Balanced & Healthy Life Tips

I love this fit mom guest blogger post from Daniella. She is a great gal and I look forward to getting to know her more.  

Fit mom guest blogger, Daniella.

Fit mom guest blogger, Daniella.

Hi Fit Pregnancy & Parenting Readers!

I’m so excited Amanda invited me to share some of my Fit Mama tips with you. My name is Daniella and I blog over at The Merfett about life as a Mama, and working in the film/tv business. I live in Burbank, CA with my hubby – Merfman, and we have a pretty awesome tiny human, Merfbaby.

I’m still a new Mama, and I’ve only been at this parenting thing since July 2013 – but I’m learning how to keep my life balanced and healthy. I played NCAA water polo, so as an athlete I know that being active is a big part of my mental health too.

As parents we learn how to plan and anticipate the needs of our kiddos, right? It’s so important that we do the same for us! Here are some easy ways I keep my life balanced and healthy: 


Merfbaby 🙂

  1. Meal Plan and Prep – It’s not a totally new idea, but it’s a life (and time) changer! Since my husband also works in the film/tv business I’m often eating dinner solo 4 -5 times a week. Cooking for one is never fun, and if I don’t plan and prep I often end up having Peanut Butter toast for dinner. Oops. Spend a few moments a week planning out meals – make a list of your weekly basics and build your menu from there. Mine include: ground turkey, organic chicken breasts, free range eggs, season veggies and fruit. I also make sure to keep some pasta and brown rice on hand. After I get home from shopping I do my prep – wash and chop fruits/veggies and bake my chicken.
  2. Hands Free Cooking – Having kids means you don’t always get to do things with two hands. Especially when a certain tiny human is having a fussy day. So I make my kitchen do the work for me! I love my rice cooker and I’ll use it at lease once a week to make a batch of brown rice. Crock pots are a parent’s BFF. I’m a huge fan of using them on the weekend so I can spend more time with my family. And my biggest hands free cooking tip – roasting! Grilled chicken is my go-to protein, but I don’t often have time to babysit a pan of chicken on the stove. So –  I season them with some olive oil, salt and pepper and cook at 350 for 20 – 30 min checking to make sure they are cooked through. You can also roast veggies: broccoli, carrots, brussel sprouts – you name it!
  3. Move Daily – I try to get in at least 20 min of activity a day. I was a regular at the gym before having a baby – but since childcare wouldn’t take an infant, and I rarely have someone to babysit I found other ways to exercise. Sometimes it’s a few laps through the neighborhood with the jogging stroller, or a quick session on my spin bike at home during naptime. I have a yoga mat, exercise ball and some dumbbells that I can use for a strength workout too.
  4. Take Care of You – I know that I’m a better wife and Mama when I try to take a little time for myself. Often, exercise is my “me” time to think and clear my head. Sometimes it’s reading or taking a bath. Whatever helps recharge you – try to make time for that. 

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