Too Much Exercise, Too Little Food and Hypothyroidism


Through my FASTer Way to Fat Loss Program, I meet countless women who are experiencing the symptoms of hypothyroidism. This is mainly due to the fact that they have spent several months undereating and overexercising. When I see these symptoms, I recommend my clients get themselves tested and seek medical advice. In addition, we work on changing their nutrition and exercise patterns so that they are fueling their bodies well, and strengthening their bodies effectively.

While there are many reasons one might be experiencing hypothyroid symptoms, the stats are absolutely unbelievable.

  • 200 million people worldwide suffer from hypothyroidism
  • 25 million Americans suffer from hypothyroidism
  • 60% of people go through life with this issue undiagnosed

Here’s what this looks like for so many women I meet.

A woman who has spent months doing “Insane” types of workouts, shoving her food into tiny little containers is completely fed up. This woman has seen tremendous weight loss, but has hit a plateau. She is low on energy, a little depressed and can’t get rid of the fat around her mid-section. She has been eating clean and exercising 6-7 times week, to no avail. This woman is not only frustrated, but she has no idea about the damage she is doing to her body!

As a trainer, my goal is to educate clients on the dangers of this type of lifestyle and help them put systems in place that put an end to this dangerous cycle.

When you don’t eat enough to fuel your workouts, and don’t give your body time to recover between workouts, you cause your body to go into starvation mode. When in starvation mode, your hormone levels get all out of whack. You start storing fat, feeling tired and see a change in your moods. This happens because your body is working hard to hold onto every ounce of energy it can.  

What I want you to know is that if you’ve been living this way, it isn’t your fault.

For years, many in the fitness industry have preached this type of lifestyle. The problem is that it ultimately leads to some serious health issues. In addition, it teaches your body to burn sugar instead of fat.

This type of program does initially bring you weight loss results, but those results over time will become increasingly more difficult to maintain. As your body enters into starvation mode, its goal is to conserve energy. That means in order for you to continue to see results, you will need to eat less and less to remain in an energy deficit. I have had women come into my program eating less than 1000 calories per day. Not only is this so dangerous in terms of your thyroid health, it’s a miserable way to live!

Insane workouts and undereating put your body under constant stress, causing it to release more cortisol, your body’s stress hormone. Too much cortisol makes it hard for you to sleep and zaps your energy levels. This type of lifestyle will also decrease your T3 (thyroid hormone) levels. T3 levels are extremely important in regulating your metabolism and weight loss. When these levels are low, and your cortisol levels are high, your body stores fat in order to preserve itself.

Ladies, I cannot stress this enough: your body needs the right food at the right time to fuel your workouts. This is so incredibly important for long term health, not just short term weight loss. Living in a constant energy deficit will undoubtedly cause you to lose weight, but you will also be losing fat burning muscle. In addition, you are really affecting your hormonal balance, and can be causing long term damage to your thyroid.  

This is why I am so committed to my FASTer Way to Fat Loss Program reaching as many women as possible. You can workout smarter. You can eat to fuel your body well. You can see results that go far beyond the aesthetics of a six pack. It is time we start thinking long term ladies. It is time we start focusing on giving our bodies what they need, and training in a way that strengthens, not tears down. If you have been spinning your wheels, working out intensely for several hours per week, eating tiny amounts of food several times a day: it’s time to hop off that hamster wheel. Doing so will help you finally lose that weight around your midsection, increase your energy levels and stabilize your moods. Not to mention, your hormone levels and thyroid will thank you.

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