5 Tips to Smart (and Fit) Parenting

Click this photo to visit diapers.com and receive $12 off your order by using discount code: WOWHUGGIES

Click this photo to visit diapers.com and receive $12 off your order by using discount code: WOWHUGGIES

Do you ever wonder how smart moms juggle it all or how to effectively maximize your time?

I am thrilled to be partnering with Huggies and diapers.com on a marketing campaign sharing tips for smart parenting. The campaign is one of several I am working on right now through my digital marketing company. I also recently accepted a role as a general manager for a new business accelerator out of Crossroads Church in Cincinnati.  As you can imagine — I am juggling quite a few items at the moment. All very wonderful opportunities, but on top of my digital marketing clients, personal training, and being a mom/wife, it calls for the need to be highly productive.

A couple months back, I shared my tips for being a highly productive mama. Today, I want to share 5 tips to smart (and fit) parenting that I have discovered through trial and error, or by watching other super moms around me. Us moms are busy 24/7. We get no down time – no vacations. All of us need ways to maximize our time so we have MORE time to relax, a chance to pamper ourselves, and the opportunity to spend quality time with our family.

  1. Set the alarm for the crack of early. Most smart, successful, and highly productive moms I interface with have one thing in common – they wake up early. As hard as it can be (and tempting to hit snooze multiple times), it’s always worth getting up, showered, and organized before the kiddos wake up. I typically wake up to my alarm, get showered and ready, and then drink my coffee outside by the pool while I check and respond to emails. It’s so great to get some work accomplished in the quiet of the morning before waking up the babies.
  2. Keep the TV off and steer clear of distractions. I often go for weeks or months without even turning on the TV news in the morning. I am easily sucked into watching mindless TV, so it’s just best for me to keep it off. I also try to check social media only a few times per day. I need to get MUCH better at this because recently I have been slipping and getting a bit distracted. Yesterday, I did not put any IG posts up (my favorite social media) or spend much time checking my feed because I needed to focus hard on some hot deadlines.

    Meal Prep and grilling up some chicken on the weekend ensures that I am able to eat a quick and healthy lunch.

    Meal Prep and grilling up some chicken on the weekend ensures that I am able to eat a quick and healthy lunch.

  3. Meal Prep on Sunday. If you follow me on FB and IG, you know I am literally the worst cook on this side of the Mississippi. However, I learned from several of the fit moms I follow on Instagram, about the importance of meal prep. I am still able to eat healthy and ensure that my family has healthy foods to eat each day because of some weekend prep. This past weekend we marinated and grilled chicken breasts for lunches. We also make our egg casserole for easy/quick breakfasts through the week. Many of my clients cut up veggies and bag almonds or trail mix in snack baggies for work.
  4. Workout at home. One of my very best time saving tips is to workout at home. I do love a good lift at the gym, but it’s so easy to lace up my Under Armour running shoes and jog outside or do my Fit Pregnancy or Body After Baby DVD. My online personal training clients are extremely successful because they are able to maximize their time by working out quickly and effectively at home with my online circuits and DVDs.

    Save time by working out at home using one (or both) of my DVDs!

    Save time by working out at home using one (or both) of my DVDs! Maximize your time with effective workouts.

  5. Shop online! Wow — what a wonderful convenience of our modern culture. I rarely spend time shopping in stores (I also do 100% of my banking online) and this saves me SO much time. One of our biggest shopping list items currently is diapers for Baby Cole. I am thrilled to be able to offer all of you a discount code to purchase Huggies diapers from diapers.com. You have access to an exclusive (and time saving!) promotion for $12 off your first time purchase of a Huggies diaper case using the code WOWHUGGIES at checkout.  Click here to visit the diapers.com site and use the discount code for your purchase.

We love Huggies diapers for Baby Cole. He is a busy boy, and Huggies helps to keep him clean, comfortable, and dry at every stage with trusted leak lock protection.

Here’s a little more about why we choose Huggies for Baby Cole and some features for a NEW & Improved Fit that Lasts Over Time:

  • The NEW Huggies design includes Double Grip Strips that fasten at four points, for a better fit that provides your baby with a hug that lasts.
  • The stretchy SnugFit Waistband helps HUGGIES® Little Movers Diapers stay in place.
  • The Huggies absorbent LEAK LOCK® Technology gives your baby up to 12 hours of leak protection.
  • Adorable © Disney designs feature Mickey and Minnie

Remember, you have access to exclusive savings of $12 off your first diapers.com purchase of a Huggies diaper case using the code WOWHUGGIES at checkout. In addition, you will get free shipping on an order of $49 or more (offer only available to new diapers.com members).

Diapers.com Diapering products include more than 1,411 items. You’ll get great prices on all products. No lines. No heavy bags. No driving. Just the products that keep your life in balance, conveniently shipped to your door faster and easier than any errand you’ve done before.

I hope you are able to enjoy this great promotion and time saving tip. What other tips would you add to my list for smart (and fit) parenting?

We are gearing up for Baby Cole’s 1st birthday this coming weekend. Ah, how did the year possibly fly by so quickly? Stay tuned for party photos on my IG and FB page. Enjoy your week!

One thought on “5 Tips to Smart (and Fit) Parenting

  1. Meredith says:

    It has been fun getting to know you through your blog. I am originally from Gahanna, OH so it is nice to see and hear from an Ohioan, way out here in AZ. How wonderful that you have found your passion along with being a great mother. I love being a SAHM, but am struggling with the lack of accomplishment, so I am hoping to change that by the end of the year. Keep up the good work!

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