5 Tips to Naturally Increase Energy

Do you often find yourself exhausted and in need of a nap mid-day? “Hitting a wall” mid-day or feeling exhaustion is very common for us moms. Although if you lack energy everyday, all the time, even if you’ve just woken up, there may be a medical condition at play.

Follow these tips to raise those low energy levels!

Take naps

‘Power naps’ are effective. In fact, I enjoyed one today! Although it can’t be substituted for a good night’s sleep, a short nap during the day invigorates your body and recharges your mind.

There are certain things to consider regarding this brief rest in the middle of the day. You should do it in the right place and time, set a proper duration, and have a few minutes of stretching or exercise after waking up to get those gears turning again. I usually do a 20 minute power nap around lunch time if necessary.

Exercise regularly

As you know, I think exercise is incredibly important!  You may get tired after a workout session, but throughout the day, the right amount of exercise will actually boost your energy. Research has shown that exercise increases energy levels by up to 20%. Running, lifting weights, yoga, pilates, etc. are all helpful in enhancing your energy.

Take up hobbies

Hobbies play a big role in reducing stress, and it is widely established that constant stress drains the mind and body. To maintain and boost your energy, make it a point to do something you like which is completely not related to daily stressors like your job. You can play a guitar or paint if you’re into art. If your hobby is dancing, you’ll have exercise as well so that’s two birds with one stone.

Considering that having mobile devices is the norm these days, games on your phone can also be effective for reducing stress. In fact, a study by University College of London found a positive correlation between post-work recovery and playing games. Examples include the famous 3-match game Candy Crush with its different iterations.  Some games have live versions complete with dealers to totally simulate the look and feel of amusement hubs.

Eat energy-rich fruits

Your diet is a huge source of energy.  Fruits are great natural sources of vitamins, nutrients and energy so be sure to include them in your diet. Among the best fruits for energy are bananas, apples and pears.

Drink plenty of fluids

Lack of fluids leads to weakness, therefore, to have enough energy, be sure to drink lots of liquids. But pay attention as well to what you drink. Water is still the best liquid for hydration. Energy drinks are, obviously, not natural so it’s advised to avoid these concoctions. Some of these were even linked to health problems such as seizures and heart diseases.

Furthermore, plasma makes up 55% of human blood, and is 92% water. Glucose is carried by the same substance, and it’s the body’s main source of energy. If your body is short of water, it might not effectively process and deliver the energy that it needs. That’s another good reason to drink plenty of water every day.

These tips are natural and easy to do,. Implement them, and  you’ll have what you need to build up your energy. All that’s left is to start incorporating them in your lifestyle.

Do you have other tips in mind that you found effective? Share them in the comment section!

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