BMW Maclaren Buggy: Riding in Style

The BMW Maclaren buggy arrived just in time for our worst snow of the year.

Emma and I are honored to be among the first in the US to try out the new BMW Maclaren stroller for toddlers. The buggy arrived two weeks ago, and Emma is thoroughly enjoying her new ride.

On the day the stroller arrived, we had our worst snow storm of the season — at the end of March! But that didn’t stop Emma and me from going to the park and trying out her new buggy. Emma absolutely loves to go outside and play — no matter how cold or hot it is. The Maclaren has a great canopy for all-weather.

Brandon’s parents visited last weekend for Easter, and we enjoyed some outings with the new stroller at the Greene (a great outdoor shopping center by our house).

The BMW Maclaren with us at the park and the Greene shopping center. Emma likes to push it too.

The BMW Maclaren with us at the park and the Greene.

Emma’s stroller definitely stood out among the rest of the strollers at the Greene, and drew stares and compliments.

I have posted the photos a few times on my social media channels, and several moms have mentioned that their husbands absolutely must have the BMW stroller when their baby is a toddler.

This week we are on our last “Babymoon” before Baby Boy arrives. We brought the BMW Maclaren on the trip with us, and it is such a great addition to our vacation.

We've enjoyed having the BMW Maclaren with us on our last beach vacation before Baby Boy arrives.

We’ve enjoyed having the BMW Maclaren with us on our last beach vacation before Baby Boy arrives.

The stroller is super easy to push and maneuver, and Emma can easily get in and out of the stroller without too much assistance. We have taken it on several walks to the park, to the beach a few times, and down the road to our favorite restaurant.

The stroller is easy to fold up and carry (which is a huge plus since we carry it/versus wheel it on the beach). It also fits nicely in our trunk.

Overall, we are absolutely loving the stroller and Emma is certainly riding in style. If you like the stroller as much as I do, visit the Maclaren US homepage or  the BMW Maclaren website for more information and to purchase. Stay tuned for more photos on the blog and a Maclaren photo journal of our life with the buggy.

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