Give-Away: Women’s Under Armour Spine Rpm Running Shoe

Under Armour Spine Rpm Running Shoe

Under Armour Spine Rpm Running Shoe

It’s finally time! I am giving away a pair of Women’s Under Armour Spine Rpm Running Shoes. Win this “Healthy Christmas Gift” as part of a week-long give-away series. Give them to your best girl friend or keep them for yourself as an early Christmas present! 

I have been running in these shoes for about a week, and I really like them. Be sure to read my review

So, how can you win these awesome shoes? First, please like my fitness business Facebook page. You will see 9 other opportunities this week to win Under Armour and other “Healthy Christmas Gifts” as part of a week-long give-away series with fellow FitFluential and Sweat Pink Ambassadors! 

Second, please comment on this post telling me how you plan to stay fit and healthy throughout the Christmas season. Maybe you have top 5 tips on how to maintain your current weight, or 2 ways that you plan to continue your workouts while out-of-town for the holidays. I want to hear your ideas! The winner of these Under Armour shoes will be picked from those who comment on Friday this week. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions! 

133 thoughts on “Give-Away: Women’s Under Armour Spine Rpm Running Shoe

  1. Jennifer McAmis says:

    I like your facebook page and am planning on staying fit over Christmas by downloading easy workout videos onto my ipad and taking my protein powder and healthy food choices with me as I go visit friends and family! I have also agreed to sub fitness classes where I’m traveling so I have free gym memberships.

  2. Anna says:

    I plan on staying fit over Christmas but forcing myself to get out of the post-half marathon blues. I need to run 53 miles to make my mileage goal for the year. My goal is 750. So that is my plan. Merry Christmas!

    • Alessandro says:

      A sto ako pravam pakrotki razgovori na primer od 10min maksimum? Dali dobivam povekje razgovori togas od 200 ili nema vrska dolzinata na razgovorite? Vazno deka na sekoj povik ke mi se presmeta 2,5 den,pa od tamu sleduvaat 200 povici mesecno?

  3. Chelsie Swanson says:

    I have liked your page on facebook 🙂 Also, I am not planning on doing any traveling this year so I can maintain doing the C25K program – never thought I could run 8+ mins at a time! I still have a long ways to go! also to keep me on track we had to order a new treadmill belt – my current one is held together by duct tape, yikes! Another way I plan to keep losing weight even through the holidays is to stay on top of my (new) eating habits – I brought home some steaks and immediately cut them into 4-5 oz steaks. My husband didn’t like it but I know steps like this will keep me on track!

  4. Ang says:

    Liked your FB page. I plan on staying fit by avoiding temptation as much as possible, staying away from junk food, and continuing my workout routine at the gym when it’s too cold to go outside.

  5. Samantha says:

    I already love your fb page 🙂
    I am staying active this holiday season by eating a salad prior to going to parties so I don’t overindulge there. I am trying to also get the entire family together for weekend walks, weather permitting. And of course eating clean most of the time so I can indulge in a few holiday treats guilt free!!

  6. Brandy says:

    Hey Amanda,
    I came upon your site a few days ago and so far love what you are doing. I plan on running 3 miles a day in December (to challenge myself and keep up with a running schedule.) We are not going on vacation but sometimes just getting a run in is hard enough with daily life and 2 kids. I also own/instruct a stroller fitness class, so that gets me my strength & extra cardio 3x a week. I am signing up for my first marathon soon (to run in Seattle in June), so that will remain in my mind. I would love a new pair of running shoes..especially since I had to put studs on my extra pair.

  7. Anonymous says:

    My plan for the holiday season is to stay consistent with my eating and workouts–focusing on whole, natural foods and avoiding processed junk. When I make sugar cookies with my girls (my weakness), I’ll have ONE and then we’ll give them away to friends in the neighborhood. I’ll be consistent with my workouts–currently addicted to TurboFire and I’m 2 weeks into P90X. My focus is on becoming stronger and more fit so I can be “super-mom” next summer with the kids. Migraines, disease & injuries have left me with a lot of weak areas through my body. It’s time to reverse the process 🙂

  8. Stephanie Angle says:

    As a family we are choosing not to eat out. We tend to eat way more when we do. When I’m cooking we put half in the fridge so we eat less at dinner. With my daughter who just turned one I will make exercising fun. Only picking one holiday treat at the Christmas parties instead of several will keep our sugar intake down. We also chose only to keep healthy snacks in our house!!

  9. Jackie W says:

    I am currently redoing the C25K program to hopefully increase my speed and endurance and training for the Tinkerbell Half in January and really hoping to improve my time!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I liked your page! 🙂

    I plan on staying healthy by sticking with what I am doing 🙂 I train 4x a week with my personal trainer and eat a nutritious diet 🙂 I also don’t want the cold weather to prevent me from getting outside walks in my day 🙂

    xoxo love your blog

  11. ashley cox says:

    I liked your page! I plan on staying fit by continuing my half marathon training program and sticking to a healthy eating plan!

  12. StephF says:

    I plan on staying fit this Christmas season by sticking to my Half Marathon Training plan and trying my hardest to stay away from extra sweat treats and extra alcohol! It can be tough at parties and get-togethers but if I just set my limit before I go then I will hopefully (fingers crossed) not over-indulge.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I plan on saying fit this holiday by taking my son for runs in his wheelchair with his trusty therapy dog Cinna running beside us so we can get ready for the 12k’s Christmas run and fun walk!

  14. rachel says:

    I’m in my first trimester and really trying to maintain my weight during this holiday season- so trying to be more deliberate with my workout times- and maybe doing a race right around Christmas to help with the motivation!

  15. Kristie says:

    My main goal is to exercise restraint when we visit family. All the indulgent foods and sweets (not to mention the fact that I’m not the one cooking them!) are so tempting and I tend to overindulge and end up sick. I plan to take advantage of the time off during daylight hours and take my sweet dog on some fun walks, as well 🙂 I’d love these shoes to cross-train in (so I can prolong the life of my running shoes).

  16. Kim says:

    Because of an extra project I took on at work…I have some extra money to spend in December…I have decided to buy a recumbent exercise bike! I am close to deciding on the right bike for me. Thanks for making a difference in my life!

  17. Chelsea Pekrul says:

    I am a fan of yours on Facebook!!! I plan to stay on track during the holidays buy utilizing all the equipment we have here at home. That way there is no excuse not to get some exercise in. I am also going to try and limit the sweets. It doesn’t take much to make it go too far!!

  18. Amy says:

    Just started running a few months ago and have fallen in love – really hoping to keep it up through the snowy winter here – if not, I’ve got my trusty treadmill! Also, I’ve gotten back into my yoga and forgot how toned and flexible it makes my body – love it!

  19. angelanguyen85 says:

    To stay fit and healthy through the holidays, I make revisions to some of my recipes to make them healthier. When I can’t make everything “healthy” I just eat smaller portions, and work out for an extra 30 minutes. Not making a big deal out of it is what is most important to me though. If I stress out about the holidays or freak out because I ate a gingerbread cookie, it leads to binging, so I just take it all in stride, make the best choices available, eat smaller portions, and simply enjoy the time with family! ❤

  20. Kelly Smith says:

    Good morning!!
    I liked your Facebook page a few months.
    I could really use those a running shoes for my workouts. I have been having some problems with shin splints and hurt my foot not to long ago. My dr suggested a new pair of running shoes to help with the issues. But with Christmas right around the corner they aren’t really in the budget right now. So I’ve been making due with what I can and working out at the gym instead. I plan to keep with my workouts and healthy eating through the holidays. I tell myself I can only splurge during the gatherings if #1 I have gotten my workout in for the day and #2 I pick that 1 item to treat myself. That means one cookie or one tiny piece of apple pie. That is it! No more. So it better be worth it. By telling myself that it has to be worth it I find that I skip more things because its not worth everything if its not fantastic! Also, I honestly believe that I don’t have to restrict anything as long as its in moderation. When I say “I can’t have that” it like haunts me. But when I say “no it’s not worth it cause it’s not THAT good” I’m happy with my choice and I move on.

  21. Terra says:

    I’ve been a fan of your Facebook Page for some time now! I’ve been pregnant for the last 2 years in a row, my daughters are 12 months and 9 days apart! Needless to say, having little ones this close together has left my body wrather chubby and stretched out! My youngest is 5 months old and I’ve just recently started the P90X workout system–I’ve always been a healthy eater as I have Celiac Disease–doesn’t leave much room for tempting Holiday treating :)–I am amping up my goals this winter by continuing P90X and I’ve started running daily (when the girls are napping) on my treadmill! Keeping a workout routine has proven to be quite a challenge with 2 little ones under the age of 2, however, I’ve been sticking to it–no matter if it’s 9:00pm at night I’ve been MAKING myself get my booty moving!!!

  22. projectgirlgetfit says:

    I already like your FB page and I plan on staying fit by hitting the gym each evening to unwind from the day. And as a bonus, I am registered to run a 5k on New Years Day, so I have to keep it up!

  23. Sarah says:

    I’m a huge fan of your Facebook page and your online personal training program! It was just what I needed to learn better eating and exercise habits. I’m going to be with family for 10 days over the Holidays so my plan is to make healthy choices at meals so I don’t have to feel guilty when I enjoy the occasional Christmas cookie and hot cocoa. Also, I plan to do your online workout videos in the mornings with my mom and sisters so working out will be something fun and social we can enjoy together. I’m usually a perfectionist and tend to do things “all or nothing.” My goal is to have a balanced approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle over the Holidays.

  24. Cedergreen says:

    I liked your Facebook page. I plan to keep on running during the long Winter months. It’s not easy with the crazy weather, but I’m gonna do it!

  25. katherine d says:

    Liked you on fb 🙂 and for Christmas I plan to make all vegan/gluten free meal options PLUS continuing my workout schedule – because theres always time for a workout even during the busy holiday season.

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  26. Jennifer Hutchinson says:

    I am on your fb page. :o) I plan on staying fit this christmas by training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon that is coming up this February. This is my first Disney Princess Half Marathon and my second half marathon that I will be running. I plan on running over 60 miles this month alone for the December part of my training. I also plan on trying to help my fiance get into the hobby of running. Ever since my babe saw me run my first half marathon he wants in on the fun. For my overall diet I plan to stick to what I know works for me. My mom use to do weight watchers but quiet after my brother almost died. I plan on taking all of her weight watchers stuff and following the diet. I have done the weight watchers diet before and lost over 20 lbs and it was really easy for me to follow. I like Weight watchers because it teaches you moderation and not total restriction. I also like weight watchers because I did this diet when I first got into running and it helped me lose weight while I still ate really well. The other thing I would like to do over the holidays is get my mom into going to the park with me while I run so she can get active again after having surgery. My mom wants to get back into walking everyday and I am motivated to try and get her out there again.

  27. Jill Snethen says:

    I Liked your Facebook page. My plan for the holidays is to continue exercising 5-6 days per week and limit the treats I indulge in. I am not going to deny myself anything – but I also don’t plan on going crazy.

  28. Hope says:

    I already like your page. To stay on track during this season of nutritional derailment there are a few things I do. Firstly, do not deprive yourself of things you really want, but take a minute to ask yourself how much of it do you want/need. Small portions of things on the naughty list are ok in my book! Secondly, health is more than just physical, we need to keep that in mind since the holidays can be stressful, tiresome and sometimes depressing. We need to take our downtime to relax and enjoy. That doesn’t mean be lazy or complacent, more about finding a balance between all the things we want to get done and what we need to get done. Lastly, keep up with your daily fitness routines, if you don’t have one yet, beat the rush and join a gym or find a fitness pal to bust through the holiday season! You may just be ahead of the game come the new year! My darling hubby signed me up for a gym membership with CrossFit & MMA – I could not be more excited! Pairing that with my running routine, will definitely keep this girl on the nice list!

  29. amandahughes17 says:

    I plan to *do my best to stay healthy* over the holidays. Being 10 weeks pregnant and already on bed rest 3 different times, its going to be tough, but I am determined to exercise when I can and eat as healthy as my pregnant body allows! 😉 I have been resisting the urge to over indulge on sweets and fatty foods, like I did when pregnant with my 4 year old daughter, but I still let myself crave now and then. I walk daily, even if it’s for ten minutes, but I am making an effort!

  30. Mystee Bill says:

    I liked your facebook page and I plan to stay fit by continuing my running program to help get me closer to my full marathon goal. I have also started my 90 day challenge with Body by Vi and doing a Biggest Loser type program with my friends at our gym!!

  31. mom27g says:

    I like your facebook page. I plan to stay fit over the holidays by practicing portion control, and scheduling my workouts 🙂

  32. Ashlei Vargas says:

    I joined a 30 day challenge to stay fit. The challenge started on November 26th. I’m off to a good start! I’ve been eating well and I’ve worked out 7 days in a row so far. The goal is to work out every day this month!

  33. Jean Newfield says:

    I love reading your blogs and Facebook posts! They are so motivating and helpful for me…as a pregnant fitness addict. I love these bright pink running shoes! Those would definitely be great motivation to go for a run each day during the holidays! But I plan on staying on track with my weight and workouts by making them a priority! I want to look and feel my best this holiday season and keep my baby healthy! I plan on running a little each day and making time for strength training and ab exercises several times a week. I will allow myself a treat on special party days but otherwise I will stick to my healthy and clean diet.

  34. Anna Leigh Davis says:

    Hi Amanda! 🙂 I just liked your facebook page and I would LOOOOOVE those shoes!! Being fit and healthy is a lifestyle for me that I try to encourage in my children, as well. My plans for staying “fit and healthy” throughout the holiday season are:
    1. Stick to my nutrition plan… eating 5 to 6 times a day/every 3 hours.
    2. Stick with my proteins (eggs, chicken, turkey, FF cottage cheese), complex carbs (brown rice, oats, sweet potatoes, veggies), healthy fats (peanut butter) and some fruits (apples, bananas) for all my meals.
    3. Allow myself a cheat once a week so I don’t go crazy and so I’m not feeling So deprived when it comes time for the holiday meals with family.
    4. Stay in the GYM! 4 days a week!!
    5. Relax and enjoy the holiday season with my kids!!

    Happy Holidays!! :):):)

    • Bedir says:

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  35. Sarah Valentine says:

    I love your fitness mom page. It is so hard for moms to take that step for themselves, family always comes first. I plan to continue my daily workouts and making a set “rest” day for family fitness fun. To help maintain weight, I plan ahead. If I know I want that special dessert at a special dinner, I do a little special workout for myself. I love rewarding myself with a nice sweaty workout 🙂

  36. Alicia says:

    I already like your FB page:-) I am planning on staying fit during the holiday season several different ways. First, I plan to continue my morning workout routine during the weeks that we are home and working. Second, when we are gone, I plan on bringing my friend Tony (P90x) along with us so that we can still workout even though we are gone and away from the gym. It is also important to make sure I am not just eating something to eat it- and plan to load up on fruit and veggies!!

  37. alejandra says:

    I like your page already.
    1) keep my rotine with exercises (6 days a week)
    2) cook new healthy recipies (new veggies, new colors, etc love it! )
    3) share healthy food with my friends. When we have party I always make something healthy.
    4) on desert keep portion control.
    5) getting ready for my firts formal 5k here in Las Vegas.

  38. Jennifer says:

    Doing p90x, eating clean meals, and I plan on getting my parents on board as well. Both of them of pretty overweight and out of shape, I hope I can help them kick start some weight loss 🙂

  39. Krista says:

    I have liked your FB page since the beginning 🙂 This time of year is hard for me because I LOVE my sweets! We are giving away a lot of cookies which has helped me not eat them. Jason and I are switching to a new workout schedule soon…it definitely helps to have the accountability of someone else working out with you each day. I’m trying to drink more water each day also…that’s a struggle for me.

  40. Jill says:

    My ability to stay fit over Christmas has been something I realized I needed to start early this year! I have been sure to run outside so that I would be used to the dropping temperatures and can’t use that it’s too cold, too windy, too blah, or whatever to go running! I also have a gym that I LOVE and got through my health insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield) for $25/month… when it’s normally $70/month! It has a pool, sauna, great workout equipment, and master’s level trainers as their staff who are great!
    When traveling, I will be bringing my cold weather gear and exploring new roads… it will be nice to have some new scenery!

    • Kenneth says:

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  41. Tami says:

    This Christmas season will find me running/walking/boot camp each morning, following my ‘normal’ routines with allowances made for special events. It will NOT be a free-for-all until January 1st!

  42. Brenda says:

    I am following a 28 days of Christmas fitness plan. Today, It includes healthy/clean eating, lifting plan and cardio/intervals. The best part for me, we have to post accountability pictures on fb everyday! Merry Christmas everyone!

  43. Shelley Payne says:

    Luckily, all our family live in or around the same town. So, there is no holiday travel in the way of my commitment to losing weight.
    I will jog 5 days a week along with push-ups, sit-ups, burpees and squats on different days.

  44. Terra H. says:

    will work hard to stay consistent with workouts, even if it means jumping on the treadmill for 30 minutes at a time! and eat healthy prior to any holiday gatherings to avoid overeating!

  45. Erin A. says:

    I’m going to try and avoid eggnog this season!! Love it, but it’s soooooo bad for me!! Also, I’m going to start using MyFitness Pal again

  46. Martini Janet walker crawford says:

    I plan to stay healthy by continue to train 5-6 days a week! Eat clean and train dirty! I fell off the wagon for thanksgiving but it won’t happen to me again for x-mas! I hope I win!!

  47. Erin says:

    I am staying fit and healthy by using MyFitnessPal (and my group of girls on there) to keep me accountable with what I eat. I am also working out with a friend (workout videos) 3 days a week and then using an app to make sure I am hitting my goal of 10 miles of running per week. Thanks for this opportunity!

  48. Joanna Broadbent says:

    I have been a fan of your Facebook page for a while 😉 My holiday plans to stay fit started before Thanksgiving! My plan is to continue my workouts daily and never take no for an answer. Meaning when I tell myself no, I have to kick myself to get in the gym!!! I also plan to fill up on healthy stuff before get togethers, so i won’t feel the need to cheat. Protein helps you stay full, so loading up on it!!!! Also taking a few healthy options to keep me from cheating. Getting the family to be active after meals is also a goal! It worked at Thanksgiving lol Awesome Christmas giveaway!!!! SPA Love

  49. Misty says:

    I just started my couch to 5k training. This, and my 3 teenage sons, will help me stay on top of my goal of running in my first 5k on Jan. 12!

  50. Elle says:

    I already like your FB page! I am participating in the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge, and staying current with my Weight Watchers maintenance program, exercising every day and making sure to get lots of sleep and lots of water!

  51. Elizabeth Nicole Smith says:

    I plan on staying fit and healthy this holiday season by exercising everyday and cooking healthier alternatives for holiday dinners. I am a stay at home mom which makes exercise very accessible, whether I go to the gym, or just workout at home with my baby. I have been going through tons of recipes, trying to find healthier options. One I am anxious to try is mashed cauliflower, instead of potatoes. I am going to sneak it in and see if anyone notices the difference! Thanks for the great chance at an amazing giveaway!

  52. April says:

    Exercise daily (except my rest day) and keep up my healthy diet! Also be more lenient on myself diet wise because stress is “unacceptable”. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  53. Tracey says:

    I liked your page! I recently became a Zumba instructor, so I plan on staying fit and healthy by working my butt off choreographing routines!

  54. Allison says:

    Once the baby comes – baby comes on all the adventures too! Adding some extra weight to the hiking and running. Can’t wait!

  55. Anonymous says:

    I plan to stay fit by continuing (and finishing) the C25K program, then looking into perhaps joining a running group. I will also try to keep a limit on the amount of sweets I eat at holiday parties, and continue my good eating habits! Also, these shoes looks awesome!

  56. kelly sharpe says:

    I am going to keep weightlifting with my trainer, hit some classes ( and drag some friends along) and keep up the cardio! And not eat Christmas goodies, except on the 25 the.

  57. Amanda says:

    Staying fit by doing a 15K next weekend and continuing with the same training I have been to complete a Half Ironman by the summer. I cant start slacking now, I have a loooong way to go!

  58. Mallory Lacy says:

    Staying fit throughout the holiday season is a challenge! Working with Amanda once a week in the gym allows me to stay motivated. During the holidays I follow my “typical” workout routine and take extra care not to miss a workout. Eating good food and the holiday season go hand in hand. I don’t deprive myself of the types of food (chocolates for instance) associated with Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. The rule I tend to follow is everything in moderation. Also, if my calorie intake is a little higher than usual I workout a little longer and harder in the gym :)! I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have a Merry Christmas!
    Your fitness business Facebook page is wonderful! Your a wonderful trainer and very motivational! The shoes are awesome and good luck to everyone!

  59. Catherine says:

    To stay fit during this holiday season, I have a couple things I’m doing. I’m watching my portions so I can indulge a little, but not go overboard. I’m working out when I can, even if it’s only for 20 minutes. I’m buying and cooking healthy and it’s been a lot of fun. I’m a big goal setter so I’ve already got two runs on the calendar for 2013 – a resolution run/challenge in January and a 15k in March.

  60. kimmiepcft says:

    I like your facebook page 🙂
    I plan to stay fit this season, I am training for a marathon (Disney in January) so I will be running, avoiding the junk, and working in strength workouts (my biggest challenge!)

  61. ginastephanie says:

    I joined a monthly Challenge group to keep me accountable for my fitness and health! We post sweaty workout pictures 6x a week and take pictures of our food and post a collage daily of what we ate. We are encouraged to eat clean (which doing so last month completely detoxed me of my sugar cravings!). I lost 6 lbs last month and that was with being out a week with an injury! I intend on keeping my holiday baking traditions in check by gifting our goodies to the leasing office and friends and only keeping a minimal amount around the house as to not indulge too much!

  62. Susan Pozzobon says:

    I plan to stay fit this holiday season by trying to eat fresh and crunchy as much as possible….fruits and veggies galore….and then add a workout or two each week. That way I won’t feel guilty when faced with treats and cocktails.

  63. Sara says:

    I am staying fit by chasing my kids of course. Also I am training for four or five races (mud runs and city runs) that I will be doing next year. I am glad I found your Facebook page. sounds like a great resource!

  64. Noel Peck says:

    As a nurse it is hard to always eat healthy when I barely have time for myself. Ways that I stay fit and will continue to do so through the holidays is by keeping fresh fruit readily available at work to avoid the holiday snack attack! I also get home from my long days and decompress with either a Ugi workout or a bodyrock, I plan on continuing these routines mixed in with my mountain biking to ensure my body is in tip top shape this holiday season!!

  65. MelissaO says:

    I liked your page and I plan on staying fit by MAKING SURE I work out 5 times per week. I am great about it 3 or 4 times a week, but something always “comes up” so that I don’t hit my 5X per week target.

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  66. Katie O'Brien says:

    Im making sure by being active 5-6 days a week. I usually do DVDs at home during the week and run 5ks on the weekends. I am also going to have a plan on what treats to allow myself before I go to any parties, to keep my eating under control.

  67. Lori McBride Beneteau says:

    I will stay fit over the Christmas season by sticking to my routine as closely as possible, and when I can’t, I’ll fit in exercise whenever and however I can ( a quick walk, using the stairs for a quick cardio workout, etc).

  68. Julie M says:

    I plan on staying fit this holiday by packing my running shoes no matter what. I also have a goal to add 1 hour of HIIT/strength training per week. This will be easy on the go with my Tone It Up Beach Babe DVD.

  69. kelly says:

    Stay Active and Busy. I don’t always have time to get in a killer wokout (I ❤ Turbo) but with two kids and working a fulltime job plus my own business I feel like the energizer bunny. I just keep going:) I try my best to put good for me foods into my mouth and body 90% of the time and when I don't. I wrap to tighten, tone & firm and give my body the "tools" it needs to balance itself and to detoxify!

  70. Laura says:

    I start training for my second half marathon this week! I also plan to do a plank challenge, continue logging all my foods on My Fitness Pal and I will be taking my kids to do some fun (active) activities like ice skating, bowling, etc.

  71. Carrie Davis says:

    Hello SPA sister!! ❤

    Great review! I'm following your FB page and am hoping to win these sneakers!!

    My plan to stay "fit and healthy throughout winter" is to stay MOTIVATED and POSITIVE! I found that I really need something to "train for" in order to keep on track. So I've signed up for a "Frozen 4 miler" in January just 2 days after my 36th birthday and am only on track to compete in the C.R.A.S.H.-B. World Indoor Rowing Championship in February!

    I work out with my friends 5-6 days a week at the gym and always try to be the positive and upbeat cheerleader rooting everyone on!!

  72. Jen says:

    I plan to stay fit and healthy by keeping my eye on my goal and being cautious of what I eat when there are tons of yummy foods this time of year 🙂

  73. Susan Scheungrab says:

    I like your Facebook page! I intend to keep running over the holidays in hopes of doing my first Marathon in 2013!!!

  74. Tara says:

    I plan to keep working hard towards my fitness goals and not “take a break” just because of the holidays! Traveling, parties, shopping, kids off school are all easy excuses to give to “take a break”… not this year! 🙂

  75. Megan Johnston (@__MeganJohnston) says:

    I plan on staying fit through the holidays for the sole fact that I have my first full marathon in February – training is most grueling in December, but if I can stay focused and motivated through December, I can survive January, tapering, and the actual race! Nothing like a good training plan to hold you accountable.

  76. shana says:

    to stay fit during the holiday season, i am planning to come back to long runs patiently (recovering from an injury) and embrace the cold winter air! i love running outdoors in the cold, because i am very heat sensitive. i’m also going to go to as many zumba classes as possible. 😉

  77. Krissy says:

    Liked you on FB. I was planning on running my way through December but have been told by Dr. that I have to take a break and heel my plantar Fascitiis. So the alternatives I was given was swim, ride a bike and myabe elliptical. So from here to the end of the month I plan to do all three activities and hope they keep me in shape enough to be able to ahndle runs when I can start back up.

  78. Staci says:

    I have my 1st winter 5K race on January 26th. I’m from MI so normally I retreat to the treadmill during the winter months. Time to bust out of my shell & do something new. I’m also looking forward to running that race with my 13 yr old son…his first 5K. 🙂

  79. Heidi Nicole says:

    I make an effort to keep moving. This year will actually be easier for me – we won’t be making it home so I’ll miss out on days of holiday treats. Not that I’m not making my own, but I’ve been forcing myself to share those with people at work! 😉

  80. Becky says:

    Staying healthy during the holidays is all about planning and doing things in moderation. I try to get my workouts done first thing in the morning because I’m less likely to do it as the day goes on. I plan my meals and snacks ahead so I’m more likely to stay on track. As for holiday treats at work, I eat something healthy to fill me up first and then have just a small treat. I make sure to eat before holiday parties so I’m less likely to over indulge.

  81. Anonymous says:

    I plan on staying on track this Holiday season by staying on my workout routines during the week and practicing moderation when it comes to eating goodies.

  82. Staci says:

    I will be continuing my Couch to 5K training. My 13 yr old son is starting his training with me tonight. EXCITED! Our first race together is Jan 26th. 🙂

  83. Stacy says:

    I like your page on Facebook! Also I plan on staying fit over Christmas by getting outside and walking/running more throughout the week and adding in more of a weight training program. Also trying to get in a routine of doing yoga two or three times a week.

  84. Lisa Alvarez says:

    I have recently found this website and it looks like there are a lot of good tips and ideas. To stay fit this Christmas I am attempting to complete a challenge that lasts the month of December and more salads!

  85. Brittany says:

    Great giveaway… I liked your fb page. The way I plan on staying fit is watching portion sizes when it comes to Christmas parties .. Filling my plate with more veggies..instead of all the treats.

  86. Aimee Wallis says:

    Love this giveaway!!! I plan to stay fit by taking healthy snacks such as Luna Bars with me while on vacation at Disney over the Holidays. I’m also planning to run 2-3 miles 3x’s a week throughout the Holiday season and can’t wait to register for the Air Force 5K on Jan. 1st. This will be the first year my oldest son (age 10) will be running with me!!!

  87. Rebekah says:

    I already like your FB page. I am hoping to run a 5K in January, so I plan to run 2-3 times a week and do other cardio and strength training 1-2 times a week. A few friends are also having a Biggest Loser countdown/exercise competition, so that is added accountability. I plan to enjoy some holiday treats in moderation and make sure my eating the rest of the week is great by packing a healthy lunch and snacks.

  88. Debby Stephens says:

    First of all you are the best trainer. I would love to own these shoes b/c after I see the doctor next week I would love to do some running with Miss Sweat Pink helping me get there!!! love that girl!!

  89. Deborah says:

    I Like you on Facebook. I plan to stay fit and healthy by continuing to eat healthy foods, strength training, and slowly ramp my trail running mileage back up.

  90. Kelli VanSkiver says:

    Guess I’m somewhat late but how I plan on staying fit….I’m doing 5 2and 1/2 minute planks daily…200 squats…5 mile runs…and 200 situps…when I’m baking cookies for the holidays…I use the timer on the microwave to time my planks ( 😀 ) there are sooo many ways….if i feel like i need to eat some cookies…i go for my run…and so we must control ourselves and improve our self dicipline 🙂 Good Luck Ladies 🙂

  91. lista ciekawych stron says:

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