It’s Time for A Change!


Are you on the fence about joining my FASTer Way to Fat Loss Program? Maybe you aren’t sure if this is a lifestyle change you can commit to. Maybe you are afraid it will be too complicated, or that you’ll be starving throughout the day.

Here’s the thing, this program does take some commitment. It isn’t complicated, and you will be eating more than enough to fuel your body well for your day and for your workouts. But, if you want to find excuses to sit this one out, you will. Excuses are easily found, but never bring about change.

Action leads to change.

If you want to look and feel different at this time next year, then you’re going to have to do something differently.

  • If you are tired of feeling tired, and ready to live your life full of energy, then you need to do something differently.
  • If you are ready to shed fat and look lean, fit and strong, then you are going to need to do something differently.
  • If you are ready to improve your mood and stabilize your emotions, then you are going to have to do something differently.

If you want to look and feel the same way you do right now, at this time next year, then you should keep doing the same things.

Hundreds of women have gone through my program and have seen unbelievable results. These women are just like you. These women don’t have superhuman willpower, or some genetic gift that makes this program easier for them.

  • They were just ready for change.
  • They wanted to live their lives in a healthier, more energetic way.
  • They wanted to set a good example for their children.
  • They wanted to walk out into the world more confident than ever before.

These women are just like you, but, they decided to do something differently.

Here is just a small sampling of testimonials these women have shared with me after just a few weeks in my program. Check out what these women have to say about the changes they are seeing in their bodies, in their energy levels and in their moods.

“I was hesitant to believe that this program would warrant results quickly, even after the first week; however, after week 1 I have noticed a few non-scale victories! My pants feel a little more loose, I’ve noticed it’s easier for me to wake up and get moving in the mornings, and I’m making better choices about which foods I should be consuming.” -Carrie Scheetz

“After one week I feel more energized, lighter and somehow happier! I’m so excited for week 2. I haven’t done any weighing or measuring but my clothes fit better and I see a difference. The group support has been immensely helpful and I am so happy to be a part of this life changing program!!” -Amy Jacobson

“I’m not sure how I first found Amanda’s account on Instagram, but I’ve been following her for two years.With so many personal trainers and “coaches” out there, I first thought this might be the same thing, so I just observed for a long time. I grew to love her fresh approach to fitness and her personality. I also developed a high level of respect for her program. This month I decided to pull the trigger and join her group. I’ve only done it a week, but I love it. I love how everything is broken down day by day…workouts and food. It makes me feel like I can take it one day at a time, which is proving to be very effective for me! I can’t wait to continue this new lifestyle for the rest of the program and beyond!”-Jade Steckly

“I’ve always been one that strives toward being as healthy as possible and though I felt like I had a good handle on this 18 months postpartum from my third baby, I was feeling less than in control consistently over my nutrition and choices.  After three C-Sections and a touch of Diastasis Recti, I was feeling frustrated that I was still bloated and feeling like I was succumbing to my emotions when it came to food choices.  I had been following Amanda and her clients’ progress from her Carb Cycling program and one day, after reading a client testimonial, I stopped what I was doing right then and joined her next round.  After only one week, I TRULY feel in control of my nutrition again but in a new way– I feel empowered over my choices and know I am fueling my body right.  I am excited about treating my body the way I know I need to be, integrating the right kinds of exercises with a detailed nutrition system that is leaving me feeling satisfied and lean!  I can’t wait to see what the next 5 weeks hold!” -Kristine Oliver

“I have completed one week of this program.  I notice that I am sleeping better,  I have more energy and I am not hungry throughout the day. I really appreciate the accountability and community that this group provides.” -Donna“I am on day 8 and have noticed a huge decrease in bloating. Yay for a shrinking stomach!” -Kristen

“I’m only a week in, and I’m already noticing a difference in my habits and how I feel. I am eating healthier than I have ever before and because of it, my energy levels have increased and I feel great. Bloating has also immensely decreased! I cannot wait to see my physical results at the end of the program!”-Ashley Wisemen

I am starting another round on January 9th. It’s time to do something differently. I want you to have the same story these women have. Spots are already filling up quickly, so don’t miss out on this incredible program!

Join Me by signing up here!

Setting Your Kids Up for a Healthy Lifestyle


Every mom wants the same thing for their children: the best. Often, this can be a challenge when it comes to feeding our kiddos healthy foods. It is much easier to buy processed, prepackaged foods, or to send a few bucks to school so they can buy pizza and french fries. However, as moms, we are truly the catalysts in our families to living a healthy lifestyle. Being that catalyst takes a bit more time and intentionality. However, once your kids begin to acquire a taste for healthy foods, and learn what makes them feel good, this will become a far easier task.

As a mother and fitness professional, it is alarming to read statistics like ⅔ of the U.S. population is overweight and 50% of people are on prescription medications. That is not something I want for my children which is why it is so important I begin to teach them about healthy living while they are young. Change is absolutely possible when they are older, but it is so much easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle than it is to have to create one in your 30’s!

It is important that, as moms, we not only set an example for our children, but that we talk to them about food in a positive way. Here are some tips we’ve found helpful in teaching our kiddos about a healthy lifestyle.

Talk about food as fuel.

It is so important not to demonize. When I talk to Emma and Cole about what we are eating, I am careful to connect that to the fuel our bodies need. Giving your kids this perspective will help them choose foods that give their bodies nutrient dense foods that truly provide fuel for their bodies.

Focus on strong, not skinny.

This is particularly important when talking to your girls. Young girls today are regularly bombarded with messages about the type of body they should have: most of which are unhealthy or unnatural. Instead of focusing on what the body looks like, focus on what the body can do. Praise your kiddos for being able to run fast, lift something heavy, or meet a physical goal they have (jumping farther, higher, longer etc.), instead of praising them for what they look like.

Teach them to eat foods that make them feel good.

This is truly an important thing to begin talking about with your children when they are young. Because Emma has some food sensitivities, we have had to really focus on teaching her to pay attention to how she feels after she eats.  While necessary for Emma, this is a valuable skill for all children to learn. If they are able to decide what foods make their bodies feel good, and which foods make them feel bloated, tired, or irritable, it will be a lot easier for them to fuel their bodies well later on in life.

Ditch the scale.

I’ve already written a lengthy post about getting rid of your scale, so I won’t belabor this point. But, I don’t own a scale, I don’t talk about weight with my kids and I never will. I highly recommend you take your focus off the scale so that your kids can do the same!

Make some healthy swaps for snacks.

While it’s easy to buy prepackaged processed foods for snacks, making some simple swaps will go a long way to helping teach your kids about healthy eating. Some of my kids favorite healthy snacks are:

  • All kinds of fruits and veggies
  • Nuts (mine love pistachios and almonds)
  • Protein Balls (peanut butter and honey)
  • Protein Shakes (MVP Kids)
  • Hard Boiled Eggs

It is so important that we are intentional as moms about the way we talk to our children about food and exercise. In addition, it is important that we set an example for them as they observe and take cues from our own relationship with food and exercise. Brandon and I strive to ensure our kids are eating to fuel their bodies and that they view exercise as a gift, not a punishment. While this is not always the easiest route for us, it is one we are committed to walking for the good of our children’s long-term health. Hopefully, these things will truly set them up for success as teens and adults when they will have to begin making their own choices about food and exercise.

5 Tips to Help You Lose the Baby Weight (Once and For All)!

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 9.23.58 PMI am so thrilled to feature my new friend, Monica. I’ve recently started getting to know Monica, and she is an absolutely amazing fit mama! Monica Bencomo is author of 7 Habits of a Healthy, Happy Mom, founder of, and co-owns the restaurant Pasión Latin Fusion with her husband. She inspires mothers to lead authentic, happy, and healthy lives through her workshops and social media. Monica has been seen on the Food Network, and has a segment on 2 Kasa Style on Kasa Fox every Monday called Parenting 411. For coaching services, you may contact Monica at

Have you ever wondered how many Hollywood moms have their babies and then are seemingly skinny the next day? All of us mommies from time to time experience that rushed sense wondering, “Am I ever going to fit in my old skinny jeans?” Well, wonder no more, moms! I am here to give you the unfiltered truth as to how I lost all 45 pounds postpartum with these simple tricks and tips.

Tip 1: Do NOT be in a race! Slow and steady really does win the race here (this is especially true if you are breastfeeding). If you lose your baby weight too fast, you will risk jeopardizing not only your milk supply, but your skin’s elasticity. Losing weight at an expedited rate can and will cause your skin to hang loose after weight is lost or even causes stretch marks to appear more on your body.

Tip 2: Supplement at least one meal with a healthy smoothie. When I had my son, I still received all the necessary vitamins and minerals to be healthy and energetic by drinking my green smoothies twice a day. Once your baby is eating (or drinking) foods other than milk, you can give her some as well! Check out my video here of how to make a green smoothie for mom and baby.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 9.23.15 PM

Tip 3: Once your doctor or midwife gives you clearance to exercise—get outside! Nothing is worse than catching a case of cabin fever postpartum. Make it a point to get you and the baby outdoors. My midwife cleared me to workout 6 weeks postpartum, and I bundled up my son and I and we took walks and soon upgraded to jogs. Here is a compilation of my favorite workouts for outdoors you can do with your stroller here.

If it is too cold in your area, do workout videos at home while baby rocks or sleeps! There are plenty of free and awesome workout videos on YouTube.

Tip 4: Join a fitness community to stay updated. I joined Instagram when I was about 6 months postpartum and followed all fit mom enthusiasts! It was incredibly comforting and inspiring to witness other mamas so dedicated to healthy living despite having 1, 2, 3, or 4 kids! I post on my Instagram daily: this not only helps to motivate others but also helps me stay accountable by posting progress photos.

You can find me here! :

Tip 5: Set a tangible goal. I started training for a fitness competition once my weight really started to drop about 4 months postpartum. What this did was motivate me more than ever by seeing a date on the calendar for which I had to be prepared! If stepping on stage isn’t for you, get a group of your girlfriends to sign up for a 5K, triathlon, or Zumba class! The key is to find a physical activity in which you’ll truly enjoy.

Remember, losing your weight postpartum is a journey, not a race! Follow these tips and tools to stay motivated and you will wake up one day seeing a brand new figure!

Team INSPIRE — What is it all about?

Happy September! I cannot believe it’s already Labor Day, and already September!!! Wow, the summer flew right by. August was a phenomenal month thanks to Team INSPIRE! My team exploded to 34 members within 34 days, and I have truly never been part of a more passionate and inspiring community. So — what is team INSPIRE, and what are we doing?

Team INSPIRE is my team of fitness fanatics and professionals all working toward one goal — to help as many people as possible become the very best version of themselves. The team is made up of several trainers, moms, a sports psychologist, chef, stylist, nurses, teachers, accountant and more! All of us have one common bond — the desire to inspire others to be fit and healthy both internally and externally.

Team INSPIRE started when I decided to link arms with BeachBody (makers of P90X and Insanity) as an extension of my fitness business and PT mentorship program, but it’s developed into far more. All of the members of my team are automatically enrolled in my business mentorship program. We are focusing on the purpose that drives our individual brands. For example — Christy from The Total Lifestyle Companion is an amazing chef. We set up a strategy and she created a phenomenal eBook with healthy recipes to offer with her fitness and nutrition accountability groups.

inspiringPersonally, I am still staying 100% true to my Fit Parenting brand. I am still running and marketing my successful Online Boot Camp and Eat Clean Challenges (in fact, I have one starting today), and I am also able to offer great BeachBody workout plans as applicable to my clients. For example, a former PT client of mine contacted me a couple of weeks ago and asked me to come up with a low-impact plan for her to do at home. I was able to offer PIYO (a new low-impact BeachBody program) as an option, and she purchased. I generated 25% commission from the sale of the workout plan, and I will still keep her accountable, answer questions, and give her tips.

Several of the ladies on Team INSPIRE are already trainers with several years of experience. However, many are also choosing to become certified via my PT business mentorship program — woo hoo — so fun! I am helping these ladies learn how to market their businesses, decide on a niche market, and land clients for the businesses in combination with BeachBody initiatives as applicable.

We are implementing tried and true long-term digital marketing strategies to reach and influence more people online with no spammy sales tactics or friend and family solicitation. In fact, I did not solicit a single friend or family member for my initial team of 34 (besides my hubs, but that doesn’t count :).

If you are a fitness professional with an established brand, or a fitness enthusiast who is hoping to take a leap into the fitness industry, but you’re not sure how — join us! It only costs $39 to sign up to be on Team INSPIRE, and you will receive thousands of dollars worth of training in branding, marketing, relationship-building, professional development, and more. I would love to partner with you and help you take your fitness business to the next level. There are no monthly expectations for my team members. I am simply here to help you establish a successful business and take it to the level that you choose — with the time commitment that you can realistically work into your weekly routine. Let’s make this world a healthier place one person at a time!

Please note — if you are already a BeachBody coach, I am also offering my mentorship program for current coaches for a small fee. I have several women enrolled who are not on my team, and they are doing a fabulous job implementing my strategies and seeing ROI (return on investment).

Contact me via Facebook ( if you would like information about joining Team INSPIRE or to be contacted about my PT business mentorship program.

Detour Bar: Healthy, Tasty, Easy to Pack, and Toddler Approved!

image (2)

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Detour Bar.

Several times this summer, my gym and online personal training clients have asked me for granola or protein bar recommendations. Unfortunately, there are not many options that I can give them for an easy, and healthy summer snack bar!

Granola bars are often extremely high in sugar and processed items that we simply do not need in our bodies. In fact, granola bars packed with insoluble fiber and other ingredients often cause me major bloating and discomfort.

I was thrilled when I was presented with the opportunity to review the Detour Bar — a healthy, tasty, easy to transport, and toddler approved option.

The Detour Bar is gluten-free, high in protein, and only has 135 calories! It’s all natural and sweetened with stevia. I often need quick energy before a boot camp or client workout — this bar was perfect for a fast snack that gave me a boost of energy.

photo (12)

Oh, and did I mention it tastes amazing? I received the bars in the mail last week and they were gone within a couple of days thanks to two little kiddies that couldn’t seem to keep their paws out of the pantry. And don’t you just love a healthy snack that is easy to grab and go for your toddlers?

Be sure to check my IG page tonight (@fitparnering) because I may just be doing a giveaway for these bars!

Visit the Detour Bar site  for more information about their products, a resourceful blog, and to stay in-the-loop on promotions. Also be sure to like the Detour Bar Facebook page and follow them on IG and Twitter (@detourbar).

Team Inspire Amanda Tress Beachbody

Success is about what you Inspire others to do.

Team Inspire Amanda Tress BeachbodyIf money and time were no object, what career field would you choose? If you could spend all day with one type of person, who would that be? If you could influence everyone you know to be the very best version of themselves, would that fulfill you? These are questions I have been asking myself since my 28th birthday. I wrote a listing of goals on my birthday, and I reference the list often. Below, I have listed the goals that I’ve accomplished in the past 4 months.

  1. Streamline my businesses and cut back on jobs that are not quite as financially profitable and/or take too much time away from family time.
  2. Teach Cole how to walk and talk.
  3. Continue to develop my business mentorship program and help at least 25-30 women start their own business and website so they can realize their dream of being self-employed and working from home with the kiddos.
  4. Plan and go on a kid-free vacation with just the hubs.
  5. Land one or two additional larger clients for my digital marketing business so I can focus on a few larger companies versus so many small businesses.
  6. Teach Emma how to play soccer.
  7. Install a pool or work on contentment.
  8. Invite my neighbors to church.
  9. Wear sunblock on my face every day.
  10. Continue building into the lives of our friends and hanging out at least 2 times per month with other couples.
  11. Continue serving on the greeting team at church and consider more involvement.
  12. Complete a few online and in-person boot camps to get as many women fit and healthy as possible.
  13. Decide on a new pre-bedtime snack (versus salty popcorn that isn’t helping the appearance of bags under my eyes, LOL).
  14. Landscape the outside of our house.
  15. Slow time down and enjoy every possible minute (that doesn’t include poopy diapers) with Emma and Baby Cole.

Most all of the goals I created for myself center around my main priorities — faith, family, and fitness. This past year has been full of change and excitement — we built a house, installed a pool, started getting more involved at church and in our community, and I’ve experienced several new career projects, clients, and initiatives. What I’ve realized this year, is if I keep my priorities as the main focus, I will experience “success.” What I’ve also realized is that success for me has very little to do with material riches, and more to do with inspiring others and caring for my family.

In the past few months, I have made some tough decisions and stepped down from some opportunities that I thought were a “perfect fit” for me because I realized that they got in the way of my main priorities — faith, family, and fitness. Each time I step down from something, a much better opportunity comes knocking — one where I don’t have to compromise my priorities. As you’ve read from my post last week, I recently discontinued an awesome marketing client project, and God immediately opened a door for me to pursue a partnership with Beachbody. After years of skepticism toward the company, I decided to be open to the opportunity of linking arms with them. Wow, am I glad I did! In the past two weeks, I have generated $1320 as a direct result of my partnership with the company. After only two weeks, I feel confident enough about the earning potential moving forward that I am going to step down from another large client who is taking time away from important priorities. Through my Beachbody partnership, I’ve been able to enroll 23 amazing professionals to join my team. This allows me the opportunity to mentor and train these professionals via my business mentorship program. The coaches on my team are the kind of people who I want to spend my day with — motivated, fit, passionate young people with a desire to succeed and influence others.

Not only have I been able to build into my team, but I’ve enrolled several current BB coaches into my business mentorship program for a small fee. It has been so awesome to meet new young professionals and help them take their business to the next level online. I have worked to expand their brands past simply BB — together we’ve created websites, started blogs, applied for important fitness networks, learned how to market on social media, gotten a feel for SEO basics, and landed clients.

This week I was also reminded again how lucky I am to have a supportive husband! He is not only willing, but enthusiastic about supporting me in all of my endeavors. The more I interact with women, the more I realize how blessed I truly am to be married to Brandon. He wants me to be the best version of myself and works to support my passions. I think we make a pretty great team!

So — I’ll ask again. If money and time were no object, what career field would you choose? If you could spend all day with one type of person, who would that be? If you could influence everyone you know to be the very best version of themselves, would that fulfill you? If so, submit your information below and chat with me for 5 minutes about my business mentorship program and/or my Beachbody team. If you’re willing and ready to have a chat – let’s connect. I would love to inspire you and help you experience success.


work from home

Work from Home: Fast Track to Team Beachbody Success

work from home

It is such a privilege to be able to work from home and spend time with my kiddos.

Are you hoping to work from home, but not quite sure where to start or what type of business to pursue? Have you considered a fitness business, but are a little nervous about generating enough income to make it worth pursuing? Are you unsure of how to market and brand yourself online effectively? Do you need help managing your time, creating a website, balancing life and work?

These are topics that I love to address via my health and wellness business mentorship program. Over the past year, I’ve worked with numerous young professionals and helped them ramp up a wellness business with the ability to work from home. A business that has the potential to generate a significant income. Personally, I’ve worked in the fitness industry for 10 years, but it was only recently that I found my sweet spot as an independent contractor at a gym, leading online and in-person boot camps, and training clients at my convenience — from home, with the reality of a significant monthly salary.

Last week I decided to expand my fitness business and mentorship program influence by linking arms with Beachbody, the makers of P90X and Insanity. There are several reasons that I decided to pursue this partnership. However, one of the main reasons I decided to join Beachbody was because I have observed that a good friend of mine thrives with the company while staying true to her personal brand, faith, and family — all while being able to work from home with her two kiddos. Last week, I stepped down from an amazing (40K) project because after only a few weeks working on the project, I was having to sacrifice precious time with my family. It was extremely hard to step down because I felt that the project was a perfect fit for me. I loved the team, the passion of the company, and the marketing I was asked to complete. However, after several sleepless nights, I put my family first and quit the project.

work from home

I truly believe that if you close a door on an opportunity for the right reasons, another (even better) opportunity will pop up! I signed up to be a Beachbody coach last Monday and have been able to join forces with 15 amazing individuals as part of my core team! I was told yesterday that my team broke a record for fastest growth within the Beachbody company — WOW!

As a team of Beachbody coaches — we will be promoting some amazing workouts — P90X, Insanity, PIYO (new program with a cross between yoga and pilates), T25, and more — all from home! We will also be starting accountability groups for customers who would like to try the programs and are hoping for daily encouragement, inspiration, and guidance. Coaches receive 25% commission on products, and also have the opportunity to build teams to qualify for generous quarterly bonuses — not to mention some super fun trips to amazing places.

The coaches on my team have been automatically enrolled in my business mentorship program (a huge additional value). Via my mentorship program, I train them on digital marketing best practices, social media strategy, how to set up a website, how to organize, sealing deals, the hook and pull versus push mechanism, and tons more. I tailor the program to each individual.

Here’s something you may find interesting – guess how many times I posted a Beachbody logo on my personal social media platforms, or messaged friends within my circles to ask them to join my company. Just guess …

Zero. That’s right — I did not post one single Beachbody logo or send anyone a canned email message asking them to join my team. However, my team hit a record for fastest growth within the company. Crazy? No … There are some great strategies that help to hook and pull users into customer and coach relationships with this company. There are also some sure fire ways to turn people off and cause un-follows on social media. My team is learning the art of marketing (versus selling). We are passionate about helping as many people as possible get fit and healthy both physically and financially. I truly believe that if we keep the right priorities up front, we will be successful. After all — none of us need another creepy sales pitch on our social media feeds — am I right?!

Several current Beachbody coaches have also reached out and asked to join my business mentorship program for a small fee. I am thrilled to help these individuals take their businesses to the next level online as well!

If you are at all interested in joining my core team of Beachbody coaches or participating in my mentorship program, please friend me on FB and send me a message. Don’t worry, I won’t push or contact you if you’re not interested — but if you have an inclination to join, I would be thrilled to send you info! I believe that this is the very best time to join the Beachbody company. The company has proven that their workouts are tried and true over the past few years. They continue to come out with new workouts, and prove their effectiveness time and time again. Beachbody also understands the value of accountability and compensating their coaches (feet on the ground) generously. Last, but certainly not least — the coaches who have gone before us have done all the hustle. They have worked extremely hard to effectively and enthusiastically share the brand. If you ask 100 people on the street if they’ve heard of P90X, 90 percent of them will say YES! Wow, that makes my job all the more fun and effective.


Join me as I take my fitness business and mentorship business to the next level!

I started a new in-person 6 week boot camp round this week. So fun!

I started a new in-person 6 week boot camp round this week. So fun!

I hope you’re having a great week! Mine has been full of swimming, family time, boot camp, and entertaining. My in-laws and brother-in-law are at the “Tress resort” (AKA my house) for the annual Tress family vacation. Our weather has been perfect for swimming this week, and today it’s a bit rainy (great news for my lawn) so we plan to shop versus swim.

It’s been 14 months since I quit my full-time digital marketing job and became 100% self-employed last year. Since then, it’s been whirlwind of new clients, business opportunities, campaign initiatives, start-up projects, and more. I’ve truly enjoyed every new project that I’ve been a part of, but it has taken some time to find my “sweet spot” in terms of work/life balance. Just last week, I had to step away from an awesome project that I was really passionate about – simply because it was taking too much time away from my family. It was very hard to step away, but I know that I made the right decision.

As a result of leaving that particular project, I had some extra time to consider my fitness business and business mentorship program this past week. My goal is to continually grow and expand the reach of my businesses. Over the past few years, I’ve tried a few at-home workout programs including P90X and Insanity. I really loved the Insanity program in particular, and even incorporate several of Shaun T’s moves into my boot camps. I knew that these workout programs were part of a larger company called Beachbody. I was also aware that individuals could sign up as Beachbody “coaches” to promote the workouts in a marketing relationship. Over the past few months, a few Beachbody coaches have signed up for my mentorship program. It has been fun to work with them and learn more about the mission and vision of Beachbody.

I hope to retire at 34 and allow Brandon to cut back to part-time shortly thereafter so we can enjoy as much family time as possible while the kids are growing up.

I hope to retire at 34 and allow Brandon to cut back to part-time shortly thereafter so we can enjoy as much family time as possible while the kids are growing up.

Earlier this week, I reached out to a Facebook friend of mine who is a phenomenal mom with two kiddos. She’s guest posted on my site, and I’ve respected her business sense and social media influence. I simply asked her how much she makes monthly with Beachbody. Her answer blew me away. I won’t disclose the figure, but let’s just say it takes a lot of shock me … and it completely shocked me. She and I set up a phone call, and I liked everything I heard. So, I decided to sign up as a Beachbody coach after chatting with them about a non-compete agreement since I have my own professionally produced DVDs. My desire with the Beachbody company is to expand my fitness and mentorship business reach and make as many people as possible fit both physically and financially. I would like to have the ability to retire at age 34, and allow Brandon cut back to part-time shortly thereafter.  I am on track, but I think this Beachbody company partnership will only help to expedite the process.

It’s been an awesome few days as part of the Beachbody company. This week, I am actively recruiting 10-15 individuals to be part of my core Beachbody team. The members of my team will automatically be enrolled in my business mentorship program, and we will use the curriculum from the program to ramp up their Beachbody businesses online. So far, I have 4 team members officially signed up, 2 who have verbally committed to signing up today (or who have tried and had website glitches), and several others in the pipeline for my team. Woo hoo! I am so excited to work with these young professionals and help them make a significant income while working 100% from home and helping others become the best version of themselves. My main focus with my team will be to develop a healthy work/life balance and learn how to properly and effectively market to experience the best possible ROI (return on investment) of efforts.

Would you like to join my team and become an influencer online in the fitness industry? I would love to help you ramp up a business that you can do from the comfort of your own home and is easily duplicated/multiplied. If you would like more information about joining my team, please fill out the form below. I will email you to set up a 5 minute conversation.

How to Stay Fit as a Busy Parent

Race w kids

I am thrilled to feature Bess as a fit mom featured blogger for my site. Meet Bess and learn how she stays fit and active as a busy parent.

Hi! My name is Bess. I am a wife and mom to Libby (2 ½ years old) and Jack (9 months). I live outside of Charleston, SC on a little beach island.

I grew up in a small town in South Carolina surrounded by farm land. In high school, I loved running with my dad and working out at my hometown gym with my friends. I also played softball and danced pointe (ballet), but not very skillfully; I do not consider myself to be athletic, nor coordinated. I enjoyed eating healthy things in high school, when the low-fat, high-carb diet was all the rage. After high school and college, I enjoyed going “home” and doing cardio classes with my mom and sisters. My siblings and I have also participated in races together.

I have been married to Brett since 2010. As a couple, my husband and I strive to have an active lifestyle, to be physically fit, and to eat healthy meals. However, we are not strict or restrictive; we enjoy treats, too, especially at birthday parties and when dining out.

Every day, I work towards being a fit parent. Personally, I define being fit parent as having an active lifestyle, working out, and eating healthy things every day. I go for a short run every morning, and I love participating in local races, from 5Ks to half-marathons. My kids have participated with me in the jogging stroller in two races, so far (and our third is coming up in May)! In the summertime, I work out at the gym, where I run on the treadmill, do the elliptical, and take group fitness classes, too. For days that I cannot get out of the house, I love working out with HIIT videos on my iPad. I have enjoyed two fit pregnancies; I stopped running, but I walked 2.5 miles every day. I ate a lot of healthy food during my pregnancies, gained a reasonable amount of weight, and, therefore, was able to “bounce back” quickly after each baby. Right now, I am still breastfeeding my youngest child, so I eat A LOT. I try to eat healthy things every day, and I define that as eating whole fruits and vegetables every single day, no matter what. I really love green smoothies, too. My husband is very good about the vegetables and salad part. He is an excellent cook, especially on the grill. As for my children, I feed them a lot of whole fruits, chopped up. The only vegetable my daughter will eat these days, however, is a pickle!

The beautiful weather and beaches where we live inspire us to be a fit and active family. As a family, we love going to the beach, walking in downtown Charleston, and going for bike rides. My husband is a huge support in my fitness journey; he works out every day, watches my children so that I can go on long runs when I’m training for a race, and brings home healthy meals for our family.

Of course, I am especially inspired by my children to be a fit mom. I want my children to learn that leading an active lifestyle and eating healthy foods will make them feel good about themselves in a positive way. I hope that I am and will continue to be a healthy role model for them. I want to be positive and enthusiastic; I hope that I will not put down my body shape, my lack of athletic ability, or my food choices when they’re not the best. I want to provide encouragement regarding making healthy food choices, rather than be overly strict or restrictive regarding eating unhealthy things. For our family, being fit and healthy is really all about fun activities, enjoying food, and finding a healthy balance, together!

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Cole Tress

Mamas of Boys – How do you do it?!

Cole Tress

Baby Cole is one year old! I just can’t believe it! Now that he’s mobile, I have to watch him like a hawk because he is getting into everything! We have hundreds of toys and books for him to play with … but here’s the only things he’s really interested in doing:

1) Throwing my stuff in the toilet.

2) Taking his diaper off and throwing it in the pool.

3) Playing with any cords — but mostly the one’s he’s not supposed to play with.

4) Playing with technology or throwing it in the toilet/pool.

5) Being held by me.

Obviously it would be too much to ask for him to play with some of his toys. LOL — seriously, boys will be boys.

Mamas of boys — how do you do it?!?