My Encouragement File

encouragement file

Yesterday I was on a phone call with a mentor of mine. We were discussing some challenges I’ve experienced in my business recently. Ultimately, I appreciate lessons “learned the hard way,” and believe that nothing accelerates my business and leadership skills more than resistance. However, she suggested that I create an “Encouragement File” to reference when I face an inevitable set-back.

My intention is to maintain optimism as it is crucially important in business and for society. Set-backs always accompany a business, however, the most important predictor of success is the measure of optimism. For me, focusing on my client success stories is a great way to stay positive.

I receive countless messages from clients on an every day basis and wanted to compile a few of them to glance at in the future. I think you will find these recent testimonials and quotes inspirational as well.

A FB message from a current client: “You are the motivator! You gave us the key to unlock the door to our goals. I swear the first time I did your pregnancy dvd I thought “this lady is crazy, I can’t be doing all this with a bump”… But I kept at it, and I was stronger for it. I bounced back right away after I had my baby, I attribute that to the cardio from your dvd. And now, a year later, you have taught me that being accountable is important. You need to show up everyday, maybe not kill a 5 mile run everyday, but at least attempt it. So thank you!”

An email from a current client: “I just want to Thank You for inspiring women to know we can still be in great shape and still be a Mom! This has been the best decision to join your group!” 

An email from a boot camper: “We had dinner reservations at an amazing french restaurant, and I had the absolute best Hanger steak and grilled veggies… I told my husband that I had no idea you could eat clean and still have great food! I still feel so great, and each day I feel like I gets easier and easier to stick to clean foods. Bring on week 3! 🙂 🙂 :)” 

10978655_821116104621539_4305223332279042325_nA FB post from a current client: “Happy for you ladies losing weight & pant sizes! I lost 4 lbs & I have more energy than ever! I’ve been so busy the last week and not been posting updates or pictures. But I love seeing all the good food ideas! I’m finally in the habit of eating breakfast every day now! (Huge goal of mine).”

A testimonial from a former online and in-class boot camper: “I have had the pleasure of participating in Amanda’s in-person and online bootcamp. Before I joined Amanda’s bootcamp, I had been working out and trying to eat healthy on my own for a couple of months.  While I had seen some initial improvements, I had definitely hit a “wall” in terms of loosing weight, gaining strength and increasing my stamina.   Amanda gave me great information on more efficient workouts and better nutrition, but more importantly she gave me the motivation to keep going when it was hard.  And, honestly, it was hard sometimes, BUT it’s worth it!  So far I have lost 12 lbs through Amanda’s bootcamps but more important than number on the scale is how much better I feel: I am sleeping better at night, feeling more alert during the day, my mood is brighter and I am less stressed! The number on the scale is just gravy. I know I would have quit if it hadn’t been for Amanda and the other ladies at bootcamp.  It helps so much to have that support and accountablity of people who want you to succeed.  If you are local and can attend an in-person bootcamp, I highly recommend it – its great workout with great people, and it’s actually pretty fun!  If a in-person bootcamp doesn’t work for you, Amanda has some great resources for online bootcamps too, so either way you win!”

A testimonial from a Whole30 client: “Back in Dec I decided I needed to make a change.  I had been following a young inspiring mom on Instagram . She had two young kids and was getting her workouts in, why couldn’t I do that? She offered quick workouts with no running. That really appealed to me because I’m not a runner. Amanda was starting a whole30 group on Jan 1st. What better day to start? I had been interested in whole 30 but I hadn’t seen many whole 30 challenges.
 I NEED someone to hold me accountable which is where Amanda took over! I texted her daily pics of my food and workout completion. She answered all our questions and provided daily motivation to stay on track! The workouts are great! I loved I could do them with my son if needed. They were quick and I didn’t live on the treadmill. We finished our whole30 jan 31st! Days 7-10 were rough. We felt horrible and were wondering if we made the right choice. I’m glad we stuck with it because we feel awesome now! We don’t crave sweets or bread. We don’t feel bloated after eating or sluggish. We have energy!! There are no issues with digestion and irregularity anymore. We just feel better! Whole 30 isn’t about losing weight, but we did! Together we lost 12 lbs in 4 weeks. The hubs lost 7 lbs and I lost 5. Whole30 changed the way we think about food. We are so glad we decided to take the journey with Amanda and the whole30 group! Thank you Amanda!”

Wow, it is truly humbling to help women become the very best version of themselves. I sincerely appreciate each and every one of my clients, and I hope that I can help you in the future too. If you would like information about my online, in-gym, or boot camp training programs, please feel free to fill out the form below. 


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