BMW Maclaren Stroller Giveaway!

31.5 weeks pregnant with Emma (left), and 34.5 weeks pregnant with Baby Boy (right).

31.5 weeks pregnant with Emma (left), and 34.5 weeks pregnant with Baby Boy (right). I am actually measuring smaller with him, but he is measuring bigger than Emma!

I hope you had a wonderful week! I am officially 34.5 weeks pregnant … 8.5 months along and in the homestretch! I delivered at 37 weeks with Emma, and would LOVE to deliver at 37 weeks with Baby Boy (fingers crossed).

Overall, I have enjoyed this pregnancy far more than my first one. Recently I have been sick with a bad cold and feeling rather puffy. Personally, I think my face looks swollen and my nose looks wider than usual. This happened at the very end of my pregnancy with Emma. I am trying to wear my hair slightly bigger than normal, wear cute clothes, put some lighter make-up down the middle of my nose, etc to compensate. Thankfully I have a very nice husband who has been trying to give me compliments whenever possible, and a few of my girlfriends who know I am very insecure about the puffiness have been extra sweet. I am also putting into practice the following tips to ensure that I do not retain too much water.

Here is my workout summary from this past week:

  • Day 1: 3 hours of running and weight training with clients
  • Day 2: 2 hours of cardio machines and track workout with clients
  • Day 3: Rest
  • Day 4: 3 hours of cardio machines and light weight training with clients
  • Day 5: Rest and a few miles of walking with Emma
  • Day 6: 2 hours of cardio machines and plyos with clients
  • Day 7: 3 mile walk/run
Enter the giveaway for a chance to win this BMW Maclaren stroller!

Enter the giveaway for a chance to win this silver BMW Maclaren stroller!

So, onto the FUN stuff! BMW Maclaren has offered to send one of you (my lovely readers) a BMW Maclaren stroller like the one pictured here! This.Is.Huge!

Emma has thoroughly enjoyed her BMW Maclaren stroller, and I feel great pushing her around in a super nice stroller with the BWM logo (who wouldn’t?). It is a very smooth ride, easy to transport, perfect in any weather, looks stylish, and very safe.

Read my  previous blogs on the BMW Maclaren stroller:

Please do one or more of the following to enter the giveaway. Each action is optional, but the more entries you have, the more likely you are to win. Leave a comment on this blog post for each action item that you complete. I will pick a winner on  Monday, May 27, 2013.

BMW Maclaren Stroller

Win this BWM Maclaren stroller and your toddler will be riding in style!

248 thoughts on “BMW Maclaren Stroller Giveaway!

  1. Yesenia Smith says:

    I like Maclaren on facebook, I like Fit Pregnancy and Parenting on FB & Instagram 😀 I would prefer the Black color. The color just goes with everything!

  2. Jocelyn Behuncik says:

    I follow fit parenting on instagram and facebook and I definately love the black Maclaren buggy! Can never go wrong with black!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Wow that is a great looking stroller! It would be really hard to decide the color with all the choices. I love the hot pink, bright blues, and red one!

  4. Miranda Michener says:

    I love all the colors! I also follow fit pregnancy on twitter and I’ve entered @fitparenting’s Maclaren #BMWbuggycomp. FINGERS CROSSED!!!

  5. Rebecca Beschta says:

    I follow fit pregnancy and parenting on facebook
    I followed @MaclaranNA on twitter
    I followed @fitparenting on twitter
    I love the silver Stroller

  6. Krista says:

    I would definitely stick with the black. Classy looking and wouldn’t show dirt/stains as easily as the lighter colors.

  7. Krista says:

    Don’t have twitter so I can’t do any of the other things, but I am already following Fit Pregnancy and Parenting on Facebook.

  8. Doug H says:

    BMW in Black or Silver… my wife and I would love this for our 2nd child due in august. Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. audrey says:

    I love the black and the medieval blue strollers and would be excited and overjoyed to own either, but if I was choosing I’d go with the blue!

  10. audrey says:

    I’m now following you on facebook too and so excited I found your blog! Thanks for the chance to win this stroller it would be so wonderful. Hope the rest of your pregnancy is smooth sailing!

  11. Sandi says:

    I like the black! Practical for both myself and hubby to use.

    I don’t have a twitter acct, but I like you on fb, instagram and pinterest 🙂

  12. Kristal miguel says:

    I love love love the Silver Buggy, but think that blank would be the best option to help hide juice and snack stains!

  13. Alison Banks says:

    I follow Fit Pregnancy and Parenting on Facebook.
    I like the Black BMW Maclaren the best.
    I follow @fitparenting on Instagram and Twitter!
    I follow @MaclarenNA on twitter and I follow them on Facebook!!
    I shared the link to the Maclaren #BMWbuggycomp on twitter 🙂

  14. Michelle essex says:

    I love the silver bmw buggy looks different to most buggys you see out there love the idea for dads to have a trendy buggy to push too! I will follow on Facebook to fit pregnancy and patenting always good to have advice a valuable thing as a parent

  15. sherelle escobedo says:

    I followed you on facebook and instagram!! I am loving the green and black buggy as well as the red!!

  16. Mallory says:

    Amanda is not only my trainer but a good friend! While training with Amanda I had the opportunity to witness first hand the functionality and quality of the BMW Maclaren buggy. I was fortunate enough to train with Amanda at her home the day I was first introduced to the BMW Maclaren buggy. We walked to a nearby parking lot where Amanda had my sister and I do sprints. With the help of the BMW Maclaren buggy Emma was able to join us! Emma looked extremely pleased and comfortable while riding in the buggy. I personally enjoy long walks and running and would love the opportunity to own the BMW Maclaren buggy! My husband, Dustin, and I may be trying for a baby in the near future and winning the BMW Maclaren buggy would be a wonderful opportunity! I prefer the grey BMW Maclaren buggy. The grey is sleek, modern, and fun! Thank you for this great opportunity Amanda! 😀

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