Baby Cole is 5 Months Old!

Baby Cole is all smiles. I love his sweet spirit.

Baby Cole is all smiles. I love his sweet spirit.

Baby Cole is 5 months old! Say what?!? The time has flown by, but we have truly enjoyed watching Cole grow over the past few months. He is ALL SMILES and his sweet spirit balances out our family very well. Here are a few highlights of Cole’s 4th month of life.

  • Cole can now sit up without assistance for several minutes or longer. He no longer needs the Bumbo. It’s bitter-sweet to see him sitting up so early!
  • Cole enjoyed his second trip to the beach this past month and will hopefully be a water baby like his big sister, Emma.
  • Baby Cole is great with his hands and likes to hold the spoon when we feed him solids.
  • Cole is already eating peaches, apples, and sweet potatoes! He is very interested in what we are eating, and recently started taste testing these new foods. He still won’t drink even a sip of formula, so I am primarily breastfeeding with a little food for him here and there.
  • Baby Cole has been on countless trips with us to the new house. We will be closing in less than 2 weeks. He will love the huge increase in play space.
  • Cole enjoyed his first Thanksgiving and even got to eat some peaches at the adult table.
  • (Knock on wood) Baby Cole is sleeping a good 12 hours at night. I’m hoping he continues doing that consistently!
Baby Cole taste-tested avocado and did not enjoy it.

Baby Cole taste-tested avocado and did not enjoy it.

I am feeling great at 5 months postpartum. I still have some work to do in the “muscle-building” department, but overall, I feel very fit and healthy. I cannot wait to move into our new house. It’s honesty crazy the amount of things that we have accomplished in the past 5 months, but I am ready to relax a bit and settle into our new home come December 13. It will be great to have the extra space and I cannot wait to decorate for Christmas with the kids!

My online boot campers are doing very well in this round for our Fit and Festive Holiday Boot Camp! I can’t wait to see how much they improve in a few short weeks of hard-core workouts and healthy eating.

Did you have a good Thanksgiving with your family? I have so many things to be thankful for this year. However, my biggest blessing is my little Cole! It’s been very fun to start some traditions with Emma and Cole this weekend. We went shopping on Black Friday and got some great deals for the new house, and we have been watching a different Christmas movie every evening this week. So fun!

If you missed the Black Friday deal that I posted on my Facebook page — be sure to take advantage of my Cyber Monday DVD deal. Purchase either my Body After Baby Boot Camp DVD, or my Fit Pregnancy Total Body Workout DVD, and be reimbursed for shipping and handling costs via PayPal.

I am feeling great at 5 months postpartum.

I am feeling great at 5 months postpartum.

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