Hear What My Clients Are Saying About the FASTer Way to Fat Loss

dsc_7841_1-1Today, I posted a feedback form in my FASTer Way to Fat Loss program group pages. My goal is to learn how to improve the program moving forward. I pulled up the responses to read through the suggestions, and I was literally in tears reading the positive feedback and SUCCESSES my clients have already experienced through my program. Here are a handful of testimonials below. (I received 275 responses total!!!)

If you are interested in transforming your life and joining my FASTer Way to Fat Loss program in the new year, be sure to visit my info page and lock-in before spots fill up.

“This program has been single handily the best thing I’ve ever done for my health and fitness. The support and encouragement from the group is amazing and really keeps you engaged! In just seven days I can wear what I call my skinny girl pants and I can’t wait to see what 6 weeks will do! I highly recommend this program to anyone no matter what your goal is you will achieve it with Amanda!” – Lauren Bell

“When I first signed up for this bootcamp my main goal was to be able to see my ab muscles by the end of the bootcamp. Little did I know that I would get SO much more out of it! I now have the knowledge on how to fuel my body on a daily basis. This is knowledge that I will be able to use long-term. No crash diet or 21 day fixes here! My skin has completely cleared up. Like completely. I have spent A LOT of money on facial cleaners and moisturizers over the past year so I never expected my skin to clear up the way it has…especially since it has only been a week and a half!
And ya know all those clothes that you squeeze into because you refuse to go up a size? Yeah, those fit me now! So thankful I refused to go up a size 😉
My waist is significantly smaller and I can tell by the way my clothes fit and by the way I look. I love that I’m only a week and a half into this and already having such fantastic results!” – Hannah Simpkins

“I came to Amanda after a year of training for my first bikini show because I was completely burned out on the gym. I needed something different. Her program has met my expectations beautifully! The flexibility of the workouts (you can do them at home or in a gym) allows me to fit them in with no excuses. And I LOVE being able to be in control of what I eat, as opposed to following a meal plan for a change. Amanda provides a lot of guidance, but allows each person to be flexible according to their own needs. I’ve only been in the program for a week now, but I am tighter and less bloated – and my energy is fantastic! I am excited to see the results at the end of the 6 weeks.” – Ginna Larson

“Just 10 days into this program, I already feel confident of a good outcome. My fiancé tells me I already look like I’ve lost weight. Being new at a structured exercise program, it has been good for me to learn how to obtain the confidence to do more strenuous exercises. Learning the macros has also been great! One thing that was told to me this morning when I awoke was that I am no longer snoring. Don’t know if that’s from sleeping so sound or from the weight that has been lost so far. The support from Amanda and the others in the program great! I would highly recommend this to someone of any age who wants to improve their health and fitness.” – Linda Tingle

“It has only been a week and I can already tell a difference in my energy level, my attitude and last but certainly not least, I’ve already lost fat around my waist and butt. I look forward to the start of each new day knowing I have a goal to meet.” – Melissa Vollmer

“I am about 10 days into the program and already I feel stronger, lighter, and more in control of my eating. I can visibly see results in my body and my energy level has completely changed. I am truly AMAZED and encouraged by this program! Being able to see results so early on has helped keep me motivated and excited to stay strong! I have been struggling over the past couple of years to get control of my eating and find something that I can maintain as a lifestyle. I really feel like this is something that I can do long term. I feel like I am finally eating for energy and nutrition rather than the “stress eating” that I have been doing, and it feels wonderful!” – Jennifer Beckstead

“I have loved this program so far, I feel like it hits everything you need to get fast results, so you stay very motivated. If you put the work in, plan well then you will succeed. Thanks Amanda!” – Kelly Lackey

“Just after one week of Amanda’s program I noticed significant improvement in my energy levels and I felt great from the inside because I no longer felt bloated, fatigued, or “hangry”. By week two I noticed my clothes were looser and I could see noticeable differences on the outside! It really works!” – Allison Davis

“One week into Amanda’s program and I feel leaner and lighter. I love that we are not told exactly what to eat, but still have the structure with the intermittent fasting and macros. It’s the perfect combination to keep me on track, and not a cause a binge. The workouts are amazing. Definitely challenging, but just what I needed to kick things up a notch! I highly recommend working with Amanda (and she’s very encouraging and positive)!” – Denise Levy

“I lost all 60 pounds of my “baby weight” after 6 months, but everything was in a different place. Meaning, there’s drooping and soft spots where they never were before! I don’t have childcare to allow me to go to the gym to lift heavy, so I had settled for cardio. By following the Faster Way to Fatloss program, I’ve already toned up in just one week and have definition in my “mom abs” that I never thought would happen, ever! Thank you, Amanda, for teaching me how to eat the right macro’s!”

“Amanda is so knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, and her positive energy and how fit she is are incredibly inspiring. She’s there with us every step of the way, and is always encouraging! It’s only been 9 days and I’m already seeing results. I’ve toned up, and my energy levels are higher than they’ve been in years. Anyone looking to overhaul or even just tweak their nutrition/fitness routine should take this class. It is well worth the financial investment! You’re worth it!” – Lindsay

“This program/boot camp is amazing. It’s easy to follow and easy to transition. I actually like the fasting, I feel great and have actually noticed that there are days when I’m not very hungry and take in less calories than my macros require. Seeing great results – Love it!” – Anissa

“I can’t say enough about this program! 10 days in and I’m already seeing great results inside and out. I am fairly active (cross-fit) and eat well (Paleo and Whole30) but I just wasn’t seeing results. I have learned so much and now have a better understanding of why things weren’t working. I’m a full-time working mom of three and I have still managed to find time to fit in all of the workouts, plus my regular cross-fit sessions. I underestimated the value of daily check-ins and the group support but it has made all the difference and I’ve really enjoyed my virtual cheerleading group! I highly recommend the program!” – Claire

“I have been participating in the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program for the last 10 days. During this time, I have cleaned up my diet, gone dairy free and gluten-free and workout harder that I ever thought I could. I had just about given up on my body, when I stumble upon a before and after picture from Beth Chappo. I follow her on Instagram and her results were just too good to ignore. Amanda is so passionate about her program and a wonderful teacher. I have learned so much about nutrition and building a stronger body with this program and I can honestly say that I am THRILLED! I don’t need a scale to show me that I have lost weight, I can tell from my baggy jeans! Thank you Amanda for this program.” – Heather Medd

“Only on the middle of my second week. I am have more energy and feel healthier thank I have in a long time. This program is the trifecta in total body health. Education, proper nutrition and great workouts. Put that with the amazing support system of fellow boot campers and it’s a win win win win!!!!!” – Jennifer Maggard

“I am a 37-year-old mom of 3 who works full-time. While I worked hard and took off all my baby weight and then some after each of my pregnancies, over the last two years, I found the weight slowly creeping back on. I managed to put on 20 pounds in that time. I was also bloated and could not get rid of my “baby belly” despite being more than 3 years postpartum after my last baby. I read a testimonial about Amanda’s program and was immediately intrigued. I had tried intermittent fasting previously and felt really good while doing it, though I had a hard time keeping the focus to stick with it. But I was tired of eating unhealthy food and not being able to fit into my clothes comfortably. I decided to take the plunge!

Within about 4 days after starting Amanda’s program, I started noticing changes in my body. My belly was flat for the first time in more than a year and I felt energized. Within a week my jeans fit better, and my husband was remarking at how quickly my body was changing. I still have several weeks left of the program and a lot of work still to do, but I am loving my results so far!” – Katie

“After one week I am already feeling leaner and have more energy. This program is challenging but worth every penny. It teaches you the ins and outs of nutrition with effective workouts and the overall effects it can have on your body. The greatest part for me was finding a group of positive women who hold me accountable!” – Jessica

“I have literally tried all workout plans that are out there and this one has been one of the best. Although it’s not easy the support is the best. I am already feeling leaner and less bloated and can’t wait to see final results at the end. Amanda is great.” – Meredith

“My overall results really have to do with learning a way to feed my body in a way that is healthy, fulfilling and maximizing its potential to burn fat without starving. The accountability has been huge for me, and I have enjoyed the workouts which are all balanced. Before I was over exercising and failing to feed myself properly. So far, I have lost ten pounds.” -Carly

“Before starting Amanda’s program, I was running 3-4 days per week with a long run on the weekends and seeing no results. I knew nothing about weight training and was eating terrible. I felt bad, had no energy in the evening and was quite frustrated with myself. Since being a part of her program, I feel like a different person! This is something that I want to continue for not only my physical, but also mental health. I would definitely recommend this program to any and everyone!” – Melissa McIntyre

It is truly my honor to work with the most amazing clients a trainer could ever ask for. It would be my privilege to work with YOU too! If you are interested in transforming your life and joining my FASTer Way to Fat Loss program in the new year, be sure to visit my info page and lock-in before spots fill up.

6 thoughts on “Hear What My Clients Are Saying About the FASTer Way to Fat Loss

  1. Marisa says:

    I would love to hear testimonials from any 60+ women who have experienced success with the Faster Way to Fat Loss program. I am 61 and retired. I will be starting the program in April. It seems like most of the testimonials I have read are from women who are quite a bit younger.

  2. Julie Sumrall says:

    Marisa, Debra and Kelly, did you try it? I’m mid-50’s and thinking of trying it starting September. I’d love to hear your thoughts if any of you tried it.

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