HipS-sisters Review and Giveaway

Cole was in the hospital with a fever last week. Worst experience of my life. So glad he is healthy now!

Cole was in the hospital with a fever last week. Worst experience of my life. So glad he is healthy now!

I hope your week is going well. My week has been one million times better than last week, so I couldn’t be happier. About every 6 months I have a week where everything breaks or goes wrong, we barely survive it, and then things are smooth for another 6 months. Last week was one of those weeks.

Cole had a fever, so I called the pediatrician to see how much Tylenol to give him, and the next thing I know we are in Dayton Children’s emergency room and Cole is getting a spinal tap. It was absolutely the worst experience of my life. The hospital staff took complete control away from us as parents, and did a slew of things in the name of “standard procedure.” They admitted him and said we would be in the hospital for 48 hours. Emma had a cold, and so did I, so I was positive that he had a cold as well. They tested him for everything possible and confirmed that he had a cold, but did not discharge us (because standard procedure is to keep a baby under 60 days old in the hospital for 48 hours). After 24 hours in the hospital with absolutely no sleep at all, I decided to leave. We signed papers and went home with Cole so he could recover at home with me. Best decision we could have made. A baby should not be in the hospital if he has a cold. He should be home resting with his mom. I still think the whole thing was unbelievable and can’t wait to fill out the survey about how bad of an experience it was.

Enter my giveaway for this HipS-sister!

Enter my giveaway for this HipS-sister!

Last week we were also dealing with some very negative issues surrounding the inspection of our current home. The whole house inspector that our buyers hired (Lewis Messer) came up with 4 pages of ridiculous things wrong with our house. Turned out none of them were legitimate, but I spent all week hiring my own contractors to prove that our house was perfectly fine. He even said that our roof wasn’t made with enough wood, and I had to have 3 roofers come out and inspect the roof to be sure Lewis Messer was incorrect. What a pain! Thankfully, that is all behind us and we are ready to close!

This week has been awesome. Everyone is healthy (knock on wood) and I feeling so much more organized with both my web and personal training clients. I started a Virtual Boot Camp this past Monday, and my clients are doing so well! Stay tuned for another online Virtual Boot Camp starting on Sept 9. Let me know if you’d like more information and to join!

Now onto the fun stuff! I was asked to review a new product called a HipS-sister. It’s a really cool twist on the traditional “fanny pack.” The HipS-sister is comfortable and stylish. There are so many occasions where I want to go on a walk or take my client outside the gym without bringing my purse or gym bag along. The HipS-sister makes it possible to bring a key, credit card, ID, or even granola bar along without having to wear a frumpy fanny pack!

I have a black and a hot pink HipS-sister.

I have a black and a hot pink HipS-sister.

There are several different styles of HipS-sisters. The ]Left-Coast, Global, City, Vegas, SportS, SwimS, etc. View all of the styles on the HipS-sisters website. SO cute!

I have a black and a pink HipS-sister. I think they are super cute! I am excited to have the opportunity to offer you the chance to win a HipS-sister of your own. Simply do the following to enter the giveaway. Post a comment for every action you complete.

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31 thoughts on “HipS-sisters Review and Giveaway

  1. Piper's Run says:

    These are great! I think I’d like the Left Coast Sister – either in black or turquoise would be my pick! The one item i’d put in my HipS-sister would be a lip balm! With cooler temperatures coming I always need to have lip balm handy.
    Glad Cole is feeling better – it’s so heartbreaking when little ones are sick.

  2. Jennifer Hutchinson says:

    The HipS-sister looks awesome. I would love to put my iphone, energy gels, id’s, and keys in one of them. The HipS-sister has so many uses not just for fitness but also out with friends or on vacation. It’s so cute too cause it looks like you’re wearing a tank top underneath your shirt. I would love to have one.

  3. Yesenia says:

    Already following you on Instagram. Liked Family Fitness Apparel on FB, and I would probably end up putting chapstick, ID, and Ipod in there! I love this, so convenient and keeps your hands free 😀

  4. stampest says:

    Hey Amanda!
    We just moved into a really old house that has skeleton keys… Neat, but they’re huge! It’s uncomfortable to keep them in my pocket while I run. I’d probably also keep a few dog poo collecting bags in there too, haha.

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