Cole Tress

Mamas of Boys – How do you do it?!

Cole Tress

Baby Cole is one year old! I just can’t believe it! Now that he’s mobile, I have to watch him like a hawk because he is getting into everything! We have hundreds of toys and books for him to play with … but here’s the only things he’s really interested in doing:

1) Throwing my stuff in the toilet.

2) Taking his diaper off and throwing it in the pool.

3) Playing with any cords — but mostly the one’s he’s not supposed to play with.

4) Playing with technology or throwing it in the toilet/pool.

5) Being held by me.

Obviously it would be too much to ask for him to play with some of his toys. LOL — seriously, boys will be boys.

Mamas of boys — how do you do it?!?

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