Yogi Clothing Review and Give-Away


Heading out for a run.

I had the privilege of reviewing Yogi Clothing over the past few weeks, and I am thrilled to give you girls the chance to win two pieces of their awesome clothing. Yogi Clothing  describes their clothes in the following way on their Facebook page:

“Activewear – to get you were you want to be. We use only high quality fabrics, to help you achieve a level of performance you can achieve that others only imagine. Not only will you have the tools to help achieve your goals but you will look good doing it.”

I absolutely LOVE their mission (and their clothes). The three Yogi clothing shirts I have been wearing in the gym are super comfortable, and soooo cute. They sent me the red and pink one to the right, the black one below, and a gray sleeveless one that is super cute, but not pictured.

On the way to meet a web client and then a workout immediately after. Love my Yogi shirt because I don't need to change.

On the way to meet a web client and then a workout immediately after. Love my Yogi shirt because I don’t need to change.

I get a lot of compliments when I walking through the gym in the shirts. And one of my favorite parts is — the clothes are very versatile. I am able to wear the shirts at work (web marketing) to the gym, and on casual dates. In fact, as I right this, I am wearing my black shirt at work and plan to go out with a friend later. I will just pair the shirt with leggings, a scarf and necklace and call it a day 🙂 I appreciate a company that is not afraid to create cute clothes for the gym. It’s OK to look great even when you’re working out!

Also, as you can see from the photos, these shirts are idea for my current stage in pregnancy (21 weeks) and I think I will be able to wear the red and gray one until the day I deliver! Bonus! In general, I like clothes that are comfortable and not too tight, so I just love these shirts.

Please do one or more of the following to enter the give-away. Each action is optional, but the more entries you have, the more likely you are to win. Leave a comment on this blog post for each action item that you complete. I will pick two winners on  Monday, Feburay 18, 2013.

89 thoughts on “Yogi Clothing Review and Give-Away

  1. brandy says:

    Those shirts look great! I would love to not feel like I am ALWAYS in my workout cloths! I went and liked them on FB, excited to see what else they have!

    • Jhunnel says:

      You are such a special peosrn because you try harder than anyone I know to make other people happy. For a beautiful woman such as yourself to put so much energy and care into smiling, telling a story, caring for animals, taking care of yourself, posting blogs on your webpage, dressing beautifully yet everyday tastefully so as to not put on heirs in front of others because of your success, working, talking clearly and caringly toward others so that they can be the best version of themselves, living your life to the fullest despite the critcism of others, despite the horrid comments of the lecherous men of the world, despite the death of the most cared about individual in your life, despite all of it… you still managed to rise above all of it and put on a great show for the world to see. There has never been a dry eye in the house when you were on TV. You were and are adored by literally millions of people, and they will always remember you. I know you will always have a place in my heart.Incidentally, I wanted to tell you this before Valentine’s Day because it was on my heart.Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Marianna Honeybill says:

    I liked them all except twitter and tumbler as I don’t have accounts for them, but yay for yogi clothing. Will be perfect when I start my pre natal yoga classes in April xxx

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