“Healthy Christmas Gifts” Give-Away Series Partnership

Under Armour Spine Rpm Running Shoe

Under Armour Spine Rpm Running Shoe

Thanks to those who have entered the give-aways so far this week for the “Healthy Christmas Gifts” give-away series partnership. And a HUGE thanks to the 10 FitFluential and Sweat Pink Ambassadors (AKA Santa’s little helpers) who have teamed up together to bring you this great week of chances to win healthy Christmas gifts for you or your loved ones.

Here is a quick recap of the give-aways that have been posted so far. These give-aways are still open, so visit the blogs and enter to win!

And these give-aways are coming up later this week. Visit and like these girls FB pages to stay tuned for the give-aways. You can also like Fit Pregnancy and Parenting on Facebook where I will post all of the give-aways.

Under Armour Sports Bra

Under Armour Sports Bra

Head over to these blogs and Facebook pages to join in the fun and win some great healthy Christmas gifts this week! You don’t want to miss out on 10 chances to win awesome gifts!

11 thoughts on ““Healthy Christmas Gifts” Give-Away Series Partnership

    • Amanda Tress says:

      I am going to announce my winner on Friday, and I think most of the girls will announce then as well 🙂 Be sure to like our Facebook pages to see the updates on the winners 🙂

    • Prnces says:

      Saw this commercial on TV, chkeced the website and this blew my mind. I was telling my brother, Wow, this is a really good song! Having no idea this was coming from one of the members of my favorite band. The remix is great. Good work!

  1. Carlinhos says:

    – Sometimes, when I am on the computer at 4:37 am, I look ahead to the days that I can work drinug the day while the kids are all in school, or can entertain themselves for a few hours. And then I feel bad, because I realize that at that point, I will miss having little ones running around, climbing on my lap while I respond to emails. So instead, I play with them all day, try to be the best mom that I know how to be, and full up on caffeine after dinner so I can burn the midnight oil! I think you two are an inspiration, to photographers an parents alike! It is always a pleasure to peruse your work, and take in your stories!

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