Unified People Get Stuff Done: Calling All Personal Trainers and Fitness Fanatics

Unified people

Have you ever been part of an awesome group — awesome, not just because personalities click, but because there is incredible unity among members? A group where all individuals are passionate about working together toward one particular goal? There is focus, passion, and intensity that drives activity within the group?

I first experienced an amazing sense of unity on a high school youth group trip to Canada. My youth group was large, so we were split up into small groups for the canoeing and portaging part of the trip. If you’ve ever done a trip like this, you know it can be physically taxing. After all, we were high schoolers carrying heavy canoes and hiking packs on our shoulders for miles at a time! I distinctly remember the unity that my particular group had. It was soooo awesome. We were in sync, we knew our particular roles. We focused on utilizing the strengths of individuals members and making it work well for our group. The trip was a breeze for us, and one of the best weeks of my life. I also remember a different small group — who had no unity. They struggled, they literally had to be rescued out of a cold Canada lake at one point, they all hated the trip and wanted to go home. They had no system, no passion, no focus …

For years, I’ve felt like I’ve been on an island in the fitness industry. I live in Ohio — and Ohio is not particularly well-known for their passion of health and wellness. Sometimes I’ve felt like I’m on a team of one trying to help the mid-west become fit and healthy. Last month I made a decision — a decision to expand my fitness business and business mentorship program by linking arms with the makers of P90X and Insanity. I am not going to lie — at times, I was worried that my fellow personal trainers would think I had sold out. After all, I’ve been working hard to ramp up my own fitness brand, and now I’m promoting another brand as well. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Here’s what I have found over the past month and a half. My fellow trainers are willing to link arms with me too and join my team. Within a little over a month, my team was 40 strong. The fact is — people are using these products — whether I promote them or not. Why not capitalize and be able to help the individuals who are trying these products reach their goals. The BB workouts (most of them) are awesome and I feel confident providing them as an option for my clients to try. Not only that, when a customer orders a BB product online after viewing an infomercial, the person can be assigned to a coach — I’ve actually gotten leads without doing any work at all. The person becomes my customer, and I’m able to help them reach their goals (not to mention collect 25% commission on products moving forward). Wow, what an awesome way to meet new people and help them become the best version of themselves!

success mine yoursMy new team has one thing that I could not seem to get elsewhere in the industry — Unity. We don’t compete, we build each other up and truly inspire each other to grow and excel. It’s an amazing feeling. I wake up every morning excited to interface with the people on my team. We’ve partnered on e-cookbooks, we are working on a monthly subscription called upLIFT women, we are writing books, starting resource sites, sharing strategies, getting certified, and the list goes on. And I would love for you to be one of those people too! I haven’t become a millionaire overnight, but there is also significant (I mean — super significant) earning potential in the fitness industry. However, that’s not why we are in the business. We are all passionate about helping as many people as possible become fit and healthy. My team — Team INSPIRE — has unity. and Unified people get stuff done.

Join us and take advantage of my fitness business mentorship program. I will help you continue to build our your own unique fitness brand. We will focus on the purpose that drives your brand, and make it grow with tried and true marketing strategies that I’ve implemented for clients in my marketing business for years. You will receive thousands of dollars of training — for a small investment of $39.

Here are 5 awesome examples of how this has been a picture perfect partnership:

  • I am now connected with professionals who I would have never met otherwise, and we are combining our strengths to produce some awesome projects with long-term passive income potential.
  • This past week, one of my former clients asked me to come up with a low-impact workout plan for her. I mentioned that I could offer a program called PiYo which is a BB product. She immediately purchased and I received 25% commission. I will help her stay accountable.
  • One of the pain points in my business has been the inability to offer meal plans. This week, several of my clients purchased the BB 3 day cleanse as part of their boot camp program. I am thrilled that they will get a nutrition kick-start and have access to meal replacements moving forward.
  • I am able to partner with fellow trainers to lead online boot camps and challenges. That takes the pressure off of me if I have a particularly stressful day and cannot answer the questions of the clients in the group.
  • I love to train young motivated professionals in sound marketing strategies. My team is marketing versus selling. I love to help my team understand effective marketing with a hook and pull versus spammy sales with a pitch and push.

So, will you join us? Are you a personal trainer or fitness fanatic? Are you passionate about helping others become fit and healthy? Do you generally go “all-in” if you believe that an opportunity is a great fit for you? Are you motivated with the ability to focus effectively and generate a significant income working from home? If so, I would love to chat with you to see if Team INSPIRE might be a good fit. 


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