Top 5 Tips for Getting a Six-Pack Post Baby

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Is it possible to get a six-pack post baby? Absolutely! But, as with anything else worth having, it will take hard work, commitment and consistency. The good news is, you already have six-pack abs post baby. The bad news is, they are potentially covered in a layer of excess fat tissue and stretched skin. Here are my Top 5 Tips for Getting a six-pack post baby. Six pack abs are something that all women want, but few achieve. And unfortunately, you cannot get a 6 pack by doing millions of crunches alone. But here are some steps that will help you toward nice abs after pregnancy.

  • Get six-pack abs after pregnancy by burning mid-section fat.  Add strength and resistance training to your daily post-pregnancy workout routine. If you need to lose a few more pounds of “baby weight,” I would recommend that you at least 4 days of strength training. Unfortunately, it is not possible to “spot train”, but if you want a 6 pack, you will need to develop lean calorie-burning muscle.  If you typically only do running for your cardio, add some resistance training on the elliptical or stepper. Be sure to keep your abs nice and tight the entire time you are on the machine.
  • Get six-pack abs after pregnancy by adding interval training into your daily post pregnancy workout. Adding plyometrics and/or sprint drills to your daily workout routine will effectively burn fat calories! I typically do sprint drills at least 2 times per week (short and long sprint with back pedals and shuffles). I also do plyos almost every time I workout for at least 5 minutes.
  • Get six-pack abs after pregnancy by doing pilates and other ab exercises. It is important to keep your belly button in toward your spine when you are performing ab exercises after pregnancy. Do not push your abs/stomach out when you are doing the movement. Work on all areas of your abs — including your transverse obliques. It is also important to strengthen your lower back and hamstrings to stay balanced.
  • Get six-pack abs after pregnancy by eating clean. Nice abs are made in the gym and in the kitchen! You can workout all day, but if you are not eating the right foods, you are working out to achieve a six-pack in vain. Log your food on to see if you are getting the right amount of nutrients. Stay away from white carbs and empty calories. Instead, eat whole grains, fruits, veggies, lean protein, and good fats. If it comes from the ground or has a mother — it’s fair game.
  • Try this post pregnancy ab circuit and purchase my Body After Baby Boot Camp DVD for a total body workout that will target post-baby problem areas.

Before I got pregnant with Emma and Cole, I did not have a six-pack. There were times that I had good definition in my abs, but I usually ruined it with eating too much ice cream. 🙂 However, I was satisfied with how my abs looked. After I delivered, my stomach still looked pretty flabby for the first week. 10 days after I delivered, my abs looked fine under clothes, but it took me a couple of months to get my abs to a place that I felt comfortable in a bikini. A couple of months can seem like a long time if you are used to having a six-pack. But if you are in that spot right now, don’t quit! Commit to eating well and doing the right kind of workouts, and be patient! In honestly, even now, I do not have a perfect “six-pack,” but I am content with how I look, and my core has never been flatter or stronger. I hope you find the same satisfaction! But remember to keep things in perspective. Best wishes!

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