Can Money Buy Happiness?

can money buy happiness?Can money buy happiness? We’ve all heard the saying, “money can’t buy happiness.” But do you really believe that to be true? Or do you think that once you hit a certain salary level, receive a promotion, or reach “millionaire” status, you will be happy?

As a young professional still in my 20s, my career and financial situation has rapidly changed and grown. Since our first year of marriage (he was 20, and I was 22 when we got hitched), the hubs and I have set and achieved specific financial goals, and we’ve been extremely blessed through our short careers with raises, promotions, and the ability to pursue some fun projects via my self-employment. But has an increase in money correlated with an increase in our happiness?

Six years ago, Brandon and I lived in a 500 square foot apartment, had significant student loan debt, and made minimum wage working 70 hours per week. We had very little money in the bank.

And we were happy.

Our first year of marriage was full of adventures, new friendships, some fun employment opportunities, and contentment.

Due to the blessings of God, hard work, and some good decision-making, both of our salaries have tripled in 6 years. We’ve been able to pay off our school loans, build our dream home, install a pool, purchase nice cars, go on several vacations, and much more.

And we are happy.

However – I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that money and “things” is not what makes us happy.

I love this quote from Billionaire, Mark Cuban, when the question was posed, “Can money buy you happiness.”

“It’s creating a goal for yourself and accomplishing a goal and setting a dream, and living that dream through your effort that can make you feel a whole lot better about yourself [and happy],” he says. “It worked for me…”

I would add to Marc Cuban’s quote and say the following about what truly makes me happy. “Inspiring and empowering other women to set and accomplish goals and fulfill their dreams, in addition to setting and accomplishing my personal goals while staying balanced with family and career is what truly makes me happy.”

Through the years, I’ve discovered that what makes me “happy’ is inspiring women to do what inspires them. As a business coach, nothing gives me more joy, satisfaction, and happiness in my life than watching a fellow mom ramp up a successful fitness business.

This past week I hit a milestone for the BeachBody leg of my fitness business. I had hoped to generate $1,200 per week of passive income by January 2016. Due to some extremely hard work, amazing Team INSPIRE coaches, and strategy moves, I was already able to hit that milestone. However – was I any happier the day after I hit the goal versus the day before? No, not really. In fact, my lack of personal enthusiasm about hitting the $1,200 per week mark is what prompted me to write this blog post.

You want to know what truly made me happy last week? Hearing that one of the women in my fitness business mentorship program was able to give in her 3 week notice and quit her job to pursue her passion for fitness full-time. Wow – nothing inspires me more than to help women pursue what inspires them.

Want to know what else makes me happy? A sense of balance.

For example, being able to go on a spontaneous play date with a business mentorship client and Team INSPIRE member to the park for a couple of hours this morning, sitting outside by the pool right now listening to professional development and writing this blog post for you, and having a feeling that my life is balanced versus jam-packed makes me happy.

There have been times of unrest and unhappiness in my life over the past 6 years. But what I’ve found is that most of those times are directly related to work stress and excessive work hours. I’ve had a tendency to say “yes” to far too many things. Last year at this time, life without balance cost me my health, family time, and my happiness.

Working excessive hours is an expense I can no longer afford. This year I decided to focus on residual/passive income and stop simply trading hours for dollars. It has made a world of difference for me, and I am able to be far more intentional about how I spend my time.

So, what makes you truly happy? I encourage you to think beyond the things that money can buy – and consider what makes you happy outside of “things.” Do more of what makes you happy, seek to serve and inspire others, and find balance.

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