It’s Time for A Change!


Are you on the fence about joining my FASTer Way to Fat Loss Program? Maybe you aren’t sure if this is a lifestyle change you can commit to. Maybe you are afraid it will be too complicated, or that you’ll be starving throughout the day.

Here’s the thing, this program does take some commitment. It isn’t complicated, and you will be eating more than enough to fuel your body well for your day and for your workouts. But, if you want to find excuses to sit this one out, you will. Excuses are easily found, but never bring about change.

Action leads to change.

If you want to look and feel different at this time next year, then you’re going to have to do something differently.

  • If you are tired of feeling tired, and ready to live your life full of energy, then you need to do something differently.
  • If you are ready to shed fat and look lean, fit and strong, then you are going to need to do something differently.
  • If you are ready to improve your mood and stabilize your emotions, then you are going to have to do something differently.

If you want to look and feel the same way you do right now, at this time next year, then you should keep doing the same things.

Hundreds of women have gone through my program and have seen unbelievable results. These women are just like you. These women don’t have superhuman willpower, or some genetic gift that makes this program easier for them.

  • They were just ready for change.
  • They wanted to live their lives in a healthier, more energetic way.
  • They wanted to set a good example for their children.
  • They wanted to walk out into the world more confident than ever before.

These women are just like you, but, they decided to do something differently.

Here is just a small sampling of testimonials these women have shared with me after just a few weeks in my program. Check out what these women have to say about the changes they are seeing in their bodies, in their energy levels and in their moods.

“I was hesitant to believe that this program would warrant results quickly, even after the first week; however, after week 1 I have noticed a few non-scale victories! My pants feel a little more loose, I’ve noticed it’s easier for me to wake up and get moving in the mornings, and I’m making better choices about which foods I should be consuming.” -Carrie Scheetz

“After one week I feel more energized, lighter and somehow happier! I’m so excited for week 2. I haven’t done any weighing or measuring but my clothes fit better and I see a difference. The group support has been immensely helpful and I am so happy to be a part of this life changing program!!” -Amy Jacobson

“I’m not sure how I first found Amanda’s account on Instagram, but I’ve been following her for two years.With so many personal trainers and “coaches” out there, I first thought this might be the same thing, so I just observed for a long time. I grew to love her fresh approach to fitness and her personality. I also developed a high level of respect for her program. This month I decided to pull the trigger and join her group. I’ve only done it a week, but I love it. I love how everything is broken down day by day…workouts and food. It makes me feel like I can take it one day at a time, which is proving to be very effective for me! I can’t wait to continue this new lifestyle for the rest of the program and beyond!”-Jade Steckly

“I’ve always been one that strives toward being as healthy as possible and though I felt like I had a good handle on this 18 months postpartum from my third baby, I was feeling less than in control consistently over my nutrition and choices.  After three C-Sections and a touch of Diastasis Recti, I was feeling frustrated that I was still bloated and feeling like I was succumbing to my emotions when it came to food choices.  I had been following Amanda and her clients’ progress from her Carb Cycling program and one day, after reading a client testimonial, I stopped what I was doing right then and joined her next round.  After only one week, I TRULY feel in control of my nutrition again but in a new way– I feel empowered over my choices and know I am fueling my body right.  I am excited about treating my body the way I know I need to be, integrating the right kinds of exercises with a detailed nutrition system that is leaving me feeling satisfied and lean!  I can’t wait to see what the next 5 weeks hold!” -Kristine Oliver

“I have completed one week of this program.  I notice that I am sleeping better,  I have more energy and I am not hungry throughout the day. I really appreciate the accountability and community that this group provides.” -Donna“I am on day 8 and have noticed a huge decrease in bloating. Yay for a shrinking stomach!” -Kristen

“I’m only a week in, and I’m already noticing a difference in my habits and how I feel. I am eating healthier than I have ever before and because of it, my energy levels have increased and I feel great. Bloating has also immensely decreased! I cannot wait to see my physical results at the end of the program!”-Ashley Wisemen

I am starting another round on January 9th. It’s time to do something differently. I want you to have the same story these women have. Spots are already filling up quickly, so don’t miss out on this incredible program!

Join Me by signing up here!

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