Home from Vacation and Back to Reality

Preggy Belly on the beach at 22 weeks!

Preggy Belly on the beach at 22 weeks!

I just got home from a wonderful week at our condo in Florida. It was so good to have a break from work and our crazy schedules. The weather in FL was absolutely perfect. It was in the 70’s and 80’s all week. We went to the park, beach, and pool every day. Brandon was actually not planning to come because he will be out-of-town so much this year for work, but two days before we were supposed to leave I surprised him by buying him a plane ticket and his boss was nice enough to let him off for the week!

My plan was to start training for the Cinci Flying Pig while on vacation. Unfortunately, my bladder and Baby Tress had other things in mind. I ran a 5k the day before vacation and was perfectly fine, but the minute I started running at the park in FL, I would have to go to the bathroom. It was awful! I did a TON of walking/jogging, but no long runs at all. I still burned a good amount of cals from being active, but was disappointed not to have any great workouts. The funny thing is — I hopped off the plane and went for a run when I got back today, and I had no bladder issues at all! In fact, my run was super fast and I felt great. Crazy.

Filet Mingon Kabob from Salt Rock Grill

Filet Mignon Kabob from Salt Rock Grill

We ate out a LOT on vacation. However, I usually treat myself to several cheats on vacation, but this time was different. The first day we were there, I ate a few things with dairy or whole grains and felt terrible all day and part of the next. So I decided to tighten up and eat close to Paleo for the remainder of the time. I felt great, and I was proud of myself for making healthy choices. I didn’t have the craving to eat ice cream and desserts like I usually do on vacation (even though Emma and my hubby were eating desserts in front of me)!

We went to my favorite restaurant on vacation, and I did have a baked potato because they didn’t have sweet potatoes, but the Filet Mignon Kabob pictured was outstanding! I also enjoyed Dunkin Donuts coffee versus donuts every day.

Me and Brandon after finding out that we could extend our trip by 2 days for free!

Me and Brandon after finding out that we could extend our trip by 2 days for free!

One of the best parts about this trip is that we were supposed to come back on Friday, but our flight got canceled due to the weather. We were able to do a flight change for free, and delayed our trip until Sunday. If we were to book the flight on Sunday originally, it would have cost us hundreds more. It worked out so well!

Now, we are back in OH, and back to reality. I was in a pretty sour mood when we first arrived at the house, but as mentioned above, I immediately went for a run, and that turned my mood right around. Now I have 6 weeks of crazy to endure before I get to go back to the beach! I can certainly survive that.What about you — any fun vacation plans this spring?

Stay tuned this week for a fittamamma pregnancy fitness compression shirt give-away on the blog!

3 thoughts on “Home from Vacation and Back to Reality

  1. Kelly LeGendre says:

    Hi Amanda! I just discovered your blog and am really enjoying it so far. I’m 20 weeks today (this is my first pregnancy), so just a little behind you! I was eating paleo before getting pregnant, but was craving nothing but gluten-free carbs and dairy during my first trimester. I’m trying to get back on track though, because I know how much better I feel when I cut out the grains and sugar!

    • Amanda Tress says:

      Hey girl! I am SO glad you found my site! Yes, we are due close to the same time 🙂 I have felt so much better after switching to the Paleo lifestyle during this pregnancy. Best wishes as you continue through this pregnancy.

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