Important Lessons Learned on Vacation


We enjoyed a date night in Orlando while Nana and Papa watched Emma. So fun!

We enjoyed a date night in Orlando while Nana and Papa watched Emma. So fun!

I am once again back from a fabulous vacation in sunny FL! We had a rocky start, but I learned some valuable lessons, and the trip ended beautifully.

Lesson number 1: Be sure to keep your wallet close during travel days. I put my wallet in the pocket of my coat when we were going through check-in and security in Columbus. At some point between Columbus and Tampa, I lost my jacket … and my wallet. Turns out, losing a wallet is not super convenient on vacation.

Lesson number 2: If you are in excruciating pain when swallowing, have puss sacs on the back of your throat, run a fever, and are simply run down — go to the doctor! We started our trip on Tuesday morning, and by Wednesday evening, I finally decided to go to Urgent Care (that is when I realized my wallet was missing which had my insurance card, license, and credit card). I went to Urgent care, which surprisingly does not require ID for services, and found out I had Strep. After a short 12 hours on antibiotics, I felt 80% better, and I’m so glad I caved and went to the doctor so I could enjoy the rest of vacation.

Lesson number 3: If you happen to lose your license on vacation, you still actually get through airport security pretty easily. I had to answer a couple of questions, and viola — I was through!

Lesson number 4: Don’t do any kissing if you have Strep. One of the worst parts of being sick is that I couldn’t love on Emma, Cole, and Brandon, LOL.

We move into our new house in 3 weeks! Can't wait!

We move into our new house in 3 weeks! Can’t wait!

Lesson number 5: Even if a few things “go wrong” on vacation, you can still turn things around and have a phenomenal time. The first two days were a bit rough, but then we had 6 more days to enjoy some sun, good food, family time, and rest! I wouldn’t trade our trips for anything. When we look back on our lives, we will not say, “I wish I had worked more.” I hope to say, “I am so thankful for our fun trips when the kids were little, and the quality time we spent with the family.”

We returned back home to Ohio last night, and hit the ground running — literally. I have knocked a TON of web projects and items off my to-do list today, and I am excited to train some gym clients this evening. We visited our house last night, and it’s looking AMAZING! We move in three short weeks. I can’t wait to decorate the Christmas tree with the kids after we move!

How was your week? Have you ever experienced some rough situations on vacation? How did it end?

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