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Success is about what you Inspire others to do.

Team Inspire Amanda Tress BeachbodyIf money and time were no object, what career field would you choose? If you could spend all day with one type of person, who would that be? If you could influence everyone you know to be the very best version of themselves, would that fulfill you? These are questions I have been asking myself since my 28th birthday. I wrote a listing of goals on my birthday, and I reference the list often. Below, I have listed the goals that I’ve accomplished in the past 4 months.

  1. Streamline my businesses and cut back on jobs that are not quite as financially profitable and/or take too much time away from family time.
  2. Teach Cole how to walk and talk.
  3. Continue to develop my business mentorship program and help at least 25-30 women start their own business and website so they can realize their dream of being self-employed and working from home with the kiddos.
  4. Plan and go on a kid-free vacation with just the hubs.
  5. Land one or two additional larger clients for my digital marketing business so I can focus on a few larger companies versus so many small businesses.
  6. Teach Emma how to play soccer.
  7. Install a pool or work on contentment.
  8. Invite my neighbors to church.
  9. Wear sunblock on my face every day.
  10. Continue building into the lives of our friends and hanging out at least 2 times per month with other couples.
  11. Continue serving on the greeting team at church and consider more involvement.
  12. Complete a few online and in-person boot camps to get as many women fit and healthy as possible.
  13. Decide on a new pre-bedtime snack (versus salty popcorn that isn’t helping the appearance of bags under my eyes, LOL).
  14. Landscape the outside of our house.
  15. Slow time down and enjoy every possible minute (that doesn’t include poopy diapers) with Emma and Baby Cole.

Most all of the goals I created for myself center around my main priorities — faith, family, and fitness. This past year has been full of change and excitement — we built a house, installed a pool, started getting more involved at church and in our community, and I’ve experienced several new career projects, clients, and initiatives. What I’ve realized this year, is if I keep my priorities as the main focus, I will experience “success.” What I’ve also realized is that success for me has very little to do with material riches, and more to do with inspiring others and caring for my family.

In the past few months, I have made some tough decisions and stepped down from some opportunities that I thought were a “perfect fit” for me because I realized that they got in the way of my main priorities — faith, family, and fitness. Each time I step down from something, a much better opportunity comes knocking — one where I don’t have to compromise my priorities. As you’ve read from my post last week, I recently discontinued an awesome marketing client project, and God immediately opened a door for me to pursue a partnership with Beachbody. After years of skepticism toward the company, I decided to be open to the opportunity of linking arms with them. Wow, am I glad I did! In the past two weeks, I have generated $1320 as a direct result of my partnership with the company. After only two weeks, I feel confident enough about the earning potential moving forward that I am going to step down from another large client who is taking time away from important priorities. Through my Beachbody partnership, I’ve been able to enroll 23 amazing professionals to join my team. This allows me the opportunity to mentor and train these professionals via my business mentorship program. The coaches on my team are the kind of people who I want to spend my day with — motivated, fit, passionate young people with a desire to succeed and influence others.

Not only have I been able to build into my team, but I’ve enrolled several current BB coaches into my business mentorship program for a small fee. It has been so awesome to meet new young professionals and help them take their business to the next level online. I have worked to expand their brands past simply BB — together we’ve created websites, started blogs, applied for important fitness networks, learned how to market on social media, gotten a feel for SEO basics, and landed clients.

This week I was also reminded again how lucky I am to have a supportive husband! He is not only willing, but enthusiastic about supporting me in all of my endeavors. The more I interact with women, the more I realize how blessed I truly am to be married to Brandon. He wants me to be the best version of myself and works to support my passions. I think we make a pretty great team!

So — I’ll ask again. If money and time were no object, what career field would you choose? If you could spend all day with one type of person, who would that be? If you could influence everyone you know to be the very best version of themselves, would that fulfill you? If so, submit your information below and chat with me for 5 minutes about my business mentorship program and/or my Beachbody team. If you’re willing and ready to have a chat – let’s connect. I would love to inspire you and help you experience success.


2 thoughts on “Success is about what you Inspire others to do.

  1. Lashay says:

    My brother recommended I may like this blog. He used to be entirely right. This submit truly made my day. You cann’t believe just how so much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

  2. mvdspeaker says:

    The last post here is dated a year ago, I certainly hope you are continuing on your journey to become your BestSelf. I am a singer, songwriter, possibility speaker and coach. I use my music, my messages and my actions, to help individuals to REALIZE their possibilities, not just discover them but bring them to LIFE. Those possibilities fall in the range of Faith, Family and Fitness but also Career Development as well. After a powerful relationship with God and a healthy mind and body, my 3 keys to happiness are:
    1. A longterm loving, supportive and romantic relationship;
    2. A few close family and friends that I share unconditional positive regard with; and
    3. Work that is meaningful to me that puts a smile on my face.

    Each day I do things that move me closer to my BestSelf in those areas and motivate others to find the inspiration within themselves to do the same. For I believe, motivation can get the fire started, but it is fleeting, it typically comes from an outside source, and it doesn’t last very long. However, inspiration, let me repeat that INSPIRATION, is what keeps that fire burning, because inspiration comes from internal sources, your mind, your body and your soul.

    On the journey to becoming your BestSelf, there will be times of joy, sadness, complacency, confusion, indecision and down right frustration. It is easy to find reasons to give up and settle for living an ordinary life instead of the extraordinary lives we are destined to live. Fight through it, use passion, persistent and patience to beat complacency and frustration at all cost. Passion comes from knowing your WHY. Knowing your reasons for getting up in the morning and doing what you do. For instance, you chose not to eat that high fat, sugary, breakfast that is loaded with empty calories because, you care about your health and are passionate about being around to see your grandchildren prosper, so you CHOOSE to eat healthier foods. You choose, to be around positive energetic and motivated people and reading, listening to, and involving yourself in positive activities, because you are passionate about building your wings so you can fly and helping others do the same. Knowing your WHY, helps you to be decisive, helps to eliminate confusion, smoothes over frustration and eradicates complacency. So I offer this simple formula to discovering your WHY.

    1. Discover your gifts, (strengths, talents, those things that make you feel powerful and good about yourself, that you are good at without really trying);

    2, Develop them (OBSERVE others with similar gifts and how they are using them; LEARN the fundamentals, educate yourself on them, get some formal instruction and/or training on them, read everything you can about them, get a degree if you choose or if necessary, if it is math, take challenging math classes, if it is comedy, learn about writing jokes and presenting them, if it is music, take lessons, etc… ; PRACTICE what you have learned through observation, reading, and formal instruction until you reduce mistakes and find your groove with them, develop your own spin to applying your gifs, and continue your practice and until you become passionate about mastering them; then IMPLEMENT them, in your current work, and life, find a way to make a living using them, get a job where you can use them, become self employed where you can offer products or services uses them, start a business where you can use them, join churches or organizations where you can use them, etc…)

    3. Follow their lead and they will lead you to your purpose, your reason for existing, you WHY (watch for opportunities to apply your gifts in ways you never imagined, seize opportunities to combine them with other gifts you have to create new and inventive ways to implement them, consider opportunities to combine them with others whom are fully executing their gifts in ways that complement yours.)

    4. Finally, always remember there is always someone, somewhere, waiting on the other side for that unique something that only you can give, that only you can deliver, that only you can offer to the world. You may say or do something that sparks a desire in the next Einstein, or the young person who becomes the doctor or scientist that discovers the cure for cancer or ends world hunger or a minster who leads millions of souls to salvation.

    In closing, the one thing we know about desire, is that it waits for a trigger. We never know where it will come from, but if each of us strives to become our BestSelf, then it is sure to have a ripple effect, because people are watching, the world is watching, OUR CHILDREN are watching.

    Mark Twain said “The two most important times in a persons life are the day they where born and the day they figure out why”. Find your WHY, become your BestSelf and through your example, motivate others to find the INSPIRATION within themselves to become the Best Version Of Themselves.

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