Vega Sport Energy Bars Review

Pic on the left is 6 years ago, and photos on the right are this past weekend.

Pic on the left is 6 years ago, and photos on the right are this past weekend.

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend with your families and are enjoying a fabulous start to the week. We were in the pool for most of the weekend, and it was wonderful!

This past week, I started an in-person boot camp in town. I led one last summer starting two weeks after Baby Cole was born, and it was a TON of fun. I have already really enjoyed getting to know the ladies in the boot camp, and I can’t wait to see their results. Like my online boot camp program, we are combining effective HIIT workouts with some running, and proper nutrition. I am following the eat clean challenge that I created with my online and in-person boot campers, and I feel SO good. Honestly, even after delivering two babies, I believe that I am the healthiest I have ever been.  Here is a photo (left) from 6 years ago before I had any babies or the stresses of my own company and a house to manage, and two photos (right) from this past weekend. It IS possible to be fitter and more healthy AFTER having babies.

A huge part of my personal wellness plan includes a clean, whole foods, balanced approach to my food intake. 6 years ago, I was careful to “count calories,” but not necessarily eat the nutrient dense foods that my body needed to fuel my workouts. Now, I don’t count calories at all or measure portion sizes, macros, etc. I eat clean, whole foods to satisfaction.

The chocolate coconut almond bars were SO delish.

The chocolate coconut almond bars were SO delish.

My current food intake is a high veggies, high protein, high [good] fats plan. Recently, I had the opportunity to taste-test the Vega Sport Energy Bars as part of a SweatPink and Vega Sport Fuel Your Better campaign. The box I received was chocolate coconut almond. Oh my goodness … SOOOOO delish. I am a sucker for anything chocolate and almond, and adding in the coconut gave the bars a perfect taste.

The Vega Sport website says the following about these amazing bars:

“Moist and delicious, plant-based Vega Sport Energy Bar is easy to eat mid-workout to help you go the distance. Each function-focused bar features:

  • 27 g carbs from whole food ingredients
  • High and low glycemic carbohydrates for immediate and sustained energy
  • 1 g Omega-3

Formulated by Brendan Brazier, professional Ironman triathlete and bestselling author on performance nutrition, Vega Sport Energy Bar is part of the three-stage Vega Sport Nutrition System.

Non-GMO, gluten-free, and made without artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, enjoy Vega Sport Energy Bars in Chocolate Coconut Almond and Apple Cherry flavors.”

Visit the Vega Sport Fuel Your Better to learn more about how to properly fuel your body for workouts. The site is fabulous and very informative. It covers the topics of motivation, overtraining, stamina, muscle burn, and the importance of proper fueling.

I am so thrilled that I had the opportunity to taste-test the Vega Sport Energy Bars, and I definitely recommend that you try them as well! Enjoy.

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