Postpartum Workouts

This week was quite a whirl-wind, but fabulous overall. I love going on vacation (as you can tell from my frequent trips), but it’s always a bit hard to catch up upon return. However, I had a great work-week, and am feeling quite excited about several items in the works.

What are the best postpartum workouts? I have been asking myself this question ever since I had Emma. You see, my workouts have changed quite a bit now that I’m a mom. I no-longer have hours of freedom to go on long runs, listen to my music and enjoy a long stint on cardio machines before dinking around in the free weight room. My postpartum workouts are much faster, intense, and more efficient than my pre-baby workouts.

To stay fit and toned, my postpartum workouts now focus on HIIT (high intensity interval training), and sprint workouts or lifting. For those who have my Body After Baby DVD, you know I like to maximize and hour (or less) for my postpartum workouts. And here’s the honest truth — I am MORE fit, and STRONGER now, than I was pre-baby.

It is absolutely not necessary to be in the gym for hours upon end to be fit and healthy. Recently, I’ve received several “before and after” progress pics from moms who have purchased and tried my Body After Baby Boot Camp DVD consistently.  Wow, it is SO AMAZING to rejoice with these women who are feeling fit and healthy just a few short weeks after beginning my DVD (even after years of spinning their wheels [literally] with cardio in the gym).


Ashley A says, “The picture on the right was … [last year]… The pic on the left was this morning! I wanted to show you the difference! It feels great! … I feel amazing and I love your DVD! Thanks again!”

I’ve gotten so many great emails and social media messages from ladies who are getting fit and healthy, and who are much happier moms as a result. Woot, woot! I LOVE it.

Order my Body After Baby DVD this week, and receive a FREE workout plan to use with the DVD. The postpartum workout plan is a combination of my DVD workout, other HIIT circuits hyperlinked from my private YouTube channel, and written instructions on an outdoor workout. I would love to correspond with you via email should you have any questions as well.

Body After Baby Boot Camp DVD Workout

Are you hoping to get your pre-baby body back? Do you want to feel fit, healthy, sexy, and confident? Are you unsure of how to develop a 6 pack after baby? Purchase my “Body After Baby Boot Camp Workout” DVD today. Please contact me for details on international shipping.

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