12 Week Update: Already Feeling the Baby Move?

12.5 week photo with Emma. I will be "showing" soon!

12.5 week photo with Emma. I will be “showing” soon!

Week 12 has brought it’s fair share of highs and lows. We had a fun 12 week ultrasound on 12/12/12, and it was fun to see Baby Tress. He was soooooo laid back during the ultrasound that I had to drink a juicy juice box to get him moving. The sugar did the trick, and he did plenty of somersaults to keep the tech happy.

I have been very sick this week — both with all day morning sickness and a nasty sinus infection and cough. I took one day off from work, but that wasn’t quite enough to get me back to a healthy state. In fact, the cold is holding on, and I’m still not feeling up to par. I did a TV appearance with Emma, and was still pretty sick, so that made things a bit harder.

Here is a breakdown of my workouts this week:

  • Day 1: Rest — I took this day off from work and laid low all day. In reality, I could barely make it out of bed and slept for a total of 4 hours during the day
  • Day 2: 2 hours of cardio machines, plyos, and strength training with clients
  • Day 3: 3 mile run outside
  • Day 4: 3 hours of cardio machines, plyos, and strength training with clients
  • Day 5: 3 mile run outside and ab workout
  • Day 6: 2 hours of cardio machines, plyos, and running with clients
  • Day 7: 1 hour of cardio machines with a client, and 3 mile run outside

One thing that I am absolutely shocked by is — I can already feel Baby Tress moving. A LOT! The first time I felt movement was when I was sick in bed last week. I was lying still and had just eaten a popsicle and felt some distinct flutter kicks. I have felt the kicks a few times since, and last night felt kicks for a couple of minutes before I fell asleep. Crazy! I can tell this is one active little guy.

This has been a hard week of eating. We’ve had multiple Christmas parties, and baked a LOT for our coworkers over the weekend. Today I was given baked goods by all of my coworkers, and another coworker brought in donuts. AND I am going out to eat on a double date tonight. Yikes. Talk about tough. I will be so glad to get through the next few weeks and into a more normal eating routine after January 1. My strategy has been small portion sizes, but it’s still difficult when there are pastries everywhere I turn. And anyone who knows me is familiar with the fact that I LOVE donuts. Donuts are my vice.

I honestly still don’t think I’m “showing” in the morning but, I definitely look pregnant by the end of the day after all the baked goods. I am staying steady at about 2 pounds gained this pregnancy. However, this week I realized, I started this pregnancy a few pounds heavier than my pregnancy with Emma. I was underweight when I got pregnant with her — largely in part due to an extremely bad employment situation and loss of 5 lbs due to stress caused by poor leadership and job conflicts. Before I delivered Emma, I determined to try to stay at a healthy BMI post pregnancy. I maintained my post pregnancy goal weight, and have added two pounds since I got pregnant. Seems like I’m on track for healthy weight gain this pregnancy.

3 thoughts on “12 Week Update: Already Feeling the Baby Move?

  1. jillnewk says:

    Someone in my community group felt her baby kicking before she started showing. She’s quite tiny! Her pregnancy is moving along fine… so it must be normal!

    Also… try using a Neti Pot for your cold! I too have been battling a wicked cold with tons of sinus problems for a week. Last night I used a Neti Pot and I now feel like a new person! Neti Pots rock!

  2. Kayla Hoffman says:

    I thought I was feeling things that early and it was usually just gas. Now that I am 18 weeks I can definitely tell a difference! I have yet to gain a pound which concerned me but my OBGYN said it’s okay since I am so active and healthy; I should be gaining soon! FINALLY starting to get a tiny bump!

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