BeachBody Partnership Honest Review – The Good | The Bad | The Awesome

Wow it’s been exactly 7 months since I linked arms with BeachBody – the makers of P90X and INSANITY. It’s honestly been a whirlwind. I want to share a few highlights and my honest opinion and experience with you. I will also share the kind of professional that we are hoping to partner with on Team INSPIRE moving forward.

When I joined BeachBody in the summer, I was at a breaking point in my career. I was working for a few high paying, very high maintenance clients via my marketing company. I was trading dollars for hours in all areas of my business. My family was being put on the back burner – my own health was on the back-burner, and I was simply at max capacity.

I decided to consider a residual income stream, and after checking out a few opportunities, BeachBody seemed like a perfect fit. My first two weeks as a BeachBody coach were a complete whirlwind. I on-boarded 15 coaches within the first 5 days of joining and created Team INSPIRE. We decided that we were going to run our businesses differently than most coaches we had encountered, and set up a mission, vision, and standards by which we would run the BeachBody leg of our businesses. We have stayed true to our passion for marketing versus spammy sales, and our organization has grown to 164 (now 172 since I wrote this post) team members in less than 7 months – pretty crazy.

After only two weeks with BeachBody I was feeling confident enough about the earning potential that I decided to fire two of my highest paying clients. These were clients that were paying me between 2 and 3 thousand dollars per month, but simply taking up far too much of my time, and they were clients who I wasn’t excited about working for. You know the ones that when they call, you kind of cringe – I was working on projects that didn’t leverage my strengths, and it was a daily stressor. BeachBody afforded me the opportunity to focus on my own fitness brand and on mentoring ladies via my Team INSPIRE – which is my true passion in life. I absolutely love to help women set up a thriving wellness business using sound marketing strategies.

So, what are we doing as Team INSPIRE BeachBody coaches? We are building out our own unique brands and positioning ourselves as experts in the fitness industry. The BeachBody programs are an option for our clients who want to work with us in an online training capacity. We lead with our own brands, but BeachBody allows us to distribute their programs as well, and earn 25% commission on the workout plan sale. We are also able to work a Shakeology business which is the meal replacement shakes. I was truly hesitant to try to promote those shakes, but now I 100% believe in them, and they have been phenomenal for my clients.

The past 7 months has been a lot of hustle – a lot of hard work, but it’s paid off. I am now generating around $700 per week via my BeachBody business (max was $950 earned in one week since I wrote this post), and the best part is – most of that is residual income. The BeachBody company is very generous and I am confident that next year at this time, my salary will have at least doubled.

It has been a true joy to work with my team, and I can’t imagine life any other way. I’ve personally become so much more focused and productive over the past 7 months, and I’ve learned more about leadership this past year than ever before.

One of the pain points for my particular BeachBody business has been some weaknesses in my recruitment strategy. For example, early on, I didn’t do a great job of screening applicants before they enrolled on our team. Through the months, there have been a few ladies who have joined us who are simply looking for a get rich quick scheme. Unfortunately, this is not the business or team for ladies who want a get rich quick scheme, so I had to make some tough decisions and ask these individuals to leave. Also, there are some ladies who have joined us who quit at the very first point of resistance. Listen, starting up any business is hard work, and resistance, challenges, and ups-and-downs are inevitable. I have invested precious time in team members who immediately quit at the first sign of hurdles. This is unfortunate, and it’s truly my error for not screening a potential team member during the interview process.

This takes me to a discussion on who we are hoping to partner with moving forward on Team INSPIRE. We are truly the most passionate and unified group of female professionals I have ever been a part of. We are positive, hard-working, and genuine in our mission to make the world a better place one person at a time. When I consider the ideal new member of our team, it has much less to do with educational background, career background, or number of social media followers, and more to do with authenticity. Simply put, we are hoping to partner with good people. Team members can be trained on marketing strategies, however it’s much harder to train someone to be consistent, steadfast or positive. The people on our team who have truly thrived are women who are genuinely passionate about helping others become the very best version of themselves. If you are a fitness enthusiast or professional, and you’ve considered a partnership with BeachBody, I would love for you to apply for consideration and a place on our team. I will be opening enrollment mid-march, and would be happy to chat with you for a few minutes about our team and how the partnership works. If you are a passionate, professional, positive, steadfast, and genuine person who is excited about fitness and nutrition, we would love to have you as part of our community.

Please fill out the form below if you would like information about Team INSPIRE and the application process.

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