you feel in control through the month of December.

Tip #4: Continue workouts, but slow down if you need to.

Do your best to workout consistently through the month of December, but  do not be afraid to scale back a workout if you’re having a particularly stressful day. Undoubtedly, there will be a few bumps in the road where you come up against  stressors. When that happens, it’s really important you listen to your body and ease up on your workout. If you are feeling incredibly stressed, and go all-out for an intense workout, you are going to increase your cortisol levels when they are already elevated. That will make losing belly fat all the more difficult. Plus, there are times when your body just needs a break. Be sure that you are listening well to what your body is telling you, and then give it what it needs.

The month of December can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to derail you from pursuing your health and fitness goals. While you may need to do some things a little differently to keep your stress levels low, it is entirely possible to feel in control and truly thrive during the holiday season.


Is Your Gut Keeping You From Burning Fat?

Have you been eating clean and killing it at the gym but feel like you’ve hit some kind of fat loss plateau? If so, your gut health might be out of whack!

While a clean diet and intentional workout plan are critical for fat loss and better body composition, there is one factor related to burning fat that is often overlooked and that’s gut health.


What exactly is gut health?

I’m glad you asked!

Gut health is basically the ecology and structure of your gut and how it functions within your environment.

Our body is one big microbiome!

All of our genetic elements and all of the organisms living in and on our bodies make up that microbiome and while most of us believe that we are no more than our genetic makeup, that is simply not the case. We only have about 22,000 genes in our chromosomes but we have 3.3 million microbial genes which means we have considerably more bacterial DNA in our bodies than we do genetic DNA.

Why is gut health important for weight loss and burning fat?

Our guts are full of two types of bacteria. When you have higher levels of one type of bacteria, you become a lean, fat burning machine with improved insulin sensitivity. When the other bacterial level is higher, you tend to put on weight faster, have more cravings, and it becomes difficult to build lean muscle. Not having enough of the right bacteria in your gut can really affect your results over time.

How do I improve my gut health?

The most effective way to improve the ecology of your gut is to take probiotics. While you can get probiotics from foods like yogurt, kimchi and sauerkraut, there are also several supplements available that can help you improve overall gut health; however, not all probiotics are created equal. The strain of bacteria is what is most important in choosing a good probiotic. If something needs to be refrigerated, then it is likely the strain in that probiotic is not strong enough to withstand your digestive process.

How does getting our gut healthy help us burn fat over time?

When you are taking probiotics, the good bacteria start competing with the bad bacteria for food and space within your gut. This inevitably decreases the levels of bad bacteria while increasing the levels of good bacteria in your gut. The good bacteria found in probiotics break down carbohydrates and fiber and convert them to Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA’s). SCFA’s also turn on the genes in your body that cause you to burn fat and tell your body to store less of it. Ultimately, you will feel fuller for a longer period of time and decrease your ghrelin levels which will help control your hunger. Basically, probiotics give your gut the good bacteria it needs to start resetting the ecology of your body. You can diet and do all the right things, and still not see results if your gut health isn’t where it needs to be.

Aren’t genetics responsible for metabolism?

You are genetically predispositioned to a certain type of body type but your behavior determines whether you are going to remain lean or gain weight.

The idea of a fast metabolism is a bit of a misconception. While you can increase your metabolism, your body’s rate at which it burns calories, there’s much more to a ”fast metabolism” than you might realize. When you have more of the good bacteria in your gut, your gut is actually harvesting less calories from the food you eat than someone who has more bad bacteria in their gut. A meal with 2000 calories can be absorbed differently in one person than in  another: with one person absorbing only 1200 calories and the latter absorbing all 2000 calories. Clearly, you see how this could play a role in weight gain and weight loss.

How long before I see some results once I’ve started using a probiotic?

On average it takes about 2 weeks to begin seeing some change when using a probiotic. In addition to seeing your body become more efficient at fat burning, you will likely also see an improvement in bloating, pressure and your overall immunity. Those changes will likely be visible sooner. Until you reach your goal weight, you will want to use your probiotic daily. Once you’ve reached your goal weight, you can begin to ease off your probiotics one day at a time until you are taking the probiotic about three times a week. Over time, the good bacteria will be more prevalent in your gut than the bad, and your gut ecology will change, which means your body will become more efficient at burning fat.

It is important to note that a probiotic is only effective at helping you burn fat when combined with a clean diet and a rigorous exercise plan. You can’t sit on the couch eating Cheetos, taking a probiotic every day and expect to drop 20 lbs. However, if you have been eating clean and exercising, but seem to have hit a plateau, you might want to look at investing in a good probiotic! It could be what you need to get your body back on track.  

Intermittent Fasting and Carb Cycling 101


For years I lived by the diet and exercise advice the fitness gurus swore by: several mini-meals throughout the day, a regular low caloric intake, and long form cardio. While I found myself in decent shape, there came a time when I hit a plateau. I couldn’t quite find my six pack, I didn’t have a ton of energy and I found myself getting sick a little too often for my liking. So, I did a little research and began experimenting with intermittent fasting and carb cycling. In addition, I changed up my workout and added in some serious strength training and HIIT.

I can honestly say that I have never looked or felt better. Because of the amazing results I saw with this combination of nutrition and workouts, I created what has now become my FASTer Way to Fat Loss for women who have reached a similar type of plateau. Today, countless women have seen significant results in terms of fat loss, energy levels, overall health and confidence.

A few things to keep in mind for those considering trying either my programs or a carb cycling, intermittent fasting lifestyle:

  • This is an upper level strategy. If you are someone who needs to lose 100lbs, or who has not been physically active for years, then this is not the place to start.
  • This type of program does require a good bit of intentionality and commitment. However, I promise it isn’t as scary as it may sound.
  • If you have reached a weight loss or body composition plateau and are truly committed to doing some work to see a change, this is likely a fantastic option for you.

What is carb cycling?

A carb cycling program is an intentional variation of carbohydrate intake each week. Most carb cycling plans consist of high carb days and low carb days. In all of my programs, I base our cycle on the workouts we will be doing to maximize fat burn and energy levels.

Why carb cycle?

Long term restriction of carbohydrates and calories can lower your metabolic rate and negatively affect your hormone levels. This is a big reason women find themselves at one of those weight loss plateaus. For a short period of time a significantly restrictive diet will bring you results. However, over time it will cause your metabolic rate to decrease. Once that happens you will see your weight loss stop and will need to restrict even further to lose more, thus lowering your metabolic rate once again. Not only is this a terribly unhealthy way to live, it is also incredibly frustrating.

What does carb cycling do?

Carb cycling allows for planned high carb days that increase your thyroid output and help you control hunger. Because you are cycling your carbs, you will also have low carb days that offset your high carb days. With this type of cycle you will continue to see fat loss, increased energy levels, and improvements to your overall body composition.

Carb cycling improves insulin levels, helping your body to store less fat. When paired with intermittent fasting and effective workouts, carb cycling can help you break through those dreaded plateaus so you can truly look and feel your very best.

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is not a type of diet, but an eating schedule. Your body is always in one of two states: fed or fasted. In the fed state (anytime your body is digesting food), your body’s insulin levels make burning fat a challenge. However, in the fasted state (8-12 hours after your body finishes digesting), your insulin levels are lower and better able to reach into your fat stores. People rarely go into a fasted state throughout the day. In fact, the traditional theory of several small meals per day keeps us from ever reaching the fasted state. In addition, that type of eating schedule regularly spikes our insulin levels which also hinders fat loss. So, while eating several small meals per day can lead to weight loss (calorie deficits always do), you will likely be losing both muscle and fat. When you lose calorie burning muscle, you lower your metabolic rate and make it harder for your body to burn fat. You also might become frustrated because you never feel toned and fit, even though you are working out and eating clean.

So, you don’t eat?

Not exactly. In my programs we have eating windows, combined with our high and low carb days. We eat all of the time! We simply confine our eating to a shorter window throughout the day, allowing our bodies to enter into the fasted state.

Does your brain hurt yet?

There’s actually a lot more but I realize that this might seem like a lot to think about. However, once you really understand this cycle and process, it is a truly simple lifestyle to live. My clients have seen amazing results from an intentional combination of carb cycling, intermittent fasting and effective strength training workouts. You don’t need to figure this out yourself, I’ve already done it for you in my FASTer Way to Fat Loss program. This program is truly the best program out there. I have literally helped hundreds of women find their six packs, increase their energy levels, feel in control of their food choices, and find more confidence than they’ve ever had before.  If you are interested in joining my FASTer Way to Fat Loss program, it would truly be my pleasure to work with you. Visit the FASTer Way to Fat Loss information page to sign up today. We will begin prep week on January 2. 

5 Tips to Get Lean and Build Muscle

Weight loss alone will not give you a fit, lean look. That requires losing fat while building lean muscle. However, the process of building muscle while burning fat is a tricky one. It truly is a balancing act that requires intentionality.

Here are 5 tips that will help you build muscle and burn fat, giving you a lean, toned, fit look.

1) Eat the right macros, at the right time, for the right reasons.

If you’ve never heard the term macros, it’s short for macronutrients: carbs, fat and protein. In order to build lean muscle while burning fat to get lean, you need to track your macros. This doesn’t need to be an overwhelming thing that causes you to obsess over everything you eat. Instead, tracking macros helps you focus on fueling your body for your workouts (the right reasons). In addition to that, implementing Intermittent Fasting (eating at the right time) will help your body burn fat more efficiently. This isn’t as scary as it sounds, but it is an important component to getting lean.

2) Lift heavy to develop lean, calorie burning muscle.

In order to build muscle you have to lift heavy weights. Muscle growth happens when you progressively overload your muscles, forcing them to adapt and grow. When the muscles are being overloaded they will burn significant calories during your workout. The work you are required to expend during your workout will require repair after your workout, which means you will burn calories for hours after your workout is over. This kind of muscle building will not make you look big and bulky. Instead, it will help you look lean and strong. To do this effectively you need an intentional workout plan. This will also require that your diet be dialed in: specifically your protein intake.

3) Engage in Fasted Cardio and HIIT Training

When combined with a strategic weight training program, cardio done in the fasted state will require your body to reach into its fat stores to start burning fat for energy. In addition, a well-planned HIIT workout will not only burn tons of calories during the workout, but will burn calories up to 48 hours after your workout has finished.

4) Build Healthy Gut Flora

Our gut health is directly related to our immune system and metabolism. Supplementing a well designed workout and nutrition plan with effective probiotics will help you shed more fat, while helping your build lean muscle. Probiotics aid your body in the production of Short Chain Fatty Acids or SCFA’s. SCFA’s aid your body in burning fat while telling your body to stop storing fat. The more efficiently your body produces them, the more you will see the lean muscle you are building, specifically around your midsection.

5) Maintain the Right Mindset

Building lean muscle while burning fat takes time. Staying off the scale and looking for non-scale victories will go a long way in relieving stress and getting results. People who stay positive throughout a fitness program have greater long-term success than those who don’t. In addition to staying positive, the simple act of thinking about what you are grateful for has been shown to decrease cortisol levels by 23%. Cortisol levels plays a significant role in the way your body stores and burns fat. An effective program will have a mindset component added to its nutrition and fitness plan.

If you want to get lean, you need to build lean muscle and burn fat. While doing both of those things at the same time can be a challenge, these 5 strategies will help you do that dance well.

For the past several months I have built the very best program out there to help you burn fat and get lean. I’ve incorporated all of these things into my FASTer Way To Fat Loss Program.  Hundreds of women have gone through the program and have seen truly amazing results. My FASTer Way to Fat Loss Program takes ALL of the guess work out of getting lean. It provides you with the support and programming you need to be successful. Registration is open for my last FASTer Way to Fat Loss Program of the year. The program begins November 28th, and slots are filling up fast. I am so confident in this program and its ability to help you get lean, that I offer a money back guarantee.

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Detour Bar: Healthy, Tasty, Easy to Pack, and Toddler Approved!

image (2)

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Detour Bar.

Several times this summer, my gym and online personal training clients have asked me for granola or protein bar recommendations. Unfortunately, there are not many options that I can give them for an easy, and healthy summer snack bar!

Granola bars are often extremely high in sugar and processed items that we simply do not need in our bodies. In fact, granola bars packed with insoluble fiber and other ingredients often cause me major bloating and discomfort.

I was thrilled when I was presented with the opportunity to review the Detour Bar — a healthy, tasty, easy to transport, and toddler approved option.

The Detour Bar is gluten-free, high in protein, and only has 135 calories! It’s all natural and sweetened with stevia. I often need quick energy before a boot camp or client workout — this bar was perfect for a fast snack that gave me a boost of energy.

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Oh, and did I mention it tastes amazing? I received the bars in the mail last week and they were gone within a couple of days thanks to two little kiddies that couldn’t seem to keep their paws out of the pantry. And don’t you just love a healthy snack that is easy to grab and go for your toddlers?

Be sure to check my IG page tonight (@fitparnering) because I may just be doing a giveaway for these bars!

Visit the Detour Bar site  for more information about their products, a resourceful blog, and to stay in-the-loop on promotions. Also be sure to like the Detour Bar Facebook page and follow them on IG and Twitter (@detourbar).

Vega Sport Energy Bars Review

Pic on the left is 6 years ago, and photos on the right are this past weekend.

Pic on the left is 6 years ago, and photos on the right are this past weekend.

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend with your families and are enjoying a fabulous start to the week. We were in the pool for most of the weekend, and it was wonderful!

This past week, I started an in-person boot camp in town. I led one last summer starting two weeks after Baby Cole was born, and it was a TON of fun. I have already really enjoyed getting to know the ladies in the boot camp, and I can’t wait to see their results. Like my online boot camp program, we are combining effective HIIT workouts with some running, and proper nutrition. I am following the eat clean challenge that I created with my online and in-person boot campers, and I feel SO good. Honestly, even after delivering two babies, I believe that I am the healthiest I have ever been.  Here is a photo (left) from 6 years ago before I had any babies or the stresses of my own company and a house to manage, and two photos (right) from this past weekend. It IS possible to be fitter and more healthy AFTER having babies.

A huge part of my personal wellness plan includes a clean, whole foods, balanced approach to my food intake. 6 years ago, I was careful to “count calories,” but not necessarily eat the nutrient dense foods that my body needed to fuel my workouts. Now, I don’t count calories at all or measure portion sizes, macros, etc. I eat clean, whole foods to satisfaction.

The chocolate coconut almond bars were SO delish.

The chocolate coconut almond bars were SO delish.

My current food intake is a high veggies, high protein, high [good] fats plan. Recently, I had the opportunity to taste-test the Vega Sport Energy Bars as part of a SweatPink and Vega Sport Fuel Your Better campaign. The box I received was chocolate coconut almond. Oh my goodness … SOOOOO delish. I am a sucker for anything chocolate and almond, and adding in the coconut gave the bars a perfect taste.

The Vega Sport website says the following about these amazing bars:

“Moist and delicious, plant-based Vega Sport Energy Bar is easy to eat mid-workout to help you go the distance. Each function-focused bar features:

  • 27 g carbs from whole food ingredients
  • High and low glycemic carbohydrates for immediate and sustained energy
  • 1 g Omega-3

Formulated by Brendan Brazier, professional Ironman triathlete and bestselling author on performance nutrition, Vega Sport Energy Bar is part of the three-stage Vega Sport Nutrition System.

Non-GMO, gluten-free, and made without artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, enjoy Vega Sport Energy Bars in Chocolate Coconut Almond and Apple Cherry flavors.”

Visit the Vega Sport Fuel Your Better to learn more about how to properly fuel your body for workouts. The site is fabulous and very informative. It covers the topics of motivation, overtraining, stamina, muscle burn, and the importance of proper fueling.

I am so thrilled that I had the opportunity to taste-test the Vega Sport Energy Bars, and I definitely recommend that you try them as well! Enjoy.