Why YOU Should Join the Team INSPIRE Community

It was an exciting week for Team INSPIRE. We hit some milestones and records within the BeachBody company. Our organization reached a certain rank within 6 months (One Star Diamond) which was much faster than anyone else in our up-line. So great!!! I am continually thankful for my partnerships and relationships built over the past 6 months.

Recently, I’ve been getting so many thoughtful emails and social media messages regarding Team INSPIRE. Our team is 150 fitness fanatics and professionals strong after 6 months. AMAZING!!!

Team INSPIRE is a community of fitness fanatics and professionals all working to develop and accelerate our own unique wellness brands by focusing on the unique purpose that drives our businesses.

Our goal is to service our clients with a customized and supportive approach to help them reach their individual fitness and nutrition goals in the quickest and most effective way possible all while maintaining a positive body image and healthy balance. We work from a positive and solution-focused framework aimed to consistently inform, empower, and energize while facilitating intrinsic motivation and connectedness

We seek to be the most professional and influential fitness community in the US and Canada. We are passionate about serving our clients and building our businesses with sound marketing strategies. We are committed to helping our team members and clients become the very best version of themselves.

Today, I want to share a quick video about why YOU, a fitness fanatic and/or trainer, should join the Team INSPIRE community and add a BeachBody leg to your fitness business.

First let me mention that I believe the fitness industry is the very best industry for us moms and young female professionals. I have been part of the fitness industry for 10 years and I become more passionate about helping other women start a successful wellness business every year. Read my post about why I am committed to uplifting and empowering women in 2015.

In this video, I mention 5 pain points in my fitness business over the past 10 years and how Team INSPIRE has actually helped to remedy each and every pain point. The topics include:

1. Trading dollars for hours: For 10 years, I built a linear fitness business. Of course, I’ve raised my rates, but I was still simply working more to make more and trading dollars for hours. Team INSPIRE and the BeachBody (makers of P90X and INSANITY) leg of my business has provided a stream of residual income for my business. There are plenty in the BeachBody company who are generating an easy 6 figures after a few years of hard work and I am thrilled about the un-capped potential.

2. On an Island: Team INSPIRE is a network if 150 passionate, uplifting, and inspiring fitness fanatics and professionals. Prior to creating Team INSPIRE, I had the feeling of being on an island in the fitness industry. Many like-minded individuals were simply competitors versus teammates. I have literally never been part of such a unified and passionate group all working toward the same goals. As a trainer and fitness professional, you were meant for more. You were meant to do more with the people around you. There is a high cost for setting the bar low or trying to do things on your own. I encourage you to consider joining Team INSPIRE.

3. Client Cancels: One of the biggest pain points in my business has been client cancels. Especially in the winter, I get frequent gym session cancels. When it’s cold and dark outside and a client is tired, or the roads are icy and snowy, it’s not uncommon for me to get a text within hours of a client session with and excuse about why they can’t attend. Even with a great cancel policy, I still end up sitting around with wasted time at the gym between sessions. Very frustrating. Each time I have a cancel, I think about how thankful I am for my online clients via BeachBody programs. My online clients can’t cancel on me. And in reality, over the years, my online clients have been more successful since they have an entire week of workouts laid out for them.

4. Meal Planning and Nutritional Guidance: It’s been a challenge for me that I can’t provide my clients with a good meal plan. See, as trainers, we are not qualified to provide a specific meal plan. Due to my partnerships within Team INSPIRE and with BeachBody, I am now able to offer nutritional services, meal plans, and the Shakeology meal replacement. Our team is even working on a cookbook together right now, and my clients have really been benefitting from Shakeology. Watch my Shakeology video review from last week.

5. Running a Business: Even with the great certification courses and resources available to us as trainers, I find that most trainers still have a poor understanding of how to run a business or market online. Because of my background in digital marketing, I truly believe that any trainer who wants to take their business to the next level has the most potential to successfully scale a business as part of our team.

I am fully aware that many BeachBody coaches are not going about things the proper way. They are selling versus sharing. However, if you can’t beat them, join them and do it better. Be part of the solution. Be known as someone who stands for something and hopes to INSPIRE by example. Partner with Team INSPIRE and join with us as we help people become the very best version of themselves.

If you would like more information about Team INSPIRE, please visit the application page on my site. It would be my pleasure to speak with you to determine if you would be a good fit for our community.

Fill out the form below to request information about Team INSPIRE or set up a brief consult about partnering with our team.

2 thoughts on “Why YOU Should Join the Team INSPIRE Community

  1. rachaelshontz says:

    When I’m feeling under the weather the first thing I want is to get my butt kicked in the gym bc nothing boosts my recovery more! Do you mind if I reblog this? This is wonderful info.

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