Home For The Holidays


Baby Cole helped me put up the Christmas tree lights.

We are in our new home!!! Brandon and I signed all of the important papers yesterday morning and got a shiny set of new house keys. We quickly moved all of our belongings into the house and are already making the house feel like our home. I cannot begin to express the excitement that this move brings for our little family. We feel beyond blessed and so very thankful that we were able to build our dream home and move in before Christmas.

One of the first orders of business was to set up the Christmas tree with the kids! Cole was mesmorized by the Christmas tree lights. It is so fun to watch him discover Christmas for the first time. Emma is having a lot of fun running around the new house and helping me decorate. She has been a huge help to decorate the lower half of the tree.

Emma loves her new room and slept very well last night. Baby Cole is not so sure about his new room, and in spite of multiple attempts, ended up sleeping next to me in bed. So … I am a bit tired this morning — but extremely happy.

I was able to relax in my new soaking tub last night, and put up some decorations with the kiddos.

I was able to relax in my new soaking tub last night, and put up some decorations with the kiddos.

We are slowly, but surely, organizing each room and unpacking boxes. Over two-thirds of our belongings were in storage for the last 3 months, so we are thrilled to unpack some items that we haven’t seen since the summer.

Last night, I got to spend a few minutes relaxing in my new soaking tub. Ahhhhh, I have been looking forward to my tub for months now. It’s so nice to be able to finally live in the house that was only a dream for many months.

This morning, my gym clients plans were canceled due to snow. But, I’m certainly not complaining. I missed my gym clients, but it’s certainly wonderful to be writing this blog while I sip my coffee, listen to Christmas music, watch Emma decorate the tree, and feel warmed by the fire. Still feels surreal.

As for workouts this week — I have done a good bit of cardio, and some plyometrics, but got my lifting workout in on Thursday and Friday moving. Wow — pretty sure I almost broke my biceps carrying couches, clothing dressers, and tables. HA! I am certainly sore today in all the right places. However, I CANNOT wait to set up our finished basement as my new exercise studio with cardio machines, free weights, and a place for pilates.

Thank you so much for sharing in my joy over the past few months through the building and moving process. Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@fitparenting) for lots of photo updates. Merry Christmas!

We got some beautiful snow over night.

We got some beautiful snow over night.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

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