Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Emma's going to be a big sister to a baby BROTHER!

Emma’s going to be a big sister to a baby BROTHER!

First, an important announcement! I had my 20 week ultrasound last week and found out that Baby Tress is a BOY! I could not be more excited! I can’t wait to give birth to my little athlete.

Ah … weight gain during pregnancy. A very hot topic, but one that is hard to discuss. Today I hit the 21 week mark, and I have gained nearly 11 pounds of baby weight! With my first pregnancy, I was obsessed with the numbers on the scale. I actually purchased a scale in the first trimester, just so I could track my weight gain during pregnancy and be sure that I was gaining enough, but not too much.

I wrote about weight gain during my first pregnancy in the following posts. Read them for more information on weight gain during pregnancy and to hear what other women experienced as well.

21 weeks pregnant and past the 10 lb weight gain mark. Really poking out now!

21 weeks pregnant and past the 10 lb weight gain mark. Really poking out now!

This pregnancy I have been much more laid back about my weight gain. I started off at a healthier BMI pre-pregnancy (about 5 lbs heavier that with my first pregnancy). As a result, my weight gain was slower in the first trimester this time around. In fact, I likely only gained about 1 or 2 lbs versus the 3-5 lbs that I gained in the first trimester of my first pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Emma, I was famished in my second trimester. This time, I am staying fairly faithful to the Paleo lifestyle. I am still a lot more hungry than usual, but not famished! With Emma, I gained about 10 pounds between weeks 15-20. This time, I just passed the 10 pound mark, and I am 21 weeks pregnant. So. I like only gained about 8 lbs in weeks 15-20. It appears that I am still on track for the healthy 25-28 lb weight gain during this pregnancy. Only time will tell!

One fear of mine is that I will get the “pregnant lady nose” that is often the trademark of women pregnant with boys. I plan to try to prevent my nose from swelling by continuing to exercise (thus increasing my circulation) and drinking TONS of water. Still — being pregnant in the middle of the summer again will not help. We’ll see how the nose does. HA!

How much weight did you gain during your pregnancy? Was it more or less the second time around?

17 thoughts on “Weight Gain During Pregnancy

    • Amanda Tress says:

      LOL Yes, Kristie! Good question 🙂 A lot of pregnant women experience their noses getting swollen/wider in the second and third trimester of pregnancy. It is because the sinus cavities get swollen, just like our fingers, ankles, etc can get swollen. Mine got a little bigger in my first pregnancy, but I’ve heard it’s worse wtih boys, and my sister’s nose got HUGE! We’ll see what happens. 🙂

  1. Jenna Henault says:

    certainly my face was a little more round but the nose was normal when carrying Pierce. I gained 23ish lbs but went 10 days early. I was on bed rest from week 32 to 37. My 37th week I walked 50 miles and jumped on a tramp for close to an hour the night before I had him!

      • Amanda Tress says:

        Oh my gosh — I would die! That’s so scary though! Do they know what was causing the contractions? I have Braxton Hicks when I workout, but not real contractions — thankfully. Although my Braxton Hicks are fairly painful.

    • Amanda Tress says:

      Phew! I’m glad your nose was normal! I already have a big nose, so I hope mine stays normal too! Ha. Wow, I can’t imagine being on bed rest either. Your little Pierce put you through it! So glad you have a beautiful baby boy now though 🙂

  2. Madeline @ Food, Fitness, and Family says:

    Only been preggo once and gained 32lbs. However, I lost 20 of that in the hospital (Em was 8lb 14oz). She was also 8 days early so thank God she was early haha.

    • Amanda Tress says:

      Nice! Yeah, my Emma was 14 days early and I gained 28lbs. But I hardly gained anything in the third trimester. It was mostly all in the second trimester when eating was like filling a black hole. Ha. I think most of my baby weight came off in the hospital too though 🙂

  3. Marianna Honeybill says:

    Hi Amanda great blog as usual. I haven’t had any previous pregnancies so i cant compare but at 13 weeks I haven gained any weight at all. When I found out I was pregnant I was 132lbs then throughout the first trimester I actually lost 4.6lbs. Now like magic I have my appetite back I’m sure I will be putting the weight back on. I really want to be making healthy choices. So far I’m doing ok except the occasional choccie or crisp indulgence which I would like to add is my mothers fault for bringing them over grrrrrrrr. I haven’t heard of pregnant lady nose before haha that’s a first for me. I will have to look out for that if I’m having a boy.its been a very hot summer here in australia and lucky I’m nt in the third trimester, I don’t known if I would have been able to handle it so here’s me wishing you all the best during summer. I hope you cope ok. Keep up the great work,

  4. Kelly says:

    I gained 27lbs with baby #1 and 23lbs with baby #2. Surprisingly, I lost the baby weight in 6 weeks the first time but 12 weeks the second time. Either way, I’m not complaining. It was the getting back in shape that was difficult!

  5. Andrea Molter says:

    Your blog is such an inspiration! I delivered my second child last week. I worked out up until delivery and gained less this pregnancy then my first which was 20 months ago. Reading your blog inspired me to keep working out until the end!

  6. Tricia Foulk says:

    I have a question about the weight gain. Before I got pregnant, I was working out 4 times a week doing intense cardio and Cross Fit. However, in my first trimester I was so sick all of the time that I ended up losing 11 lbs (I think some of that was muscle). I am almost 23 weeks and have gained back the 11 plus an extra 2 lbs (compared to what I weighed pre-pregnancy).

    What should my starting point be for tracking my weight gain? Should I start at what I weighed before I got pregnant? Or should I track from my lowest weight during my first trimester?

    • Amanda Tress says:

      Hey girl! Great question. Wow, so sorry to hear you were so sick in your first trimester. Trust me, I know how that is — I was so sick this time around. Were you at a healthy BMI prior to getting pregnant? If so, the recommended weight gain would be somewhere around 25-30 lbs. If you were underweight, add a few pounds (ie: I was slightly underweight with my first pregnancy and gained exactly 28 lbs). If you were overweight, you can gain less than 25 and still have a very healthy pregnancy. Personally, I would track from your starting weight (pre-pregnancy). But do not worry — if you are eating healthy and continuing to workout consistently, your body will put on the perfect amount of weight to make this a healthy pregnancy for you. I was so worried about weight gain with my first pregnancy, but this time around I know my body will do what it needs to do, and my job is to continue eating well and working out 🙂

  7. Meet says:

    Visiting from SMLatinas! Sorry to hear about the diabetes, but it sdnous like you’ve got things under control and it’s great that you are exercising. I started to feel heavy in my 3rd trimester too, it’s like the weight just piled on, but isn’t it when the baby grows the most weight? Here’s to a smooth 3rd trimester 🙂

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