A Day in the Life

My gym and online personal training clients often ask me what my typical day looks like, and more specifically, when and what I eat through the day. If you read my last “day in the life” post, you know that I was working 12 or 13 hour days a few months ago. I’ve made some important changes to my calendar over the past couple months to create more margin, and I feel more balanced and productive than ever before. I’m able to spend more time with my family, listening to professional development, and working out.

As I seek to UpLIFT, Empower, and INSPIRE women this year, I want to set a good example of a healthy work/life/family balance. Those of us who are leaders in our industries need to establish boundaries (and enforce them) to reduce commitments and change the culture of glorified busyness.

Here’s my schedule from today and what most of my days look like.

6.15: Wake up and hop in the shower. I absolutely cannot start my day without a shower. It’s my favorite way to wake up.

6.45: First cup of black coffee and answer emails, post trainings on my Instagram Academy Course page, Team INSPIRE page, and Online Boot Camp pages.

7.30: Eat Breakfast – Overnight oats: 1 cup oatmeal, almond milk, agave, berries. Sit with Emma and watch cartoons for 15 minutes.

7.45: Hair and makeup for the day while listening to professional development (Michael Hyatt – “This is your life” podcast).

8.10: Wake up and feed Cole.

8.30-9.20: Light cleaning and time with the kiddos.

9.20-10: Drive into town and conduct a marketing consultation while I am driving.

10-11: Marketing consult with a business mentorship client via phone at a coffee shop. Quick snack of fruit and caveman foods protein bar and second cup of black coffee while I chat.

11-12: Meet gym client for a session and complete my own personal workout.

12-12.45: Answer emails and work on social media strategy at a coffee shop with a cup of hot tea.

12.45-1.15: Marketing consult with Team INSPIRE member and drive home.

1.30-2: Lunch (coffee protein shake and protein bar) and relax with Emma and Brandon (home from work today to help with the kiddos and he put Cole down for a nap at 1). Recipe for coffee protein shake: coffee ice cubes, 1 scoop of vanilla Shakeology, 1/2 cup of almond milk.

2-2.30: Answer emails and check social media notifications. Listen to more professional development (Michael Hyatt – :This is your life” podcast).

2.30-3.30: Marketing consult with fitness business mentorship client. Drink lots of water to try and catch up on hydration for the day.

3.30-4: Wrap up responding to emails and social media notifications. Chat with contractor about building a deck around the pool in my backyard.

4-4.30: Wake Cole up and take a family walk.

4.30-6: Dinner and family time. Pork, veggies, and sweet potato.

6-7.30: Family time.

7.30: Baths and pjs for the kiddos and me.

7.30-9: Popsicles, and movie.

9: Put kiddos to bed.

9: Texting/FB follow-up. Apple, and tea.

10: Bedtime/prayer.

I have been able to scale back my working hours to maximize my time with family. I love the clients in my fitness business mentorship program, Team INSPIRE, online personal training clients, and in-gym clients. I’ve been more strategic about where I spend my time, and as a result I’m making more and working less. I choose to maximize my time by focusing on revenue producing activities (specifically passive income), and I’ve been able to streamline some important processes and create systems to create more efficiency in my life.

If you would like information about my fitness business mentorship program, please fill out the form below. I would absolutely love to help you ramp up a successful business and earn a six figure income while enjoying flexibility and precious family time.

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