It’s My Half Birthday: Update on my goals for the year.

I cannot believe Cole is already 3 months old! Time absolutely flies.

I cannot believe Cole is already 3 months old! Time absolutely flies.

It’s my half birthday today! We don’t typically celebrate half-birthdays, but it’s certainly a good time to look back over my goals for the year and see how things are shaping up. I am 27 this year, so I made 27 goals on April 2. I am quite pleased with how many I have accomplished, but I certainly have my work cut out for me through the next 6 months.

Here is the list:

  1. Choose a charity to give a portion of all proceeds from my Fit Pregnancy DVD sales (any ideas for me?): Done — I gave to a charity associated with the bombings at the Boston Marathon. 
  2. Maintain a fit pregnancy until Baby Boy’s delivery: Done — worked out until the day I delivered and popped him out in one contraction. 
  3. Bounce back quickly from labor and delivery and produce a post-pregnancy DVD — Done — just launched pre-orders for the “Body After Baby Boot Camp Workout” DVD yesterday. 
  4. Develop a Fit Pregnancy eBook and sell it on my site: In progress. I started an eBook with a fit friend, but put it on the back-burner while I produced the DVD.
  5. Develop a Pregnancy Nutrition eBook and sell it on my site: Haven’t started yet. 
  6. Teach Emma how to go poo on the potty chair: In progress.
  7. Nurse Baby Boy successfully for 10 months: In progress. He is exclusively breast-fed. Hasn’t had a bit of formula yet. 
  8. Ramp up my web-marketing clients and do more consulting with bloggers (my favorite clients): Done. Have some great new clients!
  9. Add a media kit to my site: Haven’t started yet. 
  10. Run a half marathon: Done
  11. Get involved in a Bible study at church: Not yet
  12. Finish my church’s website (I am working on it now): Done
  13. Buy or build a bigger house or work on contentment: In progress — building a house currently, but need to work on contentment in our temporary 2 bedroom apartment. 
  14. Start an off-shoot of my consulting company for women who want to start their own PT business: Done — I’ve been working with some great clients through my Health and Wellness Business Mentorship Program
  15. Appear on TV to promote fit parenting: Haven’t done yet.
  16. Finish Baby Boy’s nursery: Done. But then we moved, so now he and Emma are sharing rooms, and then we’ll have to set up his nursery again when we move again. LOL. 
  17. Develop a 6 pack after Baby #2: In progress
  18. Paint all the baseboards in my house: Was going to do this and then sold my house after a day, so it seemed futile. 
  19. Pay off the small car loan on my new SUV Baby Mobile: Done
  20. Look into developing a fitness clothing brand for my plus size gym clients: Haven’t started this. 
  21. Come up with more business ideas to produce passive income: Done, just need to implement them.
  22. Plan and take a trip with just me and the hubs before baby comes: Done
  23. Pass my anatomy and physiology exam (continuing ed): In progress
  24. Help each and every one of my gym clients reach their goals: In progress
  25. Teach Emma how to kick a real soccer ball and throw a baseball: She can kick, but needs to learn how to throw. 
  26. Write goals and a checklist for every month of the year in order to be as productive as possible: Whoops, forgot about this one, LOL. I write a list at the beginning of the week though, and it is a living document. 
  27. Slow time down and enjoy every possible minute (that doesn’t include poopy diapers) with Emma and Baby Boy: In progress 🙂

Phew — I got tired just looking through the list! One other big goal that I have for this year is to re-evaluate my fitness business as it relates to training clients (physically) in the gym. I have trained in the gym for 9+ years and really do love it (for the most part), but I’ve been refusing to crunch the numbers because I know it’s actually (by far) my least profitable endeavor. I tell my clients I don’t do it for the money — and that is 100% true. I train clients because I am passionate about helping them become fit. However, at some point I need to either raise my rates, or re-evaluate whether it is worth the time invested and away from my family. Between paying for childcare, paying the gym’s fees, and gas, I probably break even. LOL. Prayer appreciated as I consider my options. My entire basement at my new house will be an exercise studio, so I plan to train several clients there once we move — can’t wait!!! One of my most successful and fun programs this year has been my online Virtual Boot Camp. My ladies have done so well, and I am very excited to continue the program this entire year.

What are some of your goals for the year?

8 thoughts on “It’s My Half Birthday: Update on my goals for the year.

  1. Laura says:

    Great list! You must have such a busy schedule! Love your whole idea…. I have goals but I don’t organize them as well as you do! Might have to try it 🙂

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