It’s a New Year. Make it great!

It’s a New Year! We enjoyed an absolutely amazing year. I can honestly say it was our best year yet, and I can also say it was my most exhausting year yet. If you’ve been reading my blog for any time, you are familiar with the highlights, but here is a quick recap!

  • We produced a Fit Pregnancy Total Body Workout DVD and sold out of copies within one week!
  • I maintained a fit pregnancy, and Baby Cole was born after a very smooth (and fast) labor and delivery. Popped him out in one push. Watch Baby Cole’s year in review.
  • We produced a Body After Baby Boot Camp Workout DVD where Baby Cole and Brandon were the guest stars.
  • We went on several beach vacations to relax and recharge with the family.
  • I quit my full-time web marketing job after 5 amazing years with the same company, and started Tress Marketing Solutions. Self-employment has been a dream come true, and my business has exploded in all the right ways.
  • I sold my house a few weeks after Baby Cole was born after only 24 hours on the market (For Sale by Owner).
  • We built our dream home and moved in just in time for Christmas.

I have been thinking through my New Year’s Resolutions for the past several days. This year, I want to be very intentional about relaxing and spending more focused fun time with my little family. I love to work hard, but I also need to continue defining and finding the balance between work and family life. (The balance is a little more tricky when you work from home). The babies are only babies once, and we need to soak up every moment. I am hoping to continue going on vacation to the beach on a regular basis, and enjoying fun weekend activities with the kids. The hubs has off every other Friday, so hopefully we can take advantage of Friday’s as a “day-off” for me too!


I am also going to be working very hard to build up my immune system this winter. I had Strep three times in a row already this year, and I hope to kick off 2014 as healthy as possible. I am sure to eat a good bit of yogurt for the probiotics, and I am doubling up on Juice Plus (a fruit and veggie supplement I take), in addition to cutting processed sugars and treats out of my diet as much as possible. Please pray for me as I attempt to get 100% back to normal. I have an ear, nose, and throat specialist appointment next week and a consult for a tonsillectomy. I *really* don’t want to have to get my tonsils out, so hopefully I can build up my immune system effectively naturally and avoid the need for surgery.

Stay tuned for some awesome updates in 2014! I have some great partnerships in the works and look forward to hearing your news too. I would love to follow you on Instagram as well — so be sure to give me a shout-out (@fitparenting).

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