My Favorite Personal Growth Books


Over the past 6 months, I’ve been coordinating daily trainings for my Team INSPIRE and members of my fitness business mentorship program. The Team INSPIRE leaders have also been leading trainings two times a week which has been extremely valuable for our group. Topics range from social media marketing strategy, to time management, to fitness topics, to professional development and personal growth.

One of my favorite topics to train on is Personal Growth. You cannot grow your fitness business if you are not growing yourself as a person. Personal growth is the greatest door opener in your life. In addition to the blessings of God, the one biggest factor for success is being intentional in your own plan for growth (yes, I 100% believe this).

When you’re in a slow time for your business AND when life gets busy and stressful – read personal development and commit to a personal growth plan! I promise it will take your business to the next level. 15-30 minutes per day … every day.

Here are my favorite books recently. What are you ready today?

Entreleadership (Dave Ramsey)
Today Matters (John Maxwell)
Getting Things Done (David Allen)
Four Hour Work Week (Timothy Farris)


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