Exercising Post C-Section

IMG_0728I am thrilled to feature this mama who is going to share advice about exercising post c-section. This is something that I do not have personal experience with, so I am excited to share her perspective. 
Hi! I’m Becky. 30 year old wife to my hubby of 10 years. Stay at home Momma to our 20 month old son. Christ Follower.  Creator and Founder of Shape Her. I hope to help women find their worth in things other than the mirror. I love reading, sweets, traveling, and mentoring students. I’m a Body Pump junkie who also loves yoga, running, swimming, and kickboxing. You can follow me on Instagram at @shape_her and online at www.shapeher.weebly.com.
I wanted to talk to you today about exercising post c-section. Once you’re cleared for exercise, that first post-baby workout is tough no matter your labor experience. As a c-section Momma it’s even tougher. You’ve just had a major surgery and are still recovering. However, you’re ready to get back to a regular exercise routine and shed some of those pregnancy pounds! As a c-section Momma myself, I know it can be challenging. But I hope to encourage you today and share some helpful tips!
If you’re reading this and you’re a brand spankin’ new c-section momma, still too early in her recovery to be cleared for exercise, let me talk to you first. My advice = WALK!My doctor told me I was fine taking short walks a few days a week to start getting movement, strength and endurance back. (Talk to your doctor for approval) I started around week 3 and it started out at just 5 minutes. I’d put my son in the stroller and walk around the neighborhood. If you can’t do that, go to the mall (make sure you go with a friend or get a ride if you can’t drive yet). Just find a way to walk. I started at 5 minutes and slowly increased my time up to about 20 minutes as I neared that magic 6 week mark. It helped SO much, kept me sane, and made the ease into exercise much better.
Once your doctor clears you for exercise:
1) Don’t get discouraged. Your strength and endurance might not be what it was, but it’ll come back. Trust me. I’m testimony to that. Your core may seem weak and you’ll have to modify moves for a while….but don’t give up. Keep with it and remember it will improve!
2) Start slow and build your way up. Don’t go guns blazing and do too much too soon. Listen to your body. Push yourself, but don’t go too far. Remember you had a major surgery, things are different with your core now, don’t over do it. I remember when I realized I had to modify my pushups. Something that was a simple exercise for me before, wasn’t so simple anymore. But I listened to my body, modified when needed, worked my way up, and got back to where I was before. It is possible! Hang in there. And remember, walking is a great way to ease back into it!
3) Plan and set goals. Find a race and train for it. Focus on muscle toning. Set aside certain days as your workout days. Whatever goals you have – plan for them and make them happen. They’ll be great motivation as you push forward.
4) Planks are your friend. Your weak core and surgery incision will make it difficult to do most abdominal exercises. Remember to modify. And when all else fails, do planks. Straight arm planks, side planks, elbow planks….even a straight arm plank, with leg lifts incorporated, is a great workout!
5) Don’t compare yourself to other Mommas. Especially other non c-section Mommas. Everybody’s body heals and recovers at different speeds. And non c-section Mommas and c-section Mommas are not an equal comparison when it comes to recovery. Save yourself heartache and remember that jealousy steals joy. Go at your own pace. Figure out what works for you. Work your way up and rejoice with every positive change!
It can be challenging to recover, heal and exercise post c-section. But focus on the wins, stay positive, and remember with determination and consistency, you’ll get back to normal. Kiss that baby’s sweet cheeks and remember it was all worth it! 🙂
I’d love to talk to you more, head over to my Instagram @shape_her to contact me!
Happy Sweating!


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