Exercise During Pregnancy: Helps with Labor, Delivery, and Recovery

Exercise during pregnancy helps with labor, delivery, and recovery

My water broke at 1 a.m. and we headed to the hospital.

First, I hope you have checked outthe Nestlé Pure Life Facebook Page to learn about the benefits of drinking water and tips on how to stay hydrated. I am doing a campaign with them and would really appreciate the support. 

Cole Preston Tress is finally here! Thank you so much for the kind comments and well-wishes on my Facebook and Instagram accounts. I was scheduled to be induced on Friday morning, and to my surprise (and excitement), my water broke on Friday morning at 1 a.m. I started getting contractions and headed to the hospital. I got an epidural as soon as I hit 4 cm dilated, and delivered Cole at 12.12 p.m. after pushing for only one contraction. Cole was 7lb, 9 ounces, and 21 inches long!  I had a wonderful team of nurses and was so happy to have my favorite doctor run over from my OB/GYN office to deliver Cole even though he wasn’t on call.

My labor with Cole was smooth, and I attribute much of that to my commitment and ability to maintain a fit pregnancy. Even after I got the epidural, I was able to move my legs with ease, and the nurses were impressed with how energized and strong I was for delivery.

Cole Preston Tress. Born at 12.12 on June 21, 2013. Proud daddy (and my doctor) to the left.

Cole Preston Tress. Born at 12.12 on June 21, 2013. Proud daddy (and my doctor) to the left.

I slept on and off after I got my epidural because I wanted to be well-rested for the grand finale. By the time I was 10 cm dilated, I was very ready to meet my little boy. My doctor ran over from my OB/GYN office complex (only .5 miles from the hospital, which is also only .5 miles from my house — convenient!). I pushed for one contraction and out popped Cole. The umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, so my doctor cut it off quickly and let Brandon cut the cord.

Cole is absolutely perfect. He is a superstar eater and we enjoyed our first night at home last night. The grandparents came into town to see Cole for his first two days of life, and Emma is just now starting to warm up to her baby brother.

Cole and I relaxing in the hospital.

Cole and I relaxing in the hospital.

I am committed  to taking it easy for at least a week. After I delivered Emma, I pushed too hard, too fast, and I think my recovery was slower as a result (ie: within two days I was taking the dog for a walk, shopping, standing up when visitors came to the house, etc). This time around I am doing my best to rest, stay off my feet, and enjoy every minute of Cole’s first week of life. I already feel much better this time around, and we were even discharged 24 hours earlier than with my first.

I am so thankful for a great labor and delivery experience, and I appreciate your prayers as Cole and I continue to recover and get to know each other this week.

Emma has warmed up to her baby brother after having him home all day today.

Emma has warmed up to her baby brother after having him home all day today.

11 thoughts on “Exercise During Pregnancy: Helps with Labor, Delivery, and Recovery

  1. amy says:

    I had two csections and both times I was up and walking around within hours of the surgery. I never let them push me in a wheelchair and walked out of the hospital on my own. I would go shopping soon after bring home and walk around as normal. My daughter was in the NICU for a few days and I would have to walk from my hospital room there. I never regretted pushing myself. The mote you sit, the stiffer you get. It’s always best to walk around, it’s proven to help recovery.

    • Neeru says:

      I am so touched rediang your post, Ceci! You\’ve captured so many touching and beautiful images! Your self portrait is gorgeous! And I love the image on the slide!!

    • Amanda Tress says:

      Thanks Madeline! My water broke at 4.20 a.m. with Emma and I delivered her at 4.45 p.m. So almost the same, but I had to get a Pitocin drip to speed things along. I think my labor with Cole would have been faster but I had to lay on my back the whole time since the cord was wrapped so tightly around his neck. So … slightly faster the second time!

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