Intermittent Fasting Week 2

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I break my fast with a shake. The kids and I absolutely love our shakes.

Two weeks ago, I decided to start a six-week experiment with intermittent fasting. I’ve received countless messages and questions regarding this new lifestyle, and I wanted to answer a few FAQs below. Overall, I feel good. A few of my clients have also been trying the IF lifestyle, and one of my long-time clients lost 9 lbs in her first 5 days of intermittent fasting.

Q. What are macros?

A. The fats, carbs, and proteins in your food log. You will track the number of grams you consumer of each and the percentage of your overall calories. Ie: I eat 200 grams of carbs and that is 50% of my daily macros.

Q. What do you eat first when you break the fast?

A. I eat my Shakeology shake. I am obsessed with the PB&J shake and my day is not complete without it. It’s a perfect way to break the fast and fills me (and the kids) up with all the right nutrients.

Q. Why are you trying intermittent fasting if you don’t have any weight to lose?

A. Believe it or not, I receive this question all the time from clients. It’s usually something like this, “Why do you diet and exercise when you are already fit? You should enjoy life.” Frankly, this question/comment always frustrates me. I do not workout or eat healthy to stay thin. I exercise and eat clean to be the very best version of myself and to keep my body functioning at it’s best. I am not trying to lose any weight at all. I am eating between 1800-2200 cals during my feeding period. That’s enough to maintain my weight and properly fuel my workouts. I am also interested in the benefits that I have heard about including increased energy, mental focus, and immune system benefits. Last, and most importantly, I want to try this lifestyle so I can give my clients some honest and genuine feedback when they ask me for my advice and opinion regarding intermittent fasting and counting macros.

Q. How many days per week should I do intermittent fasting?

A. This varies from client to client. However, I am doing intermittent fasting 5 days per week. I stick to a 20/4 or 16/8 pattern of fasting and feeding period.

Q. How do I calculate how many macros (fats, carbs, proteins) I should consume?

A. Visit Dr. Sara Solomon’s site and use her free calorie and macro counter.

Q. How can I get started?

A. I suggest that you do some research. Listen to the Chalene Show podcast and download the two-part series on Intermittent Fasting with Dr. Sara Solomon.

Over the weekend I was out-of-town for a business trip and girl’s retreat. I did not count calories or macros. Frankly, I haven’t been counting macros much this week either. My policy is to typically eat when I am hungry and to satisfaction. However, I plan to use MyFitnessPal to log my food and check my macros later this week.

It has been a good experience for me so far. I do think that I will likely go back to my modified Paleo lifestyle, but it is GREAT to know that I can easily skip breakfast when necessary and make up for cals/macros later in the day. Best wishes!

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