My Honest Opinion of Shakeology After 6 Months of Consistent Use

my honest opinion of shakeology

Read below to hear my honest opinion of Shakeology – a meal replacement shake made by the makers of P90X and Insanity.

For years, I’ve preached whole food nutrition. For virtually my whole 10 year career as a trainer, I was opposed to meal replacements and in the more recent years, opposed to BeachBody’s Shakeology. Frankly, like many of us, I was sick of spammy sales techniques used to sell the shakes and I felt the shakes were grossly overpriced.

It’s been 6 months since I partnered with BeachBody and honestly, I didn’t want to even try the shakes – I simply wanted to represent the workout programs and offer them as an at-home workout option for my clients.

I reluctantly purchased a challenge pack when I enrolled with the chocolate vegan shakes. The first few times I tried the shake I could barely choke it down, so I decided I would simply focus on the workout program side of BeachBody. Well … Brandon signed up as a coach around the same time that I did, and he ordered the vanilla shakes. He found an awesome recipe with the vanilla protein and I got hooked on the taste. That started a 6 month journey with Shakeology, and I am excited to tell you all about it.

Watch my Shakeology video story below.

If you’re not able to watch the entire video testimonial, I will briefly share my experience since I started drinking the shakes consistently. Last winter I was sick often. And by often I mean, constantly. I was on antibiotics for strep for 61 total days last winter. I was exhausted, and weak. I was breastfeeding Cole and always feeling hungry and depleted.

This winter, guess how many times I have been sick — 0. I’ve been feeling stronger and more energized than ever before. Not only that, I’ve struggled with a metabolic disorder since my teen years. I’ve never in my life had regular cycles until I started drinking Shakeology.

I truly believe that in spite of my best efforts, I wasn’t getting enough nutrients via whole foods for the past several years. Now I am, and I haven’t felt this healthy, strong, and confident in years.

Friends, I haven’t posted about Shakeology even one time on my personal Facebook page because I truly wanted to try it long-term before promoting it to my friends. Listen, I now stand behind this product 100%. I won’t leave a spammy message in your inbox asking you to purchase this product from me. However, please know that I stand behind these meal replacements 100% and I would love to bring you on as a client via a Shakeology bag purchase. For a limited time, if you purchase Shakeology through my site, I will gift you with $10 Target Gift Card. You will also have access to my online accountability group.

These meal replacement shakes are perfect in a few scenarios.

  1. If you’re a busy mom or working professional like myself, there are many occasions where you are not able to cook a full nutrient dense meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The shakes are a brainless, healthy meal and you can be 100% confident that you are getting the nutrients you need.
  2. Are you looking to lose weight or shake a craving for processed foods? The shakes fill you up with the right nutrients making it possible to resist junk food.
  3. Are you breastfeeding or do you have a picky toddler? The shakes are perfect for providing important calories.

Fill out the form below if you would like information on Shakeology and my current client promotion which includes a Target gift card.

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